Deshaun Watson on the benefits of a safe home

I’m Deshaun Watson. I’m a student athlete
at Clemson University. I play football.
(Radio play by play natural sound) “Watson finds a receiver. That is complete.” Growing up, before Habitat, I was in government
apartments. A lot of bad influence was around. It wasn’t something everyone wanted to stay
in for the rest of their life. You always want that house, somewhere to go
that you know that’s safe. My mom, she’s very inspiring, motivating
and she’s a very hard worker. And, she just decided to fill out the papers and see what
it was about. You know, putting in the hours, mom went to
classes. She went to go build houses and we were able to make good grades, and so the
whole family putting in the work and effort, achieving that goal and getting the house. All the hard work that my mom and my family
put into it was very good for us. Maybe a year and a half, two years later, we end up
in a Habitat house. I remember that first day in the house, just
a special moment. Just seeing my mom’s smile and face, and just seeing my little brother
and sister. The whole family was just excited to move into a house finally. It was inspirational
and something I will never forget. You know, after we got the house, I started
separating myself from the negative things. I was able to come home and work on my craft
as a student and as an athlete. Just to be able to be a normal kid without having to
worry about something bad happening. The surroundings in my life just changed. You know, I just started thinking differently.
I started thinking about going to college and being able to achieve any goals I want. The Habitat house has really helped me focus
and mature. Since we moved in, everything I’ve been dreaming about has been coming
to reality. And, whatever I wanted to do, and my brother and sister wanted to do, they’re
having that success to achieve those goals too. So, everything we hoped for has been
coming true and has been a blessing.

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