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Sanskrit with music Now we hear from the religious scriptures, that Christ sacrificed for the sins of the human beings and then so also Buddha sacrificed himself to the enlightenment of the human beings. So also Krishna sacrificed Himself for the freedom of the human beings. The love of human beings…so All these incarnations who came sacrificed themselves for the good of the human race. but still we are not good. Why we are not good by their sacrifice? Even the sacrifice of the incarnations was in vain… that we are not good. Why you are not good? We must think that, whether we are really not good or we think we are not good and then follow the thought. We are really ignorant of ourselves, in a sense. So see the evolution that took place all the religious scriptures say that God created all those things And therefore, He’s all those things.. Whole Creation is God. So therefore when you create something out of nothing Because if the energy of the God is in everything, so God created all those things. That’s what you call the evolution. So God who is a being became a becoming process. In that becoming process, He created all these varieties. It may be for His amusement, you know, and we maybe just a seal on that vastness of God. We are seals on the vastness of God. And God is also a seal on the limit of the human beings. God is also a seal…you know. So there is a Buddhist saying that the formless… the form is the seal of the formless and formless is the seal of the form. See like that, God is the seal of the creation and creation is the seal of God. You know what a seal means? A stamp…right? God is a seal of…See we sealed in God and God is sealed in us. So, it is the question of evolution, you know, how this sacrifice took place. Now when…the last time we talked about compassion and in that I gave a lot of hints about the split in the unity Itself or the split of the integrated self because There is a thought of creation and the energy behind it and – it is so forceful That there had to be a split to create. so there was… the unity was split into two so that the creation can take place, because in creation what happens one energy has to flow to the other and then only the creation can take place, otherwise not. So from one split the energy can flow into the other split. And then the creation takes place. That inspires it. And that is considered to be the original sacrifice of God, Who created all those things. Because he sacrificed Himself, His calmness, His coolness and His equanimity and all these things He sacrificed to make us chaotic So anything that is created becomes chaotic. You must know that. Anything that is created becomes chaotic So this is the process of evolution… you come from no-thingness to things One thing and then multiplicity of things… so you come from no-thingness to thingness. So – that’s the process of evolution and then what happens when God created all those things out of clay or whatever the Indians say out of clay, Leela and the Christians say out of compassion for human beings, but creation itself may not be compassion, in that sense, but is a compassion that actually which was residing in the unity and when it split, it became two… then the compassion became little less in the created and remained the same in the Creator. See that’s what it is … rests in the Creator. And therefore we are not compassionate. Now this is the course of evolution. Evolution that took place from …You don’t know when it took place. We can say, how many numbers we can count? Some billions, right? Trillions, after that, what? After zero, zero. When you go to zeros… nothing else. Nothing else is there afterwards. so with imagination can go to certain extent. Our intelligence, intellect can work to a certain extent and beyond that nothing…See? We exist in our thought, in our imaginations to the extent of thought or imagination. Yeah, you can go further. That’s a transcendence, you know, you can go further, and further and further, till you find nothing, Till you lose yourself totally. That’s what it is. And when this evolution is not… it’s just not the just coming up, it’s also going in. See, it’s also involution… see when the energy flows, when it goes from one to the other it has to come back, it has to bounce back so it has to come back. So all this creation has to go back again in the process . It makes sense, right? It has to. Anything is the same thing? Now, see, now because when you say about water… about ice, about steam… Whatever the form they are… It’s all water as a matter of fact… right? It is H2O. Even ice is H2O. Right? Science has given us some nice clues. Ice is H2O, water is H2O. Even steam is H2O. Clouds carry H2O. And your saliva is H2O, without, except the germs. See so it’s all the same thing right? and suppose there is