Decision Of Faith – Full Movie

(dramatic music) (soft music) (fireworks popping) (lively music) (soft music) (bells tolling) (child laughing) (crowd applauding) (glasses clinking) (telephone ringing) – Hello. What. Oh, my god. Okay, I’m gonna go change, and I’ll meet you at
the hospital (giggling). Guess what. My daughter’s having her baby. Can you close tonight? Thank you. (soft music) – [Betty] He’s so cute. – He looks like you. Look at him. He’s a cutie pie just like you. – [Angelica] Hi, family. – Grandma. – Hey, big sister. I didn’t make it in time. I wanted to be here for you. – Don’t worry, mom. You’re here now. – Angelica, she was great. He just wanted to be with his
family. – Look, grandma, he’s so cute. – He’s as beautiful as you are,
Betty. – Your first grandson, Angelica. – He’s so beautiful. I’m so proud of you. – Me too, honey. You were really brave. – Thank you. I couldn’t have done this
without you. (cellphone ringing) – Excuse me. Hello, Martinez. Hi, Jackie. No, I’m at the hospital. No, (chuckling) I’m fine. My wife just had our baby. Hey, can we talk tomorrow? Okay, alright bye. – Who was that? – Just one of the
coworkers from the office. I can talk to her tomorrow. – Hey. Hey you. – There’s your grandma. – Sweetie, you have a call on
line two. It’s your lovely ex-wife. – Thank you. Hello. – I just called to inform you that you’re a grandfather again. – Really, that’s great. Is it a boy or a girl? – It’s a boy. We’ve known for months, James, but since you never call your
daughter not even during her pregnancy
the last nine months you had no idea she was having a
baby boy. – Well, I’m sorry I didn’t ask
sooner. But for your information I do
call her. – Really, James. I have my doubts about that. – Listen I’m gonna catch a
flight up there tomorrow morning to
congratulate her myself. Can you tell her and my
grandson that I’m coming up? Can you do that for me, Angie? – James, why don’t you have the
decency to call her yourself, and don’t call me Angie. – Angelica, why are you always Kathy had her baby. It’s a boy. I need you to make me a
reservation for first thing tomorrow
morning. – Yes, Mr. Miller, as you wish. – What? – Angie. – [James] Oh, come on baby
please. (hip hop music) &k Yeah &k That’s right – I have this friend. He called me. He wants to buy some
merchandise. – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. How does your friend know
about the merchandise? – Oh, I told him. – You told him, and where do you know
this friend of yours from? – [Kevin] He’s a trusted friend. – And who is this trusted
friend? – His name is Lou. – Lou what? Lou what? – Lou Martinez. – I think the guy he’s talking
about is the guy who owes me money. If it’s that idiot, you know
what to do. Go with Truck. – Hey, watch out man. – Kevin, why are you in such a
hurry? Who are you running from? – How do you know me you did – There’s a path of light that can lead you from the
darkness. – Kevin. Who the hell is that guy? – Nobody. I took care of it let’s go. – Girl he really likes you. He’s cute and most of all he’s filthy
rich. You know he’s gonna spoil you. – I don’t think so, Lilly. I don’t sleep with guys for
money. – Well, what about Alan? That’s your sugar daddy. Jennie, it’s easy money. – Bye, Lilly. – [Angelica] Your sister
just had a baby boy. – [Jennie] Wow, that’s awesome
why didn’t you call me? – [Angelica] I did call you
but you never answer my love. – Yeah, I was in class. – [Angelica] Oh, you have
to see him he’s so cute, and Betty’s so happy. – That’s great. Send me pictures, okay. – [Angelica] Oh, I’ll
send you pictures of him, but please, Jennie, call me.
– I will I promise. – [Angelica] I miss you so much. Hey, take care of you. – Oh, okay I will. – [Angelica] Honey, I have to
go. Someone just came into the
store. I love you, honey. – Okay. Alright love you. – Bye.
– Bye. (soft music) – You don’t have to be afraid
anymore. Your problems are over. (somber music) (doorbell ringing) – [Angelica] Martha. – Angie, honey, how are you? – I am so thrilled about my new
grandson. Martha, he is so cute, and now Betty looks so big. – I can’t wait to see him. Angie, it smells really good in
here. – I’m making us some pasta. You’re gonna love it. – You know me well. I love pasta. – I know that’s why I made it. So tell me how’s rock band
doing? – They just had an audition
today, and he said they were
delighted with the group. Now you tell me how’s Kathy, and what is your grandson’s
name? – Well, Kathy’s fine. Alex said she was very brave. You know the baby was already
born by the time I got there. They named him David. – How nice. They gave him a king’s name. – King’s name what do you mean? – [Martha] Yes, in the
bible King David is– – Okay, here we go. Martha, I don’t wanna talk
about the bible right now. But David is a fine name indeed. – That’s fine we won’t
talk about that for now. Does grandpa know? – I called James earlier to
let him know the good news ’cause I knew if I didn’t call
him he wouldn’t even think
about calling Kathy. I can’t stand talking to him. Just the sound of his
voice makes me angry. – Angelica, it’s healthy to
forgive. What happened between
you two is in the past. It’s time to forgive. Your family’s growing. You are blessed. – Forgive. Martha, how am I supposed to
forgive a man that cheated on me and then
abandoned me and his children. We’ve talked about this before, and you always bring up the
forgive word. – Angie, you have to stop. All that bitterness isn’t
good for you and your family. – He makes me angry. You don’t understand. He was supposed to be with me. He was supposed to be with his
children at the most important time of
their lives. You don’t understand how it
feels. You don’t know. – I think that you still love
him. (soft piano music) That’s why you’re so angry. Use that love to forgive him, and let God do the rest. – Enough about that. – Fine. Angie, as your friend
and because I love you I won’t let you drown in
that hate and bitterness. I’m praying for you, Angie. – When we finish dinner, I’m gonna show you pictures
of my gorgeous grandson, but first let’s toast to him. – To David. And to you, my friend. Let’s pray. (emergency siren blaring) (tense music) – I’ve been waiting for you
guys. Where have you guys been? I know this guy. Is he your–
– That’s right. You know who I am. We’ve been looking for
you for a long time. Today is the day you’re gonna
pay. – Hey, what the hell? What’s going on? (gun firing) (tense music) – Hey, hey, hey what’s going on? (engine revving) Hey, he shot that guy what are
you doing? Somebody call 911. – [Reporter] We have breaking
news. This morning the police
are searching for a suspect in a possible murder of a man
last night outside a bar in the downtown
area. Stay tuned for this
breaking news and more. (tense music) – Hello, dad. – Hey, son, how are you? – Dad, listen to me. – Hey, if you’re calling to
tell me about your sister, it’s a little late, bud. Your mother already told me. – I’m in trouble, big, big
trouble. – Trouble. What kind of trouble? What’s wrong? – A friend of mine was shot, and I’m the last one they saw. – Where are you now? – [Kevin] I’m at my apartment. – Okay, listen don’t leave your
apartment and don’t opened door. I’m actually on my way to
catch a flight to go see Kathy. Hey, does your mother know about
this? – No, she doesn’t know. Dad, it wasn’t me you have to
believe me. – Let me make a couple of phone
calls, and I’ll call you right back. – Alright, dad. – William, it’s me James. Listen I’m gonna need your help. (soft music) – I called my father. He’s on his way. – I’m so scared, Kevin. I don’t wanna be alone. I don’t know anyone else but
you. What are we gonna do? – I don’t know. – Are you sure that it’s
only for a couple of hours? Okay. No problem. I have everything at the office. Okay, bye. Honey, I have to go to an
emergency meeting at the office. It’s not gonna bother
you if I have to leave for a couple of hours, is it? – No, of course not. Betty, can help me with the
baby. – I’ll try to be home for
dinner. – Jennie, wait baby. – Leave me alone.
