Dan and Phil play Anime BUCKET OF DOOM!

Phil: Hellooo Dan and Phil Games… (Whaddup *sing-song* boopity bip boop ba-boooooop) P: …Buckets! *explosion noise* D: Okay, I feel like… P: Ow! I just hit my own – did you see me hit myself with the bucket? D: Firstly, very impressive. Secondly, we’ve played Bucket of Doom before, did you call them “Buckets” then? *Super SUPER slowed down flashback of Phil saying “Buckets”* P: But they’re still Buckets *starts laughing* D: Thirdly, if you’re calling *through laughter* the audience buckets P: They’re buckets – D: What are you saying? P: – Buckets of Joy, mate. D: I-if I were you, I would be offended. Anyway – P: Welcome to a new video – D: We’re double denim-ing right now. P: F- D: We’re double denim-ing. P: From the d – D: We’re double denim-ing. P: Denim bros. D: We’re like full Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears P: Dan, I don’t think – D: Goth Britney Spears, you are Justin Timberlake. P: *laughs* D: We are playing Bucket of Doom D: Which is the game where you are put in some kind of zany situation and you have to use a *elevated voice* random item – P: Oh my gosh. D: – to get out of the situation! For example, Phil! Right now, D: I’m about to punch you in the face! P: Don’t punch me in the face! D: But using, pick one. P: Using? D: Pick one, go! P: Harry Potter’s owl, Hedwig! D: *laughing* P: I just send it at your face, it claws your eyes out. Job’s a good ‘un. D: Nice. P: Go away, Dan. D: But! We are playing it with a twist! P: Thanks to Crunchyroll who have asked – D: No no, Phil. Phil wait, our chairs… Both: *mumbling and muttering nonsensically* D: Okay, here we go. Are you ready? Both, slightly out of sync: With a twist! D: You ah – really hurt my arm. P: Sorry. P: Crunchyroll have challenged us to do Bucket of Doom *both snap* D: But anime themed! P: With anime themed dilemmas. D: So, because there’s new seasons of all our favourite animes coming out, we have come up with a series of – er – Challenging situations, P: Yeah. D: Themed on our favourite animes, that we have to try and get out of. So if you’re a fan of any of these shows, we’re probably going to ruin that for you. P: If you want to watch all of the shows that we’re gonna be talking about – D: Yesss P: – on Crunchyroll On your phone, your laptop – D: Your iPad, on whatever. P: – whatever it is. D: We are giving away a 30-day free trial to Crunchyroll. *children cheering sounds effect* P: Oh yes. D: All you need to do is just go to crunchyroll.com/danandphilgames and then you get a month of free anime. P: Straight from Japan. All the best series, in your eyes. D: And the first scenario is based on everyone’s favorite vore propaganda *stutters* show That’s offensive. Attack on Titan. P: Season 3 is here! D: Which is finally out. P: I’m so excited! D: My body’s ready. P: Yeah. D: And the scenario is: Phil, you are stuck up a tree and a giant, naked, man-eating Titan is going to eat you. P: Oh my gosh. D: How do we get out of this? P: I’ve got the perfect one! D: I have a very random selection of things right now. P: Oh, I’ve got two things I could use. D: *laughs* P: I want you to go first. D: Okay. Well, I’m going to get away from the Titan using my home pregnancy test. P: *laughing* What?! How?! D: That is right. Oh, I had one of these. I peed on it earlier. I’m up a tree. This thing’s making eye contact with me. It’s like – *Titan noises play in background* P: Yeah D: – and I’m like – *dramatic orchestral music begins playing* “Jeff?” P: *laughs* D: *fake sobbing* P: *still laughing* D: “I’m pregn- it’s- it- it’s….” P: Really? D: *wailing loudly* “We’re having a baby!” P: Really? D: *still wailing* “We’re having a baby!” And then the Titan will just be like – *more dramatic music* – D: *making Titan wailing noises* P: *laughing* No, that’s not – D: And then, it will, it’ll put me on its shoulder, and it will run up to all of the other Titans. Tell them the good news – P: No. D: And then, I don’t know how… myself, a male, and this other giant naked