Cyborgs. ‘IF’ its our future?

hello welcome to if today
cyborgs what if we can become part man part machine once only in the realms of
comic books and fantasy but now becoming a reality
mankind has often rushed headfirst into new technologies with little
consideration given to the consequences with the creation of the first computer
chip a new age was born we have all seen it in the movies a future where the
machines have taken over the human race and we hold on by a thread
from the Terminator to the Borg of Star Trek these mixtures of man and machine
have stalked our nightmares a manifest image of all that could go wrong but
let’s take a step back would it really be that bad
ad technology to our bodies we already use technology to help those with
disabilities and as of yet the singularity hasn’t occurred there is no
AI Overlord waiting to rip the flesh from our bones
and use it to cover its robot army in fact the first cyborgs are already here in
1998 Kevin Warwick a professor of cybernetics at Reading University became
the first cyborg Warwick had an RFID chip implanted in his arm this enabled
him to turn on lights with a snap of his fingers once he even let his wife’s
brainwaves take control of his body she also having cybernetic implants take
a look at his website his new book giving some insight until what it’s like
to be the world’s first cyborg since Warwick’s discoveries back in the
late 90s cybernetics have come a long way
augmentation has become commonplace many injured soldiers have been given new
prosthetic limbs there are limbs that give the wearer the
ability to feel this allowing people whom have lost fingers to touch and have
sensations again exoskeletons have been created which enable paraplegics to walk
again even implants that allow the Deaf to hear and the blind to see these limbs
and replacement organs being mechanical can be upgraded to give a person
abilities they did not once have super strength super hearing the ability to
see in different light spectrums we are quickly reaching a point where those who
are able may consider giving up natural body parts replacing it with
technologies to gain an extra sense or an ability they don’t have well in fact
there is a small underground movement of body modification artists that are doing
this today grinders these men and women hack their own bodies they are pushing
the boundaries of what is currently possible when it comes to human
augmentation their thought is that human augmentation as a concept is featured
heavily in science fiction and futurism and the assumption that most people have
is that those kinds of advancements will come from medical or technological
companies but what they believe is really happening is that augmentation
begins in the basements of hackers and in the back rooms of piercing studios
these are the grinders one modification popular in grinder circles is the
subdermal implant a subdermal implant is any object which is inserted beneath the
skin in the body modification community these are commonly used for ascetics to
add horns under the scalp for example or for sexual purposes these implants
been made of bio safe materials something that won’t be rejected by the
body or cause health problems silicon is most commonly used but bio safe glass is
also acceptable this isn’t the kind of procedure that just any piercing studio
is willing or qualified to perform but grinders look to implant magnets or RFID
tags were able to get help from existing body modification artists with their new
implants they had gained some extra abilities magnets in the fingers helping
them to hold metal objects and feel electricity bio monitoring systems to
watch their bodily processes in real time but they are still a long ways from
anything we have seen in the movies they have however taken the first steps into
a new age if we parallel these technologies with something like flight
in just 100 years we went from the Kitty Hawk to the b-2 stealth bomber 100 years
from now where will the grinders be recent innovations are hinting at the
direction that we will be taking the recent development of bio chip
technologies could mean an organic interface from the human body to any
machine parts we add this offers a solution to a major hurdle with current
prosthesis the most advanced robotics today still use very basic inputs often
sensing nerve impulses to enable the movement or actions to occur a bio chip
is very similar to a cell and would seamlessly join organic to the inorganic
fusing to become one body a whole a true cyborg so let’s jump ahead it’s 150 years from
today and body augmentation through cybernetics has become the norm
what is the cyborg future going to look like people may be transplanting
limbs and organs in the same regard as today we get a tattoo different body
parts from different companies come in and out of fashion one month it’s cool
to see the world in microwaves the next infrared people begin to change their
parts with the trends the human body becomes a modular system constantly
being upgraded with the latest and greatest tech we would slowly add more
to our bodies becoming evermore machine like this continuing until we reach a
point where we would have to ask yourself is the body what makes us who
we are or is it the mind we may also be signing away our freedom we will become
beholden to the companies that built our body parts we could become slaves to
these companies they may well force hardware and software changes on users
we would be robots if you will such an irony as the word robot is from the
Czech robota meaning forced labor we will be slaves
forced into servitude by the very thing we created to make our lives better it may well reversibly change our
species we have evolved as individuals but with advancements in cybernetics
comes brain chips the communication is now direct brain to brain just like
kevin warwick and his wife back in 98 if our consciousness exists on a chip is it
really us or just a copy? we could become a superorganism having a
hive mind we would no longer be individuals with this the last threads
of humanity would be gone the new species would rule the earth and maybe
beyond this cybernetic race now venturing out into the stars to populate
new worlds and new planets the cyborgs thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed
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