– I wanna talk to you. Don’t tell me your
conscious is bothering you. Listen you. – No, you listen to me you
bastard. Don’t touch me and don’t
come near me again. – You’re mine, Jennifer. I got you right where I want
you. (soft knocking) (soft knocking) (tense music) – [Kevin] Mom. What are you doing here? – What do you mean what am I
doing here? Kevin, why haven’t you told
me anything about this, and who is she? – I’m Cynthia. – Mom, she’s my girlfriend. Dad, why did you tell her? Sooner or later she was gonna
find out. This isn’t the kind of thing
you can hide from your mother. – Why are you living
under these conditions? – That’s not important right
now. Dad, I’m innocent. – [James] We believe you. Listen I’ve already
spoken to an attorney, but – But what? – You have to turn yourself in. – What, dad.
– What no. – Yes, yes. – You don’t know these people. – What people are you referring
to? – Kevin, what are you talking
about? – Kevin. – Tell us, son. – [Kevin] Look at it this way if I talk I’m a dead man. – Why would anyone wanna kill
you? Did you know anything about
this? – No, I didn’t know anything. – Okay, listen I think it’s
best if you tell your mother and me exactly what it is you
got yourself into this time. (tense music) – [Alex] Hello. – We’re in the kitchen. – Hi, princess. Hey, you studying, huh. You need any help? – [Betty] No thanks,
dad, it’s pretty easy. – Hi. – I’m really sorry, honey. I wanted to be here to help with
dinner, but the senator was at the
meeting and you know how that goes. Hey, where’s David? – He’s asleep so how was the
meeting? – I have good news and bad news. – Tell me the bad news first. – I have to go to
Washington DC for a week. – Okay. That wasn’t so bad. What’s the good news. – I have just been promoted to
regional campaign manager for Senator
Wallace. – Oh, my god, Alex,
congratulations. – I’m so proud of you, daddy. – Thank you, princess, thank
you. – I’m so proud of you. (soft knocking)
(tense music) – Who is it?
– Detective Serrano and Detective Febo. – They’re here. Detectives. – [Detective] I’m looking
for a Kevin Miller. – Can I see the warrant please? Kevin, it’s time son. – [Detective] Put your hands
behind your back please. (Cynthia crying) – [James] Here come on
Cynthia come with me. – I love you.
– I love you too. – You have the right to remain
silent. – Mom, dad please take care of
Cynthia. She’s having my baby. (dramatic music) – Take him outside the
city and burn the body. – Please do not talk to me that
way. I know what you’re thinking, and I didn’t do this to trap
your son. This may sound childish and
stupid, but I do love Kevin
and I know he loves me. – Honey, love doesn’t pay for
diapers and baby food. – I know that. This isn’t the result
of some casual fling. Kevin and I have been seeing
each other for over seven months now. – Seven months why hasn’t he
told me anything about you? – He’s tried calling you several
times, but you were always either
in a meeting or unavailable. – So Kevin tried to call
James to talk about you, but he didn’t even tell me, the person that’s closet to him. Oh, what a surprise James was always in a
meeting when he called. You have never had time for your
kids. You’re too busy trying to
maintain that playboy lifestyle. – Can you calm down, please. This is not the place to
air our family business. – Fine I will keep my mouth
shut, and pretend like you’re some
great father. – Good, thank you. – I suppose you’re gonna want
some money for an abortion. – No. Kevin and I discussed this, and we’re keeping the baby. – Really. What do your parents think of
all this? – They called me last week, and they kicked me out of the
house. They think Kevin’s a low life
nothing. – Nobody talks about my son like
that. He is not a low life, and just what kind of
a girl are you anyway? – Can you calm down, please. You’re gonna get us thrown out
of here. Look it’s been a long
night and we’re all tired. Cynthia, I don’t want you
to worry about anything. I’m gonna take care of you and
the baby until Kevin get out of this
mess, okay? You understand? – Yes.
– Okay. Everything’s gonna be okay. Can we get the check, please? – Hey, baby, I’ve been looking
for you. Where you been.