man – P: That’s what I was about to say! D: – will have conceived a baby. But this is the kind of Mpreg plot twist that everyone wants – P: Dan – D: So everyone be happy for us, and not only will it get me out the tree, but it’ll unite the man-eating Titans with the rest of humanity and everyone lives happily ever after. P: W-Whatever. Titans don’t have reproductive organs, first of all. D: *mumbling* True love. What do you know? What do you know? P: Secondly, you’re a man. D: Show’s full of mysteries. P: Right. Well, I’m up the tree (Yeah) and the Titan’s about to eat me when I jump on my electric mobility scooter – D: *laughing* P: – and I D: YOU ARE UP A TREE! P: No! D: You are up a tree! P: Yeah, I jumped down onto my scooter! D: *loudly* Oh. Okay, right. P: No, shh. Listen. I’m – D: So you jumped off a tree onto a mobility scooter? P: Yeah! P: I’ve got padded jeans. D: And there’s a 20-meters-tall man. D: How fast is this mobility scooter? P: It’s full power! D: I’ll let you – *stuttering* – okay, right whatever. P: It’s the best *incomprehensible* P: Anyway! Land on the scooter, jet off into the sunset, live on an island and have a great day. D: Okay, yeah. There we go! Uh, honestly? Honestly – P: Mine’s the best! D: *ultrasonic* You – ? *softer* After what I just did? P: *laughing* D: You honestly think that yours was better?? P: Fine. P: Yours was more creative. D: Thank you. You can have it. D: Thank you. Mine was more creative. And erotic. P: Next one. P: My Hero Academia! D: If you haven’t started watching this, it’s like the ting that everyone on Tumblr is obsessed with. P: Everyone is obsessed with it. D: It is a superhero school show. *followed by what can only be described as asdfghjkl* P: A villain has kidnapped your favorite teacher. D: Oh my god. P: How do you use your quirk, which is the item, to save them? D: *laughs* D: We haven’t really established how powerful this supervillain is. P: Well. Maybeeeeeeee…. D: Like, does it just shoot fire out of its eyes or something? Or is it – P: Okay. Well that’s it. It’s someone that shoots fire out of their eyes. D: Great. P: That’s what we gotta avoid. D: Right. Okay. Well either way. D: I’ve got a card that’s gonna get me out of this, so… P: My superpower is… D: Do I wanna know? Oh, go on. P: My trained pet mouse called Peter, *laughs* so… D: Your superpower – P: Listen – D: – is you have a trained pet mouse. P: Yes! a super-mouse! D: You too, watching this, could have superpowers, apparently. P: I release my mouse, it runs up the leg of the supervillain – P: Bites him on the crotch and he falls over in pain, rescue the teacher and we all save the day! D: I love being bitten on the entire nonspecific crotch. P: *laughs* D: That’s great! P: *still laughing* D: How powerful – is it like a full on Raticate? P: It’s like a *chomp sound effect* D: Just cuts it in half? D: Okayyy. Great. P: What about you? D: Well, my superpower is that I have the number for a very prompt taxi service! P: *through laughter* Very prompt? *car horn honk sound effect* D: At any moment – P: Wot? D: – in life P: *incoherent stuttering* D: I can simply make a taxi appear! P: Yeah. Right. *laughs* How would you get the teacher in the taxi? P: If someone is firing fire out of their eyes…? D: If someone was like “Hey, I’m your Uber!” you’re not gonna ignore that, are you? So… P: True, but I think I win. P: I mean, Peter the mouse! D: Oh, for God’s sake just have your – P: Yas! D: – freaking crotch bite. I’ll summon a taxi to hit you right now. P: I’ll summon a mouse to bite your ears. D: Thanks for saying ears. P: Food Wars! D: Okay! Another anime about school. But a cooking school. P: Yeah. D: A hungry customer is demanding more food. P: Oooh! D: But your kitchen is empty! P: Oh God! D: High stakes (steaks?) people! D: We had violent, man-eating… and then teacher theft, and now an angry customer. What? P: One of my cards is a screaming baby. I will not be using that for this one. D: Thank you, Phil. D: I’ve got one. P: Go on. D: It’s questionable, but