Cutting People’s Hammock!

What’s up My names Li Li Li aka Riceman Today we gonna do a prank that has never been done before in the history of prank That’s right. We gon be….. That’s right. We’re gonna be cutting people’s hammock ha ha ha ha ha Let’s see how they react, go eat more rice Hey, hey, hey Josh. Hey, should I get those two guys over there those two guys laying with each other? Are they lovers or they’re your other brothers? I don’t know but let’s get them Oh man, it’s so loud. I gotta be quiet. I got it. Let me get behind the tree. All right Dude he didn’t even see me the first time should I get him again? Let’s try if I can let’s see if I can do it Bro!? I’m running Hey, there’s this guy over here should I get him right there in the yellow hammock? Right there, I think he’s sleeping right now Do you think that’s too high? it seemed a little high should I go? All right, I’m gonna give it a shot. Okay Whoa, this is gonna be tough Thank you guys watching if you want to see more hammock prank Please say ‘more hammock prank’ in the comments and make sure to follow my Tik Tok for daily uploads. That’s right It’s at RicemanTV. So until next time this is li li li, remember if it’s not rice, It’s not right

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