ice in the Himalayas? It snows very heavy there. Anywhere in the world, you know, you can see he snowing n the Himalayas.You can see mountains of … it becomes ice. And that mountain melts and becomes water. Then still, then it condenses and becomes snow, ice. Then it becomes water again. It goes on like that. You know. So there is a … now the spring comes so now the summer then there is the fall right, summer falls and gives rise to winter…right? after winter, what comes? Yeah, it springs. All those things, you know, they’re so interconnected. Right, now why I’m talking about sacrifice. Sacrifice is a quality actually gifted to the human beings because we are the.. Created in the image of God or in the essence of God. So we have the sacrificial quality. If everybody has that quality of sacrifice, you know, then the whole world will be very smooth and nice No, there is no richness or poverty.There is no shortage anywhere. So, everybody sacrifices for everything. Right… now, I’ll tell you a story. It’s a very beautiful story from Morocco See there was a hunter called Hilaho, and He was a great hunter. He used to share everything he brought home, to share with people. So he was very kind was to those people. He was very popular with the people and he would go to help others all the time he did that One day, he went for hunting, went in the… deep in the woods and Then he saw a white snake coiled Just…he thought I should not disturb the snake, it’s sleeping. I should know disturb the snake. So he tiptoed… But at that time a, an eagle, a stork actually swooped then took off this snake…and the snake cried, “please help me, help me, help me.” Then he took his arrow and shot the stork. It didn’t hit but the stork swerved and the snake fell down. Then he went away and took the snake and said, “Go home to your people. It’s very dangerous, this world is so dangerous with a lot of predators. Go home.” So this snake went home. And another time, when he was just going in the forest for hunting He saw the same.. that snake, but with many. Then that snake came and talked to him. you know, now… “You have saved my life. You are my Savior. You have saved my life. So my people want to welcome you for a banquet.” Supper. And the snake says, “My my parents are waiting there and I am a daughter of a Dragon King See, so they are waiting there, so please come. ” So he decided to go over there. He went with the snake. And a lot of snakes were there. So he went with them…the parents are waiting outside. The Dragon King, you know But the snake told him one thing, “You know, you don’t eat anything there. Don’t drink anything. And as a gift cause you have saved my life. You can ask one thing that my father has a precious stone in his mouth and you can ask for it and when he gives it to you, you’ll learn the language of birds and all animals. You will know what they think, you know what they say all those things you will know.” Of course, he said, “Yes, ok.” So he went in and they gave him some fruits, and he said, “No I don’t want to eat food because I am already full.” So they ate mangos and all those things for food, and they’re waiting for the cake. And then, the Dragon King said, ” I have got so much wealth here…all the diamonds, gemstones, these what I have… So..He showed all the 108 rooms full of stones and precious stones. So he went through all those things and he said, “you can pick up anything you want, ” the Dragon King said, “Because you have saved the life of my daughter. So you can pick up anything you want.” So he went through all those…He didn’t pick up anything. Then the Dragon King said, “I’m so embarrassed. You saved the life of my child. I’m grateful to you, so you have to take something.” He says, “I don’t want anything else from this… I want one thing if you give me the precious stone which you hold in your mouth.” The Dragon King thought a little bit , hesitated a bit, and spat the stone out. And he took it. And they all expressed their gratitude and he went out Then he could really understand what the birds think, what the animals think. So in hunting it was very useful to him, you know…What they think, whether they’re afraid, all those things and one day, He was… he saw some birds talking to each other “See there’s going to be a great eruption from this mountain and everything is going to be deluged.” A deluge…everything will be drowned. But one thing that snake had told him, that Dragon King, “You cannot tell what you hear from the birds, whatever it is, whatever you know you cannot tell to anybody.” “As soon as you tell, you’ll become a stone. Turn into a stone.” Okay, so Then he heard this from the birds and then what they should do… all these people there…so he should caution them there is going to be this . they should leave this place and go…somewhere , and he came . home and he was very hesitating