I feel like it’s a good solution. P: Whenever you say something is questionable, I don’t trust it Daniel. D: Well, you know how when you were a kid they had those candy necklaces P: Yeah D: And they were really nice and like sugary. P: Right. D: But also kinda gross because you like nibble them… P: People like flung them at you in class. D: But then you’d have like, your own dribble just like against your n – children, children are gross, man. P: Moisturizing! D: Well! I’ve took it to the next level, cause I have a necklace of human ears! P: *shrill* What?! D: I say, look! If we all used to walk around eating those as a snack when we were kids. D: Then I will just pick off a couple of my fashionable human ears and I’ll just throw them in. D: So they can be like MMmmmMmm P: That’s very… D: “What am I eating right now?” and I’ll be like…generic meeeeea….. P: Dan, that’s very Hannibal Lecter! D:…eeeaaat. D: Yeah, but if I season it well enough then I’ll get that trip advisor review. P: Don’t go full cannibal. P: I can beat you. Because… thankfully… D: In your kitchen…? P: I can get out the hotel minibar. And, wait for it! I can get some… D: Oh my God. He’s actually… D: Accessing our hotel – I hope this isn’t one of those ones with the pressure censors that just like, charge $20 P: No, there’s no censors. D: Okay, good. P: I can feed my patrons – D: You say “Hey, don’t worry, dude! I have….” P: I have some nuts, a Toblerone, a little packet of UHT milk. D: Lovely. P: And! Some wine! Mix it all together and it’s nutty milk wine f-food! D: Jesus Christ. P: *laughs* D: Are you – okay, okay! I feel like mine made more sense – P: Dan, I’ve literally just got up and gone around the room! D: You literally did exercise. P: *falsetto* Yaaass D: And now, *quietly* I’m gonna need this… P: *laughs* D: Okay. P: *laughs again* D: I love when you play a game with someone and it’s about getting cards and they go *mimics Phil’s laugh*. P: *laughing* Look – P: Our next one is based on our favorite show of the moment. D: Yes. P: The Ancient Magus’ Bride. D: The show that made me cry – three times the first five episodes… P: My gosh, yes! Dan cried so much! D: *stutters* But if you want to if you want to be messed up… D: …emotionally. By an anime – P: Was it episode three? D: – watch The Ancient Magus’ Bride. P: The dragon one? D: I just… Don’t even talk to me. P: A massive dragon – D: *laughs* P: – has picked you up onto his back and flew into the sky. P: How d’you get back down? D: This is what we got for encouraging scalies on our channel Phil. Just saying. P: Yeah. D: Okay! P: This is a speed round! D: We are in the – why? Why is it a speed round? P: No – no thinking. Just gotta go for it! D: Why? Why is it a – P: I’m announcing it! D: Why does Phil need to spice things up constantly? P: Speed round! D: It’s fine! Well, I’ve got mine! Boom! Speed round, speed round! Choose, choose! P: Got it, got it! D: Right! D: I am ten thousand feet in the air on a dragon. P: Yeah. D: Thankfully, I have the scarf knitted by my grandma. P: *laughing* How is that gonna help? D: What am I gonna do with this scarf, Phil? P: St-strangle the dragon! D: So ru – And what? And then I die?! P: No, *laughs* D: No! I would simply wrap it around the Dragons neck, and because anything knitted by your grandma is so itchy and horrible it’d be like *gags* – D: – “what are you doing to me right now?!” “Just put me off!” And it’d be like “what the hell is that?!” P: Yeah? D: And I’ll be like, umm, it was made with love. P: Right. Okay. D: Do you not accept that my grandma has been knit 1 purling 2 for like three weeks? P: And then does the dra – D: And it’s like, “NO! It’s really itchy!” D: “need to like, put some lotion on that or something!” and I’ll be like “…” P: And then does the dragon land, and just let you off? D: Yeah. P: Fine. P: Well, listen to this materino. You are on the dragon. You’re on the dragon. You reach around and *record scratch sound effect* you *starts laughing* you – P: Pull out – D: Oh God!! P: Pull out one of