– Alan, I told you not to come around anymore. – Why did you kill our baby. – Alan, that was your idea. You pushed me to do it. – I’m gonna call your mommy, and I’m gonna tell her
you killed our baby. – Alan, why would you do that? You can’t do that, Alan. Alan, please I’ll do anything. – That’s my girl. Me and you we’re gonna party
hard tonight, so be ready by seven. (dramatic music) (car honking) (breaks squealing) (loud crash) (dramatic music) – Thank you, detective. How you holding up, son? This is my friend William. He’s your attorney. – I’m scared, dad. They said they got witnesses. – [James] Kevin, it’s gone be
all right. – It’ll be all right. I’ll be working your case, and I’m gonna do the best
I can to get you out. – You’re in good hands with
William. – [William] Tell me the truth
let me know what transpired during the
shooting. (cellphone ringing) – Oh, my phone. – I’ll get it. Hello, Angelica, how are you? What? Oh, my god when did that happen? Okay. I’ll let Kathy know. Alright we’ll talk later, bye. – Alex, what’s wrong? (tense music) Alex. – What’s wrong, daddy. – [Alex] Everything’s okay,
sweetie. I need to talk to mommy about
something important, okay. Go to your room and watch
TV we’ll be there soon. (dramatic music) – Alex, what’s wrong. Did something bad happen? – [Alex] It’s Kevin. – Hello. – It’s me James. The hearing is set for tomorrow
morning. – [Angelica] How’s our son,
how’s Kevin. – He’s worried. I have a meeting with William
later. Listen, Angelica, we
need to meet up and talk. – I was just getting
ready to go see Kathy. – Oh, no, Kathy. I’ve been so wrapped up
in this thing with Kevin I completely forgot
about her and the baby. Listen let me give her a call
now. We can meet up in a restaurant
somewhere near your house. – Send me the address and
I’ll meet you at seven. – Julie, it’s me James. How’s everything in the office? Good. Listen things got a little
complicated down here. I’m gonna be about another week. I’ll call you later at home. – Okay, honey. – [James] I love you. – I love you too. – [James] Bye. – We have the whole week to
ourselves. (soft piano music) – A little late but I’m here. – Thank you for coming. – I saw Kathy first. I told her about Kevin
and the new family member. – She was so happy to see me, and the baby is so cute and Betty is getting so big and
beautiful. – Yeah, they are beautiful. – You know we have two
grandchildren together now. – [Waitress] Welcome, can
I start you with a drink this lovely evening? – I’d like a Merlot please. – [Waitress] And for you, sir? – Some thing’s never change. I’ll have the same as well
please. – I’ll be right back.
– Thank you. (soft music) You look very pretty this
evening. – James. – I’m sorry I’m just saying. It’s an observation. Do you remember the last
time we drank wine together? We were alone. – You know I knew this wasn’t a
good idea. – I’m sorry, I’m sorry please. Please don’t go. Please sit down. I’ll behave I promise. – James, I came here to find out what’s happening with Kevin. That’s the only reason. – I know. – [Waitress] And here’s your
Merlot. – Thank you. – So, what’s going on? – We’re hoping he gets bail. We should find out any day now, and if he does I’ll
take care of everything. – Thank you. I’m worried. – I know. Angie, Angelica, everything is going to be okay. (soft music) – A baby. Kevin’s gonna be a dad
that’s crazy, too crazy. – [Kathy] Are you okay?
(soft knocking) – I’m fine. Kathy, there’s somebody at the
door. – [Kathy] I’ll call you later. Don’t worry Kevin is fine so
far. Dad is taking care of
everything. – Okay, just call me if you hear
anything. – [Kathy] I promise good night. – Alright night. Great what do you want? – So did you hear what happened? – [Jennie] Lily, I really
don’t have time for this. – Alan got hit by a
car, and he’s gonna die. (dramatic music) – What?
– Sucks to be you. – I’m scared. I’ve been stressed before. This time I am really scared. – I don’t know what to say,
Angelica. There’s only one thing for us to
do. – What’s that? – Pray. – Pray. And what am I going to gain from
that? – Sometimes when you don’t know
what to do all you can do is leave
everything all your worries, your fears,
your concerns in God’s hands. – Martha, please don’t
start with that again. – Angie, hear me out. If you would just trust, only God can take care of your
problems. – Do you really think he’ll
listen to me? – Yes. He listens to everyone’s
prayers. He listens to my prayers. He healed me of breast cancer
remember? Why would he not listen to
yours. But the answers don’t
always come how you want or when you want. You just have to trust
and he will deliver. With him you will feel peace
in the midst of this storm. – Good morning, forgive me I’m
late. – Don’t worry about it. Are you okay? – I’m very nervous. James, what is wrong? – They found another body, and it’s being linked to this
case. Kevin may also be a suspect. – I know I’m sorry. I know it doesn’t look good. (somber music) – Room 212 please. (somber music) (people muttering) – So what’s going to happen now? – Well, the discovery of the
second body has definitely made matters
worse. So relax I’m gonna do the best I
can just give me sometime, okay. – William, please do
whatever you have to do, and don’t worry about the
expense, okay. – Thank you. – I’ll take care of it. (dramatic music) (engine revving) (cellphone ringing) – Betty, will you watch your
brother while I grab that? – Okay, mommy. – Hello. Kathy. Alex’s wife who’s this? Hello. Hello. Alex, someone just called for
you. – [Alex] Was it from the office. – Someone by the name Jackie. – Oh, yeah, that’s the senator’s
daughter. That’s weird I don’t know
why she’s calling so early. – She hung up on me. – She did. Why would she do that? I’ll call her on the way to the
office. Maybe the call just dropped. – I’m gonna be late for school. – No, no we’re not sweetie. We’re leaving right now. Alex, I left breakfast on the
stove. I’m taking Betty to school. – I’ll see you guys later. (dramatic music) (soft music) – Hello.
– Cynthia, it’s Angelica. I’ve been thinking about you and
the baby. I know your parents kicked you
out, and well I’d like to help
you if you’ll let me. – [Cynthia] Thank you, Angelica. I’m grateful for you and Mr.