to tell them to leave, “If I tell this, I’ll be turned to stone . If I don’t tell, all those people will die.” So He ultimately called them and said, “you know, I’m telling you one thing You must all leave this place and go because there is going to be some dangerous frightful thing. ” And they said, “That is foolish. There is no sign of anything. It is foolish to say.” But he’d never told a lie to them. So they said, “Believe him or he has become mad or gone insane, we don’t know, but there’s no sign of anything. So why should we give up our homes and everything and go somewhere?” “And how do you know that?” Yeah, then he said, “because if I don’t tell (how), you’ll not believe.” So then he ultimately told them how he’d heard this… all the whole story, he told them how he got the precious stone It enabled him to know the the language of all the animals and everything. and how the birds were talking about it that they would take flight with the eruption of this mountain…and they had to leave that place. and as soon as… he started slowly becoming a stone,then he became a stone. then actually that happened, the flood and everything…and everything was wiped out but those people who went on the mountain were saved and so then they thought this man sacrificed for us for the good of all of us. So he thought if I alone can live in this world, and allow all these people to die, that’s not right so he sacrificed himself for the good of these people, so these people don’t die. and they say still that’s a sacrifice . I’m telling what a sacrifice is. So these are all stories, but you know but they.. I mean these are all kind of mythological stories but all these stories carry some meanings, you know. How It’s not a sacrifice maybe you not take a sword and cut off your head or take a gun and shoot yourself, that’s all suicide that’s not sacrifice …you see, so, sacrifice is something that you do for the good of the mass Then what happens to that sacrifice when you sacrifice? So still they say in Morocco, still those people they that Hilahoo, that stone is still there on the mountain It’s called the Hilahoo stone, still there on the mountain. a human figure…And then sometimes he appears before the people and gives them some instruction. Still he does And is true Whether that story is true or not , that’s a different thing but… It’s a mythological story, you know that still that statue is there. Today…People go and celebrate the sacrifice of this person All over the world people go like that, sacrifice, Celebrate the sacrifice of a human being for the human race. Now now see if this human being can sacrifice for these human beings, how much God has sacrificed for the creation? His entirety, He has sacrificed.His totality So we are the part and parcel of that totality. , right? So then we have the greatest instinctual intuition which will at times force us to sacrifice ,whether you like it or not. But since that sacrifice is unwilling you don’t get the fruit of it.You don’t get the result, good out of it. And that’s called the bad karma. See that’s what it is. Now,every parent sacrifices for the children, children sacrifice for the parents It’s all mutual, It goes…should be mutual So in…when there is mutuality…then, there is no friction over this, as such. But in the world that is not there. Right? Right? Integral-ality… it is not there. So we have somehow gone away from all those things and we suffer because of that. Right? I’ll tell you another story. Today I’ll tell stories. A grandpa should tell stories, right? So this was an Indian story.There was a king who was considered to be very kind, very charitable. He would give anything if someone would ask of him, really. Your need he’d fulfill. And one day God wanted to test him.So God takes the shape of an eagle and He was after a dove or a pigeon. This pigeon flies into that kingdom and just dropped on the lap of this king. “He says why you are here?” So…”No, I don’t want anything from you. But this eagle is after me… come all the way after me. ” So it took refuge.How could he refuse? And the king said, “Ok I will protect you.” And he gave a promise, “I’ll protect you.” “I will give all my kingdom and all those things. But I will protect you. ” “I can lose everything, but I will protect you.” So he undertook to protect that…the bird which people eat without kindness or any kind of compassion. Right? So for the sake of that one bird, he was willing to give up everything because it had taken refuge in him. So his duty is to protect that. Then this Eagle comes…swooping. and says, ” I want that bird, It’s my prey.” “That’s my bird, you see.” “My prey, I want that bird. Give it to me.” He said, “No, I have just promised the bird I will protect the bird. You can take anything you want…anything you want.” “The whole kingdom, but I can’t give this bird.” It’s a