Dear White People | Season 3 Official Trailer | Netflix

– You know, I’m done
with Dear White People. (dramatic music) – Is this some black nerd shit? Everybody’s acting so different from the traits they
previously established. – You guys used to care. – People still care, but people change. If everyone stayed exactly the same, life would be tedious and predictable. Like a third season of a Netflix show. – Yikes. ♪ Freak freak ♪ – You’re listening to Dear
White People with Joelle Brooks. Same title. New spin. So, the show’s gonna be a
little different with your girl. We’re going to touch the major issues, both political and pop cultural. – Hunt, it’s after labor day. What are you doing with all this white? – What? Is that problematic? – Yes! – That’s problematic. – I’ll have guests who know
all about the Supreme Court, and guests who think the Supreme Court is a Diana Ross themed
drag race challenge. – Listen up, you bougie mother– – Okay, bitch. – This is the deep end of the gay pool, and you still got your little floaties on. – What you need to do is
begin every sentence with trigger warning. ♪ Money make me, huh– ♪ – You know no one showed
up to black caucus today? – Reggie’s all booed up. ♪ uh ♪ Sam’s checked out. – I guess I really don’t know what to do. Uh, reality. I need grits. – Kirkwood’s on a world domination tour. – I feel like pre Sasha Fierce Beyonce. Perfect in every way, yet still not good enough for
the relentless white masses. – You just gotta lean in. – I’m guessing her people came in on a different ship than ours. – Mom, please. – (laughs) What, where’s the lie? She white, right? – Whoever told you life
would be comfortable– – Lied to you. ♪ Bam ♪ – Sometimes you just need to grow up and accept that you’ll (high pitch tone) – I see that you’ve been watching closely. The order is more powerful
than you will ever know. You must kill the narrator. – Okay. No more Scooby Doo mysteries. – Ah, unless I can be Daphne. Lionel, you’re Velma! – That tracks. – We’re all in this together. – The only voice you need
in your head is your own. – Broken narrator. – Close your eyes and go to sleep. You’re all going to die violent, horrible deaths where only your dental records can be used to identify your charred corpses. – Okay. The town’s people
brought out a pocket. – Think Moonlight meets Sex and the City but boiling over with all ♪ Bam ♪ the tea. (rhythmic music)


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