James, but honestly I’m just scared. – Well, don’t be. We’ll take care of you. If you’d like I could pick you
up we could get some breakfast
talk for a little bit. – [Cynthia] Yeah, sure. – Okay, where are you now? – Well, you haven’t called
me and I was worried. I didn’t see you this spring
break. – [Jennie] I know it’s just that I’ve had so much school work. – I know, honey but I wanna see
you. I can buy you a plane ticket to
come here, or I can go and see you. Do you need any money? – [Jennie] No, no I don’t need
money, and you don’t have to come see
me. I’ll let you know when I can go. Daddy, don’t worry I’m fine. – Okay, I love you sweetheart. Take care of yourself. (machine beeping) (somber music) – Hello, William.
– Hi, James. – Yeah, how are you. – [William] I’m good. I have good news for you. The police identified the other
body, and he was El Gato’s bodyguard. They also found the weapon
that killed Kevin’s friend. It’s the same one that they used to kill El Gato’s bodyguard. – That’s great. That’s great news. – [William] We just have to
wait for more information and the results of the
fingerprints on the weapon. – Good thank you. Thank you, William. Keep me informed please. – [William] I will I’ll talk to
you later. – All right. (soft knocking) – Jennie, I haven’t seen you for
days. (Jennie mumbling) I mean I’ve been coming
around but you’re not here. Where have you been? You look tired. Jennie, what happened? Come sit down. Jennie, tell me what’s wrong. I’m here to listen and pray with
you. – Gabriela, God doesn’t wanna
hear me. I’ve done a lot of bad things. – God forgives everyone no matter what wrong they’ve
committed. He just wants you to
confess your sins to him with an honest heart and
be willing to change. – Gabriela, I don’t deserve to
live. – Jennie, don’t say that. Just tell me what’s wrong
and we’ll pray together. – Well, (soft music) when I started school, I started dating this guy Alan. I fell in love with him, what I thought was love. We were here in my dorm one
night, and one thing led to the next. It was my first time. A couple of months went by
and I started feeling strange so I took a pregnancy test. (somber piano music) I called Alan and that’s
when my nightmare began ’cause he told me that I was
making it up. He told me that he didn’t
believe me, and he avoided me. Then one day he came by and he told me to get in his
car. I thought that we were
just gonna talk, but he drove me to an abortion
clinic. I killed my baby, Gabriela. I don’t deserve forgiveness. – When are you going to end it
with him? I’m getting tired of waiting. – I don’t wanna lose my job. I need his money and my
apartment. Just have to be very careful or do you wanna lose your job
too? – Of course not. – Just be patient. Let me think I’ll come up with a
plan. (dramatic music) – Mom, you’re bringing Cynthia. What’s going on? – Kevin, your parents are taking very good care of me and the
baby. – Thanks, mom. – How are you? – I’m fine. How are you? – I’m great actually. Angelica went with me to one
of the doctor’s appointments. We finally heard the baby’s
heartbeat. – Really that’s so awesome. It sucks that I’m in here. I won’t be able to be there with
you– – Don’t say that. – No touching. – Your father called me, and he said your trial’s
gonna start in a few days. – But the prosecution is
still pressing other charges. – Kevin, don’t be so negative. You will be out of jail soon, and you will be us. – I’ve told you so many
times to be careful– – I know. I know. Since I’ve been in here
I’ve been thinking a lot. I can’t stop thinking about
you and the baby, Cynthia. (soft music) – This is for you. It’s from Martha. – A bible. – Martha has shown me
that reading God’s word is very comforting especially
in times like this. – You taking about God wow, mom, that’s surprising. – Kevin, come on. – I’m sorry, mom. – That’s okay. – Look inside the bible in the
back. – Are these pictures? – Kathy sent them. She’s coming to see you soon. – Betty is so pretty, and David is getting so big. – Kevin, your time is up. (dramatic music) – Cynthia, I love you. Mom, please take care of her. – I will. (soft knocking) This is so hard, Kathy. – Mom, come in. Mom, what’s wrong. – Kevin looks so sad. He’s going to be a father in
jail. Martha was right I did you wrong
by not raising you kids with the fear
of God. I mean I didn’t even
speak to you about God. – So what did the lawyer say? – Well, they found new evidence that proves that Kevin is not
the killer. But he’s still facing other
charges. – How’s his girlfriend doing? – She’s fine. She went to see Kevin with me. You know she’s five months along
now. I don’t think he’s gonna get
out before that baby’s born. – Mom, I really don’t like seeing you
like this. I’m sure that dad and the lawyer are gonna do everything in their
power to make sure it’s all gonna be
okay. – I know. Where’s the baby? – He’s sleeping right now. – How’s Alex doing at his new
job? – I think he’s doing too good.
(tense music) – What is that supposed to mean? Is everything alright? – Yes, no, yeah everything’s
great. – Are you sure? – Of course. (soft rustling) (soft music) (door opening softly) – Hi, honey.