the dragon’s teeth! P: Then! From the heavens floats down the Tooth Fairy! P: Who’s like: OMG a tooth!! D: Oh for fu – P: Then you hitch a ride on the back of the Tooth Fairy! D: You mount the Tooth Fairy?! P: And then you ride her off into the sky! D: You do realize that the Tooth Fairy canonically is like big? P: Yeah, but she has the power of a Titan. P: She is strong. She is thick. She can take you into the sky. P: Itchy scarf… my… assss. *laughs* D: I’m just gonna give that to you, because I’m scared. P: Give me a tooth. D: And our final anime is Sword Art Online. P: Ooh! One of my faves. D: Where people are trapped inside an MMO, where if they die in the game… D: *dramatic sound effect* …They die in real life! P: *dun dun dunnnn* Is that the dilemma, or is something happening? D: No, I mean that that’s quite a dilemma, but on top of that… You are trapped in the dungeon and you just lost your sword! D: How will you beat the final boss? P: Can I use Peter the mouse again because I feel like that would D: No. NO. You’ve used Peter the mouse. P: Okay. D: You have lost your sword. P: Right. D: What will you whack out to save your own life in this video game? P: Oh my gosh. I’m tempted by the screaming baby… I wanna win. D: Well, I may have lost my sword. P: Yes? D: But all is not lost! D: As I’m a hungry little dude. So I combined two items into one and always carry with me… *Inhale* D: A Spork *airhorn sound effect* P: *laughing* Is that your weapon? D: That is my weapon! P: How can you defeat someone with a spork? D: Because it is the enchanted Spork of the blood oath… P: Right…? D: And I get it out and I’m like, schwing! And then it starts – the music’s D: The music starts going *duh duh duhduh* I stab it. Right? P: Right. D:Not only do I stab, I get to scoop as well. D: So it’s not like it’s just a little stab impact – D: – I get like, I get the Spork in there as he bleeds and like – P; Oh my gosh! D; It’s like *bleurgh* D: *eurgh* “You got me!” and then using the, using the spoon half of it I go *gouge* D: And I just pull out its eye then it dies. P: That was very violent. D: You can see that happening in the show though, can’t you? D: A beautiful climactic moment. P: I can picture it. It was, it was a good climax. BUT! P: Listen, this scorpion has been in the cave for a long time. D: Th-this scorpion, P: Yeah. D: Wait that’s the boss, is it? P: Yeah. D: Okay. We’re fighting a giant scorpion. P: And it hasn’t had any loving for a while P: Okay? D: Oh. God. P: So I whack out – D: Are we rea-? *both laughing* P: My Michelangelo’s Statue of David. D: *laughs* P: Known to have a perfect BUTT. Everyone knows it’s been carved in marble; people talk about that butt in history books D: It’s got a, it’s got a perfect everything. P: Yeah. So, the Scorpion doesn’t want to look at me anymore! P: He just hobbles over to the statue and I’m like, “haha! It’s a statue!” P: And then I pull off Michelangelo’s leg and whack him ’round the head with it until he is a pile of scorpion mulch D: *mouth smack* You have just ruined the history of fine art. P: *laughs* P: *softly* But does it mean that I win? D: I think it means that you win. There you go. P: YES! D: Woooow! P: Thank you! D: Phil killed the giant scorpion with a marble penis! P: What? No, I said leg. I said LEG! D: Well that’s not what everyone was thinking about… P: Well that was – D: Well. That was… P: Bucket of Doom D: That. Was. D: Something. Right there. P: Yeah. D: So if that convinced you to actually watch any of those animes – D: – Then go to crunchyroll.com/danandphilgames P: And check it out! Use the free trial! D: I promise that what happens in the shows is mostly better and less disturbing than what we discussed, P: Just about. P: So give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed this! Check out our channels below! Don’t forget to subscribe and make sure to look after your mouse called Peter because he could save you in a big. anime. dilemma. D: Bye P: Bye


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