Dan and Phil play TRUTH BOMBS! (with Tom and Hazel)

Dan: Do a snazzy intro Phil. Phil: Ok. Tom: Is the box sideways currently? P: ..Yeah. D: Shut up! Hazel: It’s upside down! P: That’s not the right way! D: Hi there P: Hello DanAndPhilGames bombs!!! D: Now. P: *explosion noise* D: You may be wondering, why aren’t we in our usual place? P: Hmm! D: Well, that’s because for a reason we needed a ~table~ today. P: A reason. D: A reason. P: Well, you know that we are huge board game nerds D: YES P: Have a look behind us. D: Uh, yeah as you can see over there we have a problem. P: It’s overflowing. D: We desperately need help. Now, Phil has always been somebody that busts out an inappropriate icebreaker. P: HEY IT’S NECESSARY D: Whenever we’re with people we don’t know that well P: IT’S NEEDED D: Or people, you know any awkward silence, Phil gets a piece of paper, and he’s like D: GUYS I’VE GOT A GAME I’M GONNA MAKE US ALL PLAY P: I hate it when people feel uncomfortable in social situations P: So I’ve been making up this game and making people play it D: and we recently got to know a bunch of guys at Big Potato, who are well known for making such games as Obama Llama and Buckets of Doom P: Which you may have seen on the AmazingPhil channel D: and we happened to just be like secretly hiding in the background there. P: And I thought wait a minute. D: Hold up… P: We’ve got a game idea, and these people make amazing games. D: WHY DON’T WE MAKE IT AN ACTUAL GAME. P: YES D: AND SO P: HERE IT IS!!! D: TRUTH BOMBS P: BUM BUH BUH BUH D: Look at that! So what is this thing Phil? P: It is a party card/ board game And you can play it with your family, you can play with your friends D: And the idea of the game is to learn What your friends REALLY think about you! P: In the box, we’ve written a load of funny questions D: and the idea of the game is you anonymously answer these questions about the other people you’re playing with P: YES D: For example, Phil and then Phil will have read to him all of the answers to the questions and find out who clearly everybody really thinks he is. P: Yeah And then I have to choose my favorite and then try to guess who said what about me. So, this is a real thing that is actually in stores now. D: Actual shops – P: Yeah. D: – have this. P: They do! D: for some reason. P: So, all the information is in the links below, you can obviously get it online as well. D: It’s available online, check it out in the description. P: Check it out. D: So instead of talkin’ about it, we figured, P: p l a y i t
D: Why not just show it to you? D: So we asked a couple of our funniest friends, that aren’t easily offended, to come join us. P: Let’s go get em’! P: Are you okay. D: This is me just sliding out to go get them. P: I’ve eaten a lot of Haribo, Hazel: Yes. P: So this could be a mess. D: *singing* he’s frickin’ zazzed. P: I’m zazzed on the sugar! D: *singing* sliiide to left H: Zazzed AF. P: This table was not made for four people. P: I’m gonna say that now.
D: Well it’s not meant for four in a row. T: Yeah, no. P: Very touchy, aren’t we, look at this. P: Mm. T: This is nice. P: We could give each other mutual massages. D: This is gonna get flagged now. T: If you’ve never been to London – T: If you’ve never ridden the tube in London… P: This is what it’s like! T: This is it, yeah. HI P: We’re here with Hazel and Tom!
T: Nailed it. T: That’s the – that’s the way it is. Plotwizzle. D: It’s got a matte finish, what d’you think about that? T: oOH yeah, it’s quite nice! H: It’s very high quality. D: No, no, Tom, really – T: Really get into it. P: Massage it. P: With your fingers. D: Right? D: Isn’t it good? T: Can we get the music? *sensual music* P: YEAH *Dan singing Careless Whisper sax solo* D: So, er, as you can see, it’s, er. *all laughing* D: Four to eight players, 20 minutes to play. D: So this video can have more ads on it. P: It can. D: Just kidding. T: I’m actually quite nervous. D: They’re frickin’ zazzed. H: I thought I was here to play g a m e s P: Yeah, Hazel was like ‘Where’s the computer?’ D: Where’s the computer? Oh no, we’re gettin’ table…d. P: Tabled. D: That means drunk, we’re not getting drunk yet. D: That’s a different video. P: Not yet. P: I can’t believe it’s actually here. D: It’s weird. P: Yeah. D: It’s been in Phil’s brain for ages. P: And now it’s gonna get released all over the table! T: That sounds… D: That’s a weird sentence. T: Yeah, that’s not… D: Don’t say that Phil D: Oh, God. D: Boom. P: OHHHH D: Erm, so. T: What’s this? D: Every one comes with a little Polaroid. D: We’ll put that on the screen for you now. H: Why??? D: Because we made the game. P: We birthed the game. H: But why this? T: May I? P: That’s what happens when you create something. T: O H T: GOD D: It’s got a wholesome message – look… P: We tried to make something as scary as possible. D: Look, if someone… T: Why’re you so pink in this? D: … in Target just stumbles upon this and buys it, D: we feel like they should know who Dan and Phil are, and how they made the game and stuff. T: And you hand draw all of these right? Every single one? P: Yeah, every one. D: Every single one.