(dramatic music) – Where have you been? And you smell like alcohol and
perfume. – Oh, the senator invited us out for a few drinks after
work and I couldn’t say no. You know how that is. – Let me guess his beautiful
daughter was there. – Come on, Kathy. – What you think I’m stupid. – What are you talking about? Kathy, calm down nothing
happened. – This, Alex, I’m talking about
this. – Kathy, let me explain. – Explain you must
really think I’m stupid. I don’t need you to
explain anything to me. I have all the proof I need
right here. Is that how you got
your big promotion, Alex by flirting with the senator’s
daughter? – No, Kathy, don’t think like
that. – And you’re drunk. I can’t believe this. I’m going through the same exact thing my mother went through. – Kathy, please listen to me. Don’t think like that. Kathy. Kathy, let me explain. Wait. (dramatic music) (soft clicking) (cellphone buzzing) – Hello, sweetheart. – Mom, we need to talk? – Kathy, what’s happened? What’s wrong is something
wrong with one of the kids? – No, the kids are fine. – [Angelica] Well, then what’s
wrong? – I need to talk to you. – Okay, I’ll come over
to your house right now. – [Kathy] No, I wanna meet
somewhere else. Can we meet at the winery
near your boutique? – Yeah, Kathy, sure
just be careful driving. – [Kathy] I will. – Awe, look who’s here. Hi, Alex, are you busy? – Yes, really busy like always. – Well, I had a great
time with you last night. I hope I didn’t get you
in trouble with your wife. – When I was leaving, you hugged
me and you stained my shirt,
Jackie. Was that intentional? If it was it was very clever. – Well, thank you and you smell
so good. – I’m a friendly person but
don’t get that confused, and who said I was in
trouble with my wife? – I just thought you might
be since we were together and you went home so late with
my lipstick on your shirt. – Listen, I love my wife. There’s nothing going on between
us. Nothing ever will so get
that idea out of your head. – Alex, I like guys like you, and I’m used to getting
what I like and what I want. I’ll do anything you want. Everything she won’t take
advantage of it. – Get out of my office, please. This is Alex. Yes, sir. I’ll be there in five minutes. (dramatic music) – If you wanna keep your
job working for my father, you’d better do as I
say and keep me pleased or I’ll tell him what you did to
me. – But I haven’t done anything to
you. – Yet and daddy doesn’t know
that. Who do you think he’ll believe
you or his baby girl? We’re gonna go out again
tonight so call me. Bye, baby. (dramatic music) – I just don’t think that you’re
gonna resolve anything by blaming
yourself. It’s better to pray for Alan. – I just thought I found a
guy that would make me happy. – You will find that special
someone who will make you happy, someone who will love you and
value you. – Hey, Gaby. – Hey, Matt, how are you? – Everything is good thank God. – I didn’t see you in church on
Sunday. – No, I couldn’t go. I just had way too much studying
to do. But let me introduce
you to my friend Jennie. – Nice to meet you Jennie. Are you a medical student also? – No. – Matt’s one of my classmates, and he also goes to the church that I’m visiting right now. – Nice.
– Yeah. – Well, I’m finished with
my classes for the day, and I was thinking about
going to get some lunch. You two ladies wanna join me? – Yeah, that’d be great. Jennie, you wanna come. – Sure whatever you want. – Okay.
– Great. Let’s go in my car. I can bring you two back. – Good cool. – Gabriela, why don’t
you just go I’ll stay. – Jennie, come with us. – No, you go I don’t wanna go. – Matt, I’m sorry. Maybe another time. – Wow, she’s beautiful. – I just can’t believe it. I thought Alex was
different than your father. I guess all men are alike. – He denies it of course. He said nothing happened. – Do you have all the facts,
Kathy. I mean maybe he’s telling the
truth. – Mom, are you taking his side? You don’t believe me? – I believe you. – Can the kids and I stay
with you just for a few days? – Of course, Kathy but are you sure that’s what you
wanna do? I mean think about, Betty. – Mom, I know what I’m doing. It’s just for a few days, and I’ll ask him to leave the
house. I don’t wanna see him right now. – You can stay as long as you
need. Don’t worry. (dramatic music) – I knew you were here. – What, who are you? – I was sent to take care of
you. – Take care of me. What are you talking about? Yeah, I’m sure I know who
sent you El Gato, right. Well, I haven’t said anything. I haven’t mentioned his name
at all in any of this, okay? – No, it was not El Gato who
sent me. To his demise he will continue
on the same path he took. – Someone wants to kill him. I can imagine he’s got a lot of
enemies. – There are paths that
seem right, wide, and easy nevertheless they will end in
destruction. That is where he will end up. – I don’t understand. – You will understand soon. I am just doing my job. What are you reading, Kevin? – How do you know my name? – Like I told you I was
sent to take care of you. You can trust me. No worries. – What’s your name? – Mi-cal-el, but you can tell me
Michael. – It was a gift. It’s a bible. – My favorite. – Have you read it. – Let’s just say I know the
stories well. – Stories. – Yes, in one way or another you can identify with each of
them. Why are you here? – I’m being accused of
murders I didn’t commit and some other charges. – I warned you Kevin. I tried warning you the day
I saw you in the street. Kevin. – I remember you. I had such a strange
feeling inside me that day. Wait? – I was sent to protect you. The day your friend was killed you also were supposed to be
killed. But God had mercy on you. So I’m going to ask you again and I want you to tell me the
truth without trying hide what’s in
your heart why are you here? – Because I’ve made bad choices. Because I wanted an easy life. (siren blaring) (cellphone ringing) (dramatic music) – Hello. Kathy. Betty. Hello. (dramatic music) Come on. Come on. – [Kathy] Hello. – Kathy. – [Kathy] What do you wan, Alex. – Where are you? – [Kathy] I’m at my mom’s house. What do you want? – I wanna see you, I wanna see
the kids. Honey, please come home. Hello. (tense music) – [Martha] How do you know he
cheated? – Martha, it’s been going on for
months. She called him on his cellphone, and when I answered, she hung up. She called while I was in the
hospital. He’s been getting home late. – But you knew that when they
offered the promotion for this job
he’d be getting home later. – Martha he came home drunk, smelling like a women’s perfume with lipstick on his collar, and I know that it was Jackie,
that senator’s daughter. How much more proof do I need? After all that he’s still denies
it. – Kathy, it’s hard for me to
believe something like that about a man who’s always
demonstrated how much he loves you and his
kids. – With all I went through with
James, I’m the first one not to trust a
man. I have my doubts that Alex is
cheating. – Talk to him. Sometimes there are things
that men don’t tell you about because they don’t want you to
worry. (doorbell ringing) – Angelica. I would like to talk to Kathy. – [Angelica] Kathy doesn’t
wanna talk to you right now. – Angelica I didn’t do anything
I swear. I love Kathy. It’s not what she thinks. Angelica, please believe me
please. Alex. – Please.
– Alex. – Kathy. Kathy, I know you can hear
me don’t do this to me please.
– Alex, keep it down the children
are trying to sleep. – Kathy.
– Alex, there is nothing you and
I need to talk about. Leave me alone. – Katie please. Kathy.
– Please leave. – Alex, please give her time. If what you’re saying is true– – It is true I’m telling you the
truth. It’s the truth. – If what you say is true, she’ll find out eventually. Now go home and get some rest. Give her some time. Let her talk when she’s ready to
talk. (dramatic music) – I don’t believe that man was
unfaithful. Something else has to be going
on. – Good morning.
