Crimes Against Humanity Report On North Korea

the UN Human Rights Council just came
out with a report on now basically concentration camps inside North Korea
and it is absolutely brutal the concludes systemic widespread in gross human rights
violations have been and are being committed by the Democratic People’s Republic of
Korea is institutions and officials in many instances the violations of
human rights bound by the Commission constituted crimes against humanity now don’t get
confused by their nonsense orwellian a self anointed title
democratic republic Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
they are no such thing of course north korea is controlled by dictator the explained
in the report the gravity scale and nature of these violations are real
estate that does not have any parallel in the
contemporary world now understand the Syria is torturing
pens a thousand people as we speak and they say it still does
not compare to what north korea’s doing now we know that things are bad in north
korea first was important for us to know how bad an I get to the degree of
torture in a second so that you know what’s happening and
you can’t turn around later if we ever liberate
those camps like we did after World War Two and a
german camps and say all my god this is so surprised
I didn’t know who knew no no we know the UN wrote a
report about it we know exactly what was happening we just don’t wanna do anything about it
I get that in a second as well but the country not doing anything about
it the most is China now they’re the ones who could
affected the most there the neighborhood north korea they
support aid and abet north korea and take a crackdown is a
lot of different things they do they’re not doing anything that’s why I love that this report call
them out on they say persons who are forcibly
repatriated from China are commonly subjected to torture
arbitrary detention summary execution forced abortion and
other forms of sexual violence now they say look your put economic pressure on north
korea wanna keep trading one or three on to all those things for god sake at least with someone makes
it out to the hell hole and gets the China don’t give them back so they can be tortured raped and then
murdered don’t do that but china says no no no we
have to do it n it does run you a little bit when slaves would get free and get to the
free states and then up sorry no gotta return you to your
rightful owner right and china says no some other macum air committing criminal
acts they’re thieves and robbers so that’s why we had to return the North
Korea and they broke the law by coming into
China legally what would you have done if you
got outside of North Korea where you had a chance to you outside a
North Korean their concentration camps when you made a run toward so what China is doing is despicable and the UN said quote big caution relevant
officials are such conduct on their part referring to the chinese officials could
amount to aiding and abetting of crimes against humanity a strong
language and I like that a lot saying hey this they’re not only was committing
crimes against humanity to help them to do it you could be responsible to because we’re unlikely to get the
leadership or north korea to International Criminal Court where
they belong but it’s possible that you could do that the
chinese officials who ate in about them and if that makes
them more cautious great now let me tell you summer torture that
happens there according to the report tortures and establish feature the
integration process saying testimony about a torture chamber
at a detention facility the State Security Department equipped
with a water tank shackles used to hang suspects upside
down along neil’s German underneath a
suspect’s fingernails now was sick about that is not just that
they’re doing it but unfortunately reminding you saw things we did operate
in other places we also did water torture we also Hong I’m prisoners I in different positions
in chains from the ceiling including what’s referred to as a
palestinian hanging now we didn’t drive you know needles underneath the suspects
a and as I told you before there is every
kind of torture you can imagine in these camps including sexual violence summary
executions et cetera ride so it’ll you know I don’t want it compared to things too much because yes
what we did in america was atrocious and I’ve spoken out about about it endlessly but this is a
different degree of severity okay especially on the numbers now the
UN Human Rights Council continues if they are not executed immediately
persons held accountable for major political wrongs are forcibly disappeared to political
prison camps that officially do not exist most
victims are incarcerated for life without chance leaving the camps alive now to the point of how many people it
affects this is the more conservative estimate
by the way Cherie Institute for national unification says that there are at least eighty to
120,000 people detained in political prison camps today those are just the political prison
camps telling you pick news ever situation and I hope to god there’s
one day when we go free the people in those camps and I don’t mean us in specific I don’t mean this silly
to war just do whatever happens this if we
happen to free those people p I guarantee you what a great majority
people are gonna say is oh my god who could have known these
vicious things were happening and to so many people so when they say never again and they’ve
said so many times the weather was after the Holocaust or whether it was
after what happen in cambodia or whether was
after rwanda we always hear never again never again but there it is it’s happening again and we’re not doing
anything about it now look what are we to do about it am I
saying that we should declare war now okay and newt the reason for that is
that they have an enormous amount of weaponry pointed
towards South Korea Japan theoretically the western United
States but the amount of people that they would
kill Seoul South Korea loan would measure in the hundreds of
thousands right so we I wanna stop it but we have to be smart
about but one thing we can death only do is pressure China that has
the most power here so it was a priority to us if we
actually meant never again what our leadership can do
is say to China hey you know what you want that radio look I kinda want to
trade deal but here’s a reality I’m not gonna do
that trade deal unless you take care the situation purse
unless you put all the pressure in the world and they can exert a tremendous amount
of pressure North Korea to stop the political prison camps the
concentration camps the torture if you don’t do it there’s
no deal are we gonna do that no because we value the trade deals too
much we value all our other deals with china too much we value the almighty dollar way too
much and if it means that there are some
concentration camps in the world well you know with or some slogans
around but we won’t really do anything about it now one final piece over information makes me even angry about this is the
contrast with how those people living in the prison camps and the leadership up north korea North
Korea continues allocating a significant amount of the Seas resources for the purchase and importation ok
luxury goods luxury goods are not going to the people
they’re going to the very very top leadership %uh the dictatorial government here are
some other things that they are importing high-quality cognac and whiskey
equipment for a thousand-person movie theater mercedes-benz vehicles high and musical
recording equipment and dozens a piano well the piano’s let’s play some great music while those
people suffer away in concentration camps now under his father they had done
luxury imported goods as well to the tune of $300 million a year you
know how much their spending on luxury goods now just
for leadership 645 point the million dollars in 2012
alone allow the people in those camps died you
know they died oh not to torture starvation because they
didn’t have enough food didn’t have enough food to people to
feed the people they were outside the camps alone inside the camps meanwhile the leadership was drinking
fine cognac in whiskey but it’s not a priority for us


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