T: Every one. D: That’s good. T: Not a lie. P: I think I would be quite pink if I birthed a game. H: She’s had a day. D: There’s a grandma. Having a Truth Bomb. For representation. D: Cause the game’s 14+, but you could be seventy. D: So, cause there’s four players, D: we’ve got three of these cards on the table. D: We all get one of these answer sheets P: Yeah. D: And then Phil has got the score pad here. D: I’m trying to keep it together guys. H: You really are! P: D’you wanna be called Tom, or do you want a team name? T: I wanna be Team Meme. P: Team Meme.
D: Team… Meme. I’m not sorry. P: I’m gonna be… Philsplosion. Whoa D: Let’s call me Board Game Danny. P: I thought you were gonna be Dank Danny. D: Dank Danny? That’s.. really inappropriate. T: That feels like it would smell bad. P: I can’t really fit that in the box. P: And Hazel? H: Anyone who’s been looking at my face this whole time can see the panic. P: To try and think of your team name H: Hazel Slays. P: Ohhhhh! H: Ayyy T: Ohhh. D: Boom. D: Very ominously write your name in the target box. P: You don’t need to write your team name, just write your name. D: Just your actual name. What am I signing, a death note? D: So the questions that we will be answering about each other in this game, are… T: Alright. P: If they had a – we can’t do that one. D: THE ONE CARD THAT DOESN’T WORK RIGHT NOW Okay… Gosh. D: That’s very weird. P: Yeah. D: Nice, easy question there, comin’ in second. P: And third one – T: Why did you write it like that, there’s so many vowels. *laughter* P: Please don’t get this video flagged. T: A L R I G H T T: Every one of these I’ve got a good one for, so. H: God… D: Alright, okay. D: What we’re gonna do now, is we’re gonna pass the answer sheets to the right. P: *singing* Pass your answer sheets.
D: And I’ll pass yours to Tom. D: Cause we’re playing in a line, like The Last Supper. D: Which is obviously how – how it was meant to be experienced. H: And you can play Last Supper style too, if you want. P: Yeah! D: Exactly. (H: It’s totally your choice.)
T: Basically at the end of it, one of you.. dies. Don’t sit in the middle. D: Guys – that’s the rules! That’s the rules. D: So now, you have a sheet with a target in front of you. P: Yes. D: This target is one of us. D: You pick one of these questions – blue, pink, or yellow – D: and you answer it about the target. D: In the right coloured box. P: Whoops. P: Paper cut. T: I feel assaulted! P: So I’m writing about Tom, if you’re wondering. D: I’m right Phil if you’re wondering. T: I’ve got Hazel. D: Okay, and now we just pick one question. *crickets* So ominous. H: Lead on paper has never been so terrifying. D: Knowing that someone’s about to expose you, yeah.
(P: Yeah.) On camera. D: Whoo. H: Wouldn’t be the first time, eh?
D: I’m not gonna take that back immediately. Yikes. P: Now, pass to the right. D: Okay. *singing* P: ‘k. P: Don’t look, don’t look.
T: Efficient. P: Ok, now you’ll have two left that you can fill in. D: This is like – you always see what the previous person wrote here, nice. D: Okay. D: I love the little giggles that you do, like, HA HA HA I just roasted this person T: No, I’m not done! P: Tom’s not done T: I’m thinking! D: fOR GOD’S SAKE, TOM P: The first thing that comes into your head! P: Go! P: Release it! H: ‘Release it’ – stop saying release! H: r e l e a s e P: Release! T: This is all uncomfortably sexual. H: You’re doing that! H: This is fine! P: You’re making it sexual. P: This is family friendly. T: They’re the ones saying ‘release’ all the time! D: Okay, let’s just – we’re banning the word “release”.