– Good morning, sir. You’re here kind of early. I thought you had court. – It was canceled. – Sorry this is our new
employee. – That was rude. – Really. We’ll I don’t care and why do
you? (dramatic music) (telephone ringing) – This is Martinez. – [Kathy] Alex, it’s me. – Kathy, how are you? How are the kids? – We’re fine. I only called you because I want you to pack your things
and leave. I’m coming back in town in a few
days, and I don’t wanna see you there. – Mommy, why are we
staying at grandma’s house? Where’s daddy I wanna see him. – Sweetheart finish your
breakfast. We’re gonna be late for school. (soft music) – Hi, Alan Russell. – I’m so sorry he’s passed. – Thank you. &k When I look at all that I’e
left behind &k There’s a taste of sorrow ad
pain &k And no matter how hard I ty
to find &k All my answers are drifting
away &k Suddenly I hear your voice &k Reminding my heart that you
are near &k And looking up to you I
realize &k I need to come home &k I need to come home to you &k I need to come home &k Lord I need to come home to
you – Thank you. Hello, Angelica. – Jennie, sweetheart. It is so good to see you. You know I didn’t think you
were arriving till tomorrow. – Well, you wanted to surprise
you, mom. – How was your trip? – Fine I’m just really tired. – Did you eat? – No, I’m starving actually. – Let me get my purse, and we will go get something to
eat. – Okay.
– Absolutely crazy. – Good morning, sir. I have to get back to work. Thanks for the papers. – Sure. – Hi, how are you? – I’m good thank you. – Do you have everything
ready for tomorrow? – Yes, I booked you on
the 7:00 a.m. flight to Orlando airport as you
requested. – Good thank you. Hey, I need you to call William and set up a meeting for me. Hey, I wanna see you tonight. – James, remember I told you my brother’s coming into town. (dramatic music) William, is on the phone for
you. He wants to talk to you. Line one. – William, how are you? – [William] I’m fine, James. When are you coming back to
town? – I’ll be there tomorrow
morning. – [William] Good to know. I need to talk to you
about your son’s case. – So mom how’s Kevin. I can’t wait to see him. – He’s eager to see you. We visit him every weekend. You can come with us this
Saturday. – Us? – I go with his girlfriend
Cynthia. – Really, I can’t wait to meet
her. How does he feel about this
whole thing? – He’s fine, and he wants to get married
as soon as he gets out. Kevin’s more at peace now. Says he’s found God. – Really. – One day I brought him a bible
that Martha gave me for him, and ever since then he hasn’t
put it down. He’s really changed. – Wow. Well, I’m happy for him. How’s Kathy and that whole
situation? – She asked Alex to leave the
house. I’m praying for them.
(soft music) – You’re praying. Since when do you pray? – Martha has always encouraged
me to pray. I ignored her for years. Now when I get overwhelmed, I say a prayer and I really feel
at peace. It makes me feel like
everything isn’t hopeless. – Wow, well, it looks like Kevin isn’t the only one that’s
changed. You’ve changed too. Geez, I leave for six months and I come back everybody’s
different. – You know certain situations
force us to change. But no matter what the
situation God gives us hope. Maybe if I had trusted God
sooner, things would’ve turned
out completely different. Well, never too late. – I wanna talk to you about
something important later. – Did something happen? – No, it can wait. We’ll talk about it at home. Right now I just wanna
see Kathy and the kids. – Of course sweetheart
whatever you wanna do. – [James] Hello. – Hey. – [James] How are you, son? – I’m fine. Where are you? – [James] Right now I’m in
Miami, but I’m catching a flight to
Orlando first thing tomorrow morning. Hey, I spoke to William and he discussed a few things
with me. – Dad, I know you have good
news. When we trust in God, good news always comes. – [James] Never heard you
talk like that before, son. – I’m not the same, dad. – It’s been a long day. – Yeah. – David’s so cute, and Betty got so big. It’s crazy how fast she grew. – They are beautiful. So, you said you wanted to talk. Jennie, what do you
wanna talk to me about? – The past few months have
been kind of crazy for me. I’ve done some things that
I’m kind of ashamed of. – What happened? (soft music) – I met this guy, and we were dating for a while. At first it was great, and then he got what he wanted and then it wasn’t so great. I got pregnant. – Jennie. – Mom, I had an abortion. – What. (dramatic music) (heavy breathing) I have to get some water. I don’t feel very well. – Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom.
(doorbell ringing) Martha, look. – Angelica. Jennie, hand me the phone. (Martha gasping) Yes, we have an emergency. – It’s all my fault. If mom dies it’s my fault. – Jennie, what happened? You know you can talk to me,
sweetie. What happened last night? – I couldn’t. – I couldn’t get here any
earlier. I had to find someone to watch
the kids. How is she? Did they say anything? – They haven’t said anything
yet, but I know soon they’ll let us
know. – What happened? Did something happen to Kevin? – It’s not Kevin. – [Doctor] Are you
Angelica Thomas’ family? – Yes, she’s our mother how is
she? – She suffered a mild stroke. She is asleep now and
everything is under control. Apparently she has been
under a great deal of stress or had a traumatic experience. Extreme stress can cause a
stroke. We want to run some more tests and keep her under
observation for a few days. Now she’s going to be fine, but she has to try to avoid
stress. We’ll keep you informed. – [Martha] Thank you, doctor. – Thank you, doctor. – [Jennie] It’s my fault. – What do you mean it’s your
fault? – Jennie, tell us what happened? – Well, I guess it started with
Alan. – [Martha] Alan. – I’ve been calling my parents, and they haven’t answered any of
my calls. – Don’t you worry. Everything will be fine. – How do you everything’s
gonna be fine, Kevin? – I’ve been praying a lot. – I don’t think that just
praying is gonna do anything. I mean I do pray about
you and the baby but– – God is gonna do something
good. Things are gonna change you’ll
see. – [Guard] Times up. Let’s go. – Dad’s going to my house. I couldn’t tell him what
happened over the phone. He asked about you. – I wanna stay here with mom. – Jennie, go and rest for a
while. I’ll stay, and then later tonight you can come back and stay with
her. Sometimes we don’t understand why certain things happen. Some things are unjustified and others are consequences
of decisions we’ve made. God allows troubles to come into
our lives to get us off the wrong path and get us focused on him. (soft music) Angie, honey. – Where am I? Martha, what happened? – You’re in the hospital. You suffered a mild stroke. Everything’s fine now. – I think God gave me another
chance. – Yes, so do I. – You know, this peace that I’m feeling’s so
strange. I’ve never felt peace like this
before. – When you look up to him, things begin to change in your
life and you feel peace. Because of your faith, God is going to bless you with
good news. – Really.
