More secrets have been discovered about
Trump’s ongoing abuses of people seeking asylum at the southern border.Trump’s
policy asks ice workers and detention center workers to do crimes against
humanity and they’re doing them! Kirsten Nielsen resigned as Secretary of
Homeland Security this week remember she’s the one who took weeks and weeks
to decide but eventually acquiesced to putting kids in cages and having them
rip from their parents arms at the southern border there’s no doubt that
her replacement will be absolutely willing and able to commit crimes
against humanity to the most vulnerable people in their darkest hour just
imagine with a lifelong trauma that a child faces when they’ve been ripped
from their parents farms with no explanation no understanding that’s
saying goodbye this is the same trauma that a child was kidnapped to endure a
Washington newspaper reporter spoke of an incident where a father was tackled
by five ice officials trying to rip the little five-year-old out of his arms
this is sick shit do I really have to go into the nightmares and the abandonment
and the terror and the psychological horrific disorders these kids and their
parents will have for the rest of their life because what we did the Trump
administration used the mental well-being of children and their parents
as a disincentive for other people thinking of coming to the u.s. well it
hasn’t stopped people from coming and even though a court order told the Trump
administration that cannot take children away from their parents in this manner
at the border they continue to do so for weeks and weeks for these kids and their
parents their lives will never be the same again
you may be wondering how Trump could possibly get away with us well by
circumventing the sphere of the law Trump made it a crime to ask for asylum
Trump’s policy immediately deemed anyone who is crossing the southern border with
children as a human trafficker this paved the way for Trump and his evil
plan to immediately put the kids in state custody unfortunately this is only
the beginning of a nightmare for these immigrants or fleeing nations that the
US had a hand in destabilizing these nations are so dangerous that these
parents have decided it was safer to travel thousands of miles on foot and
come to the US than stay in their countries
risk death gangs threaten families and their children in these nations to the
point where they have no other choice leave or die sadly they end up leaving
one nightmare walking thousands of miles just to reach another nightmare but now
comes the twist it doesn’t end there as you’ve probably heard thousands of
children were taken away someone somehow forgot to write down who they were and
where they were taken to as of today there are over a hundred of these kids
who still haven’t been located last month there was more very upsetting news
it was found that 80% of the children being trafficked as human sex slaves
in our nation had ties to the foster care system in the US this is the same
system that we just put those kids in but there’s more Jonathan white who
leads the Health and Human Services Department effort to reunite migrant
children with their parents said removing the children from their
sponsored homes would be to traumatising so we’re not even gonna try he said the
government should focus on reuniting the children currently in custody not those
who have already been released to sponsor homes the bottom line is
desperate and verbal parents seeking asylum had their children ripped from
their arms take it away with no notice they could do nothing
about it and now their children are gone oh but it gets worse devos trump
Secretary of Education is a religious lunatic she and her family support an
adoption agency that coerces pregnant young mothers used cruel psychological
tactics into giving up their children for adoption adopting a baby in the
United States is a very lucrative field for agencies de vos and her agency along
with the Trump administration are taking children who have loving parents and
making up profit by selling them to white Christian only parents or not in
the LGBTQ community they’re making money selling people’s children away last
month the report came back telling a terrifying tale of sexual abuse and rape
of these same exact children while in our nation’s custody we allowed adult
staff members and older children migrants to sexually violate thousands
and thousands of children days later news reporters making a
statement saying that the government cannot be held responsible for the rape
and sexual assault of children in their care that is disgusting it doesn’t end
there this week reports surfaced about
families being kept with their children in solitary confinement it doesn’t take
a genius to read the UN’s report that solitary confinement causes severe
mental illnesses and is considered torture you’d think this is all but no
there’s more breaking news this week a 28-page detailed report surfaced talking
about teen girls and young women and their menstrual cycle it talked about
their periods talked about pregnancy and the reason for pregnancy whether it was
rape or not why in the world with the US government keep track of teenagers and
young women’s periods today it came out that they were tracking migrant girls
periods to stop them from getting abortions yes you heard me correctly
look it up you once told me instead of doing it again President Obama separated
the children those cages that were shown I think they were very inappropriate
they were built by President Obama’s administration not by thumb President
Obama had child separations take a look the press knows it you know it we all
know it I didn’t have I’m the one that stopped it President Obama had child
separation now I’ll tell you something once you don’t have it that’s why you
see many more people coming they’re coming like it’s a picnic because let’s
go to Disneyland President Obama separated children they
had child separation I was the one that changed it okay thank you for his
presence I’m gonna do are you gonna the question would you bring it back


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