T: ‘We’re gonna release it all over the table.’ Tom wrote his answer! T: YAY! H: Yeah! D: And the last one. Now, when it’s the last question, D: you’re forced to answer one. P: You have to choose D: So you look at whichever question’s left. P: Yeah. D: And you do this one. P: Done.
D: Done. Yep P: So now because everything’s been filled in – P: You do not pass it to your right. D: Cause then it’d go back to the person. P: Keep it, to yourself. D: We’re very dramatic – Tom, where – where’d you put it.
P: Where did you hide that? T: In my milk. T: My milk pouches. P: It’s in your breast. D: I guess it’s safe now! P: Don’t put it in your milk pouch.
D: Okay. As long as other people can’t see it. D: That’s fine. H: …I’m never usually lost for words. H: But like, I just constantly find myself not sure what to say. D: Milk pouch is a very distur – I really don’t know how to – to address milk pouch. Milk pouch. P: So we’re gonna be reading these out, about each other, and trying to guess who wrote what. Ooh, t’s gonna be savage! P: It’s gonna be ~spicy~ It might just be friendly. D: We might’ve just complimented each other. Is this gonna be friendly? D: Time to, er – P: Drop those bombs. D: Drop those truth bombs on each other. D: I hope you’re ready. P: So Dan, I’m gonna read some that people have written about you. D: Okay, sure. P: Dan, the weapon of choice during a zombie apocalypse would be dry wit. T: So Dan dies. D: *laughs* Yeah, so, I last thirty seconds in a zombie apocalypse, there we go. That’s good. P: The zombies would have a good laugh though, before it happened. D: *sighs* Vote of confidence D: from my friends there.
T: There’s zombies coming at you, it’s like, T: ‘Ha, guess – guess you’re having me for dinner! Fuck it. *screaming* P: What you would taste like… D: Is what? P: Meme juice. P: The juice of a meme. D: That’s – I don’t know why that sounds gross…
T: Yeah… D: But that makes me feel uncomfortable.
H: It does a bit. T: I think anything juice is upsetting. D: Anything juice. H: Anything juice. P: It depends which –
H: Unless it’s a fruit, (P: Yeah) anything with juice… H: Kinda gross.
P: It depends which meme has been juiced, though. D: Exactly. P: Yeah. D: Yeah. D: Let’s not think about that too much. H: What if you juiced Pepe meme? In France that’s a delicacy. P: If Dan could be a god, he would be the god of serotonin deficiency. H: Wow. P: Which means he would get no sunlight – H: Hard-hitting answers today, Tom! D: No, no, Phil, Phil that’s vitamin D, D: serotonin is the hormone that makes you happy. P: OH P: *laughs* Wow H: That’s… D: Okay! D: *laughing* And now, D: it’s my job – P: Dan has to choose his favourite, and guess who wrote it. D: Holy crap. I mean, D: I’m gonna have to say that my favourite one of those is that I am the god of serotonin deficiency, P: Yeah? D: And I’m gonna have to guess that Tom wrote that one! P: That is correct! D: Is that the case? Maybeeeee P: Well done! T: Depression memes! D: Tom, you have nothing to be proud of, but you do get a point. D: Er, cause you were my favourite. And I get a point, ’cause I guessed it! Ayy. H: Ohh, I get how the game works now.
D+P: That’s how the game works. D: So, nice.
H: Genius.
T: I’m into it. D: And let’s continue, shall we?
P: Dan, d’you wanna do yours? D: Er, yeah I have Hazel Slays’ one.
P: Ok T: Good start.
H: I regret everything.
D: Oh, God. D: There’s a – there’s a strong theme here.
P: Is there a theme? T: Ohh no H: And I KNOW what it is! D: Hazel, your weapon of choice in a zombie apocalypse would be: a bottle of vodka. P: You could offer them a drink! D: It could be a smashed bottle!
H: To be fair, if you had a rag and a lighter.. H: Ooh.
P: Next one D: Hazel, if you tasted like something, you’d taste like Guinness! P: Ohhh! D: Cause – cause it’s a drink, and it’s Irish! H: Is this racist? T: It’s fully racist! D: And Hazel, if you were the god of anything, you would be the god of drinking. P: Hazel! T: I’m the alcoholic here as well! H: The funniest thing is, (P: Yeah?) H: I really can’t drink that mu – I have two drinks and I’m GONE P: And that’s it.
D: It’s just your brand. T: You do have a series called Tipsy Talk.