– Yes, Kevin. Your prayers and her prayers have been heard. (footsteps approaching) – [Guard] Hey, you have a
visitor. – Continue to grow in faith. Know that God’s plans for your
life are far greater than your own. – Cynthia, what are you doing
here? – Something happened, Kevin. – What, what happened? – My parents called me
yesterday. Kevin, I prayed and God answered
me. – Jennie, I can feed myself. – I just wanted to help. I don’t want anything bad
to happen to you, mom. Please don’t be ashamed. – Jennie, sweetheart I’m not ashamed of you. It wasn’t your fault. I’m fine. Just remember I love you. (dramatic music) I will always love you. – Hello, Angie, how are you? Hey, baby. – Daddy’s here. – My little princess. How are you beautiful? – I’m fine but I miss you so
much. I want you and mommy to talk so you can come back home to us. – I miss you too princess. Hi. How are you? – I’m doing good. – You look beautiful. – Thank you. Here’s everything you’ll need
for David. – How’s your mom? – She’s doing really good. She’s already back to work. Listen I need to take Jennie to the airport this afternoon. Can you bring the kids by later? – Yes, I would love to have
them stay a little bit longer. Kathy, I want us to talk. – Alex, please. We’ll talk later. Now is not the time. I’ll go get David. Bye, sweetie. I love you. Have fun at your dad’s okay. – Okay. – Betty, you ready to go? – Yes. – I have a surprise for you. – What is it. – [Alex] You’re gonna see. – Jennie, sweetheart promise you’ll take good care of
yourself. – I promise. But you have to promise me that you’re gonna take
good care of yourself too. – I promise. – I love you, mom. – [Angelica] I love you more. – Come on, Jennie. Don’t worry I’ll keep a close
eye on her. Bye. (soft piano music) – God, I know you exist. You gave me a second chance on
life to show me you’re real. (soft music) Please help my kids. They’re in trouble. I will give you my life and serve you with what’s left
of it. Please (sobbing) please help me. Help my kids. I just want my family back. I wanna get to know you more. Thank you for your love. (woman giggling) – What am I gonna do now? – I don’t know. – I know wait here. James, honey I’m so sorry. I don’t know what to say. – I was so stupid. I knew it. You’re both fired. – You can’t do that. I’ll sue you for sexual
harassment. – Really. We’ll it won’t hold up. Everyone in here knows we were
involved. Everyone, and why would you do this to me? – Because I don’t love you. I mean did you really think at
my age I’d want some old guy like you. You’re just a means to an end. I don’t want you. I want him. He’s younger. – Enough. Enough. You’re nothing but a money
grubbing whore. Now get out. You’ve got one week to
get out of my apartment one week.
– Imbecile, that is my apartment. – I pay the rent. I pay the rent. You get out. I never want to see you again. (dramatic music) (soft music) – Look for Luke chapter two. It is about the birth of Jesus. – She brought forth her first
born son and wrapped him in swaddling
clothes and laid him in a manger because there was no
room for them in the inn. There were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field keeping watch over their flock
by night. (soft music) Wow. I can’t imagine such a
celebration. I’m sure it was amazing. – Amazing you will have that
feeling soon. – I know. I can’t wait to see my baby. I wanna hold my baby in my arms and have a family. – Kevin, you are free. – I’m gonna get out of jail. How do you know? – There’s a freedom that
you have experienced that is far greater
than leaving this place a true freedom that only he
who sent me can give you. Good news is coming, Kevin just wait. – You’re a card.
– Grandma. – [Angelica] Betty. – I missed you how are you
feeling? – You know I missed you too, but I’m feeling much better
now that you’re here. Hey, sweetheart you didn’t
tell me you were coming. – I need someone to talk to. – Where’s the baby? – He’s at daycare today. – Is everything okay? – Yes, no. Betty, sweetheart will you go
play in the living room for a minute? Thank you. Alex keeps calling me
every day asking to talk. – What do you wanna do? – I don’t know. – Kathy, don’t you think this has been going on for too
long? Give him a chance to talk. – Mom, what would you do if dad asked you back tomorrow? – Kathy, that’s not gonna
happen. – Are you sure about that? God can restore anything if you
let him. Right, Kathy? You’re a witness of what God has been doing in your mother’s
life, but it’s not just for
her it’s for you too. Talk to your husband. Give him a chance. – I’ll see you guys. Catch up with you guys. Hey.
– Hey. – It’s good to see you ladies
again. So where you headed? – I’m going to class. – [Gabriela] And I’m going to
the library. – Well, I got go so
I’ll talk to you later. – Okay, bye. Did you like her? – Head over heels. Gaby, I really like her, but I don’t know it’s something
about her. I’m praying about it though. (soft knocking) – Come in. – Sir, Mr. Johnson he’s on line
one. – Thank you, Maggie. This is James. – [Mr. Johnson] James, we really need to talk about the
situation between you and your secretary. Come over to my office right
away. – Okay. – [Jennie] I’m exhausted. – Me too. I think we’ve studied enough. – What. – You know my friend, Matt is head over heels for you,
girl. – Gabriela, I really think I
should stay away from guys for a while. – Well, I think you’ve
punished yourself enough. You can’t keep closing yourself
off. Besides I know him. He loves God and he’s a good
man. – Well, they all are until
they get what they want. – Jennie, I know. But listen you know what he told
me. He told me that he prays for
you. Matt is the kind of guy that would understand about your
past and be more interested in who
you are now and your future. Just get to know him. (soft music) – You’re here. I thought you’d never come. – Well, I said I’d be here and
I’m here. – [Waiter] May I get you
guys something to drink? – Yes. May I, I know your favorite? Two glasses of Pinot Noir – [Waiter] Excellent be right
up. – Kathy, I’m just gonna get straight to
the point. You know I love you. Nothing ever happened
between me and Jackie. – Then how do you explain the
perfume, the phone calls, the lipstick? – Jackie is a spoiled brat who’s used to getting whatever
she wants. She was trying to seduce me. She wanted to tear us apart. It was part of her plan. Before all this happened you and I were happy. Maybe I got too comfortable. Maybe I started taking it all
for granted. I don’t know, but (soft music) But I do know that I
would never let anything not a job, not a woman, or
everything else ever come between us. I quit my job, Kathy. – Alex. – One way or another I needed
to show you that I love you that you and the kids are the most important thing in
my life. I can get another job. I can’t replace my family. (soft music) – If we’re going to do this, we need to make God the
center of our lives. – Okay. – Kevin, the warden wants to see you. – What’s going on? – I am just following my last
orders. – Last orders you’re leaving,
right? – Do not worry. I will always be around. The important thing is he is with you and always will
be. From the moment you
found him you were free. (telephone ringing) – Hello.