service.That’s what God does. He serves. He can’t give up anything….So there was… a dialogue takes place between this eagle and the king. You know. Ultimately…He says, .”You know, I’m willing to give you everything except that bird.” “It’s under my protection.” And the Eagle says, “That’s my prey. That’s my food. You are depriving me of my food.” “So you take anything you want to eat. Eat anything you want.” “You can eat a goat. You can eat anything you want, you know, but not that bird.” Well, ultimately that eagle says, “okay, give me the flesh of your thigh where the bird is sitting and the weight of that bird” so much flesh…The weight of that bird. So he said, “Ok I will give that.” So he took this knife, and they brought the weighing machine, you know, so They put the bird on one side. Then he cut off … the bird was so much so how much he’ll weigh? So he cut off a piece of his thigh, his flesh from his thigh. and put on other side. “It will not weigh …that is not sufficient.” He cut off another piece and put. That didn’t. The whole thigh he put on that. It didn’t. So ultimately, you know, he himself said, “Eat me the whole thing.” Whole me.” “Just eat me.” So he was in the basket. Then the eagle says, “I wanted to test you. How much sacrifice you would do.” Of course, his thigh was restored and everything. That’s a different thing. But that sacrifice has…see the intensity of sacrifice. It’s so intense. Right? And how…suppose you sacrifice? See why I’m telling you this story: We are afraid of sacrificing. If you really sacrifice, you will not be harmed. You’ll not be harmed. You will be restored… to your totality. Right? So that’s the, that’s the beauty of sacrifice. Right? So it suffices, this much is suffice today. Sacrifice. This much suffices. Right? There are so many things, you know, In mythology, there are so many things, which will really give a kind of clue to the human nature, a clue to the essential nature of the human being. Yeah, right? We told last time in the retreat, last week. A story of the Hopis. The holy Hopis. So these are the things we must not be afraid of… so the one who has no fear succeeds always, in all circumstances It may appear as though some calamity has fallen and that’s the end. No, that’s the beginning of a glorious life Nice? Every sacrifice really, sincerely made, without having any kind of the reservation, inspires, brings a glorious moment in life. So as the poet says, “One crowded hour of glorious life is worth an age without a name.” So you must all aspire for one crowded hour of glorious life. Not 100 years of inglorious life. That’s what the duty of the parent, the duty of the children , duty of the society, duty of the ruler, everybody’s … it’s the duty of everyone. That’s called honesty and sincerity. You become so simple and humble, when you sacrifice. A…why a fruit should fall from a tree? Of course, you can say scientifically the gravitational force is it. But unless it becomes ripe, even the gravitational force cannot pull it And when it’s ripe, it falls to the ground, for someone to use it. Otherwise, it thinks my life in vain being a fruit that nobody eats. Even the worms can eat. Somebody should eat it, right? That’s it, that’s the sacrifice of the fruit. It is bound for that to be eaten. Everything, the grains…Anything you take is a sacrifice. Earth sacrifices a lot of things for our own good. and we pollute it. Everything sacrifices because everything sacrifices for the sacrificer, and we have come out of that sacrifice. Why we have the fear of sacrificing? It’s not…see people have this kind of wrong notion about sacrifice means giving one’s life to it. That’s not it. Sacrifice is finished. Sacrificial goat, they say, right? No that is not it. that’s forcible killing of something.That’s not it. Sacrifice is willingness. It’s total willingness on the part of the sacrificer. And that is a glorious moment in life. Nothing else is so glorious as that…Right Richard? You get credit toward… Now it’s a kind of sacrifice… all you people come here . It’s a kind of sacrifice. Right Ananda? Now she came and cut all the onions and why should she do that? that kind of sacrifice… So there’s one turn of goodness…These many. Sometimes they say women have a lot of compassion than men, you see, and that’s true also.Why this one is ? It is a kind of genetic thing women have more compassion than men because they have a peculiar gene is called specialized social gene. That’s true. It’s scientific. A very recent study shows there is a gene in women especially that is more… They can be more compassionate more loving and more giving. And they have found that gene It is only found in women, and not in men. There is a lot of mistake, you know, misunderstanding this. It’s out of ego, you know, they work…the reference point is ego. That’s the human beings. And in sacrifice