(D: You have a strong brand.) H: I do, H: And I always have a glass of wine in my hand, so I’m gonna allow that. That’s quite funny. So what was your favourite, out of those? H: I think the bottle of vodka as a weapon, probably. P: And who d’you think wrote it? H: … Tom?? T: You’re just saying that cause they all looked at me. H: No, I feel like… Who wrote this horrible answer about vodka? P: It was me!! D: It was Phil! H: Phil! I am shocked. Also, I taste like potatoes, H: that’s much funnier.
D+P: Ohhhh! D: We missed a thing there.
H: You missed a trick. D: Also, we formally apologize to Ireland watching this right now. D: So Phil gets a point! P: Yeah!
T: Yay! D: Well done! Philly gets the P. D: Philly gets the P… Uh-oh. D: Whose do you have? H: Drink responsibly. T: I have Philsplosion’s card. P: Nice. H: Yeah! T: Alright, so. P: I’m quite nervous. T: What would Phil’s weapon of choice be in a zombie apocalypse? T: It says here: Dan. P: I just pick up Dan by the legs and smash the zombies’ heads in? H: Fling him at them! D: You just push me (T: Yeah) into the horde, and lock the door. P: Maybe. D: I see that happening.
H: Yeah. T: Yeah. D: I can see that happening. A noble sacrifice. T: If you could taste like anything Phil, you’d taste like spoiled milk. P: What!? P: Spoiled milk!? T: You do have creamy white skin. D: It’s what you look like! Okay, I thought it’d be like, sugar and Haribo, but sure. D: The questions just reflect who you are as a person.
P: Yes. D: That’s the thing with this game.
H: Doesn’t mean anything, it’s ok. T: And Phil, you would be the god of cheese. P: The god of cheese. T: Which, again, as far as random things go that’s pretty up there, it’s like cheese, pie… P: But I don’t like cheese, so that’s cruel T: You’re a vengeful god. P: I’m a vengeful god. I smite you all with cheese. D: An ironic god, who smites his own existence. P: My favourite one… was the spoiled milk. And I think that was Tom, because he explained it a lot. Everyone is blaming me! T: For everything! I T W A S M E *Dan laughing maniacally* P: What was your reasoning?
D: Because you look like it.
H: I’m shocked by these revelations. P: I think I look like fresh milk! D: You’re white with a tinge of green. D: That’s what it is, Phil.
P: Fresh from a cow’s udder. P: Not – I haven’t been stood on a table for two days. D: Let’s not get into udder too much.
T: That’s amazing. T: I knew this would happen, I knew everyone would assume I was the – D: Point for Dan! People forget that Dan and Phil are actually pretty dark. D: Milk pouch.
P: Hazel!
H: Ooh! H: Yeah! I forgot I get to do one! P: You get to do one.
D: Ah, yes. D: Are you ready?
P: Are you ready Tom? H: This one’s fun, this one’s fun.
T: Oh no! T: I’m gonna get more depressed! H: So we’ve got Tom. In what would be their weapon of choice in a zombie apocalypse, we’ve got… H: A chainsaw gun. P: Oohh!
D: *laughing* Yes. H: I’d like a diagram.
T: Hold on – I need clarity T: Is it a gun that fires chainsaws? D: Yes. That’s so much better than if they were combined.
P: That must be what it is. T: Yeah, okay, okay. H: I thought it was – and I was like, how d’you fire it without ruining your hands? P: It’s just made out of a chainsaw.
H: That’s a bloody mess! T: Don’t question it D: Somehow fires, like, powered chainsaws. T: Fully revved. D: It’s a thing. Yup. What would they be the god of? H: Guns and offensive jokes. H: We’ve got a double-barreled god here.
T: I’ll take it. Yeah. D: Nice, nice.
P: Theme there.
H: Nice. H: What would they taste like? Guns. *laughing*
T: Oh, come on! P: We’re really original, everyone. H: Speaking of theme. D: Just – it tastes like licking cold metal. P: What is the taste of a gun? P: I guess you’d know T: It’s metallic.
P: Oh, okay. D: Like blood, but not warm.
T: It’s very iron-y, I guess. P: So what’s your fav? oooh. T: I like the visual of a chainsaw gun. So I’m gonna have to go with chainsaw gun. But who wrote such an intelligent answer? H: … I don’t know, Phil. Who wrote that? Wow. D: You know that your competing against Tom,
P: I know – D: and by giving him points for correct answers… P: Maybe it’s a double jape. D: Could be a double jape. T: I genuinely feel like Phil would’ve written offensive jokes… because… Out of everyone here, Phil is the only person here who might find me offensive still. I do. T: So – It’s fair. T: I think it was Hazel that wrote chainsaw gun. P: *wrong answer sound* It was me! D: OHHH!