– Angelica. – James, how are you? – [James] Fine and you? – Very good thanks. Is Kevin okay? – [James] I just spoke to
William earlier, and I’ve got some great news
about Kevin. – What. – Good morning. – Hey, Kevin. – Mr. Smith, what are you doing
here? What’s going on? – Sit down young man we need to
talk. – Kevin, as you know
the police found the gun that killed your friend. It took them a while but
it led them to Gato Rojas who is now in custody. He was the one that gave
the orders to have you and Lou killed on the night in
question. Truck never had a chance
to kill you that night, so Gato had him taken out
instead. He’s been trying to find you
ever since without any success even though it’s been all over
the news that you were arrested and in
jail. It looks like God was hiding
you in jail to keep you safe. – Listen, Kevin we need to finish up some
paperwork here, but in the mean time just go back to your cell with
the guard and gather up your belongings. (soft music) – [Matt] Hi, Jennie. – Hey, Matt. – Are you okay? – Yeah, I’m good thanks how are
you? – I’m okay. – I was just going to class so. – [Matt] Why are you
always trying to avoid me? – I’m not always trying to avoid
you. It’s just – What? – I don’t know I have to go. – You know I liked you from
the first moment I saw you. – How can you like me when you don’t even know what
I’ve done? – Look, Jennie, I don’t
care what happened. That can be changed. Look I’m not interested in your
past. I’m interested in you. I wanna be a part of your
present, and if you’ll let me a
part of your future too. Look just give me a
chance to get to know you. Let me get to know
what’s inside your heart, and I’ll let you get to
know what’s inside mine. (soft music) – [Betty] Uncle Kevin. – [Kevin] Hey, how are you. – I’m good.
– Good. Mom.
– My baby, (laughing) your back. – Look at you. Hi, girly. Nothing will separate us again I
promise. – It’s a new life, Kevin, a new
beginning. Now we have someone else
we need to fight for. – Mom, I don’t deserve this. Even though I’m not guilty I’ve done a lot of bad things. God’s been so good to me. He’s given me a second chance. Now I’m a father. I feel so blessed. – Thank you so much. – My pleasure. Take care and God bless. (baby crying) – [Angelica] Alright everybody we’ve got some celebrating to
do. Let’s all go inside come on. (dramatic music) (lively music) (cellphone ringing) – Hello, Martha. Thank you. Happy New Year to you too. I’ll tell everyone you said hi. Of course. I’ll see you next weekend. Martha, thank you for being
such a wonderful friend. Yes, I know things will be
different. Okay, I’ll talk to you later. (doorbell ringing) Hello. – Hey, I’m so sorry we’re late,
mom. – Yeah, my parents
didn’t want us to leave. – Don’t worry. You’re hear now. Come on. – You should bring him by our
house, so that we all really get to
meet him. – I will. I will eventually. – Jennie, I’m really
glad you’re happy now. – Hi.- Hi. – Who’s the cutest little girl. Look who I have. – Oh, my god look at her she’s
beautiful. – [Kathy] You’re getting so big. – How you doing buddy?
– It’s good to see you. – Hey. – You look great.
– I’m glad you guys made it. – Us too. – [Kathy] Wow. Hi. – Good to see you.
– Good to see you guys. – Are you happy? – Yes. I am. You know just looking back I can’t believe how everything
worked out so perfectly. – God’s been good to us ever
since we let him into our lives. – Yeah. – Of course I miss you too. I told you we can talk tomorrow. I love you too. Happy New Year. Bye. – No, I’m sorry it was really
cute. – Come on. – Come on. – Jennie’s got a boyfriend. I can’t wait to meet him. I’m kidding. – I’m gonna give you a spoon for
the eggs. Perfect. Looks good. Good. – Mom, I’d like to have the
honor of praying tonight. I learned a lot over this past
year. I can’t stop thanking God. With all the bad choices that I
made and the paths I’ve chosen to
follow he’s been right there with
me every step of the way, but not just me though I think he’s given us all a
second chance. But we also need to pray for
dad. He needs our prayers now. – I am so very blessed. I knew things were gonna
be different from now on. Let’s pray. – Lord, I know that you
listen to our prayers. You’ve poured your mercy upon us and your love has been greater than we’ve ever expected. We appreciate that you
brought us all together on this very blessed evening. I just wanted to say
thank you for everything and ask that you stay with
us for the rest of our lives spending a half a lifetime
is well worth the wait than an entire lifetime
spent not knowing you. I know that you’re full of
surprises, Lord and pray that in this new year
you will surprise us again. We all love you. Amen. – Amen. – It’s almost time. 10, – Nine, eight, seven six, five,
(doorbell ringing) four, three, two, one. Happy New Year. (lively music) – [Betty] Grandpa. – Hello, sweetheart. I’ve been without my
family for so many years, and I know that I’ve
made a lot of mistakes. But I’m just asking all of you
to please just give me the opportunity
to be close to you. I wanna start over. (soft music)


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