T: Oh, come on! He double – he triple bluffed me! P: Triple joke!
H: I’m not sure that he did, H: I think you did that to yourself, he just fully gave you the answer. Triple joke! P: HA HA HA HA
D: God, this is such a fix. This game is rigged. D: So rigged. P: It’s rigged so I win.
D: The game is always rigged so anyone called Phil wins. P: Even if I’m not playing,
D: It’s true P: I still win. D: And now we all know what we really think about each other. P: Yeah! H: That’s good. D: So, yeah.. Ready for some results? T: Oh, my gosh. P: We have a tiebreaker situation – D: Uh-oh. Between? P: Well, Hazel lost and got zero points. P: Tom got one point… T: SCORE! P: And Dan and Phil got two points each! D: Ohh, wow! That’s cheating.
H: This is a fix! This game is rigged.
(D: Looks like a fix, doesn’t it?) I blame the Russians! D: Now, in the event of a tie breaker… what happens is someone picks one more card, and both of the people that’ve drawn, have to answer the question about themself. T: Oh, this could get dark! P: That’s the tie-breaker?
D: I’m kind of glad that that wasn’t one we had to answer about each other. H: Yeah.
D: Okay. T: You have to answer this yourselves?
P: Yeah we have to answer this about ourselves. D: Okay, I’m gonna go ahead (T: Goodness) and say, my whole career P: Wow. T: How on brand of you. It’s just a mistake. P: I’m going to say.. The fact that I fainted while a dog’s jaw was being cut open at my work experience, and the vet said, ‘you can never be a vet.’ D: That went somewhere… D: Deep and dark.
H: That’s not what I thought… T: Wow. P: Can we do another one? D: NO! No, that was – okay, that was the tie breaker question. P: I don’t like that one! H: That’s out there, now. D: Ummm… D: Now you two have to decide who wins! D: Er, okay. Based on that performance. T: I mean… Phil! H: Probably the dog one. T: Was by far – (T: the most shameful!)
P: Yay! D: Phil, congratulations! T: Like you actually seem sincerely ashamed. P: I was ashamed! P: Er, that’s –
H: Are you okay? P: I’m okay now. H: How’s the dog? P: The dog has no jaw, but it’s still alive I’m sure. P: It’s tongue just flopping all over the place –
D: lET’S JUST – OK D: And that’s Truth Bombs! *all cheering, while sounding slightly dead inside* D: What’d you guys think? T: I can see this being really great for a group of people. T: Yeah, I think what’s great about this game is the worse the people you’re with, the more fun it will be. P: The more fun. D: Yes. It’s totally –
H: So with our friend group… D: It’s gonna… P: That helps! H: Laughs aplenty! D: Yeah – if you did it with your grandma, you could be like, what do you taste like? Sherbert and rainbows! P: Yeah. D: What would you be the god of? Cuddles. D: So, you know. T: What do you taste like, grandma? THE WAR T: Grandma, no! GUNS p r o h i b i t i o n P: What do you think? Um, fun. P: Fun. D: We’ll put that on the box – Hazel says, ‘Fun.’! H: I had fun! D: Thank you for coming. H: I genuinely – I didn’t hate this. D: You weren’t just pretending to have fun cause we asked you to be, you know. H: I was laughing with genuine glee. P: Truth Bombs is available right now. (D: Hooray!) You can get it in some good retailers linked below, D: Only good ones! Anyone else that doesn’t stock it, sucks. P: Tell them they should.
D: On the website it says where you can get it around the world. P: And also, on danandphilshop it comes with some free Truth Bombs stickers, as well. P: So that’s exciting. WHAT D: And, no matter where you get it, you get the disturbing Polaroid. It really is quite disturbing. P: It’s very disturbing. T: butIneedthestickers P: Also thank you to Tom and Hazel for being here! D: Thanks, for being funny!
T: You are SO welcome. D: This would’ve been so bad. D: This whole thing, working on it for months, would’ve been a flop if you were boring, so thanks for not being boring. P: Their channels are in the description, go check these guys out. They’re very funny. *singing* hashtag ad spon T: I’m paying them a lot for this. P: We’ll accept our cheques later. D: Full disclosure. P: Bye! H: Bye! T: Au revoir. P: And there we go, give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed this! D: You can subscribe for more of our videos… P: Make sure you check out Tom and Hazel, they’re in the description. D: Boom. Yup. P: Last video’s over there, P: and… D: We’ll see ya next time. P: Have a good day. *both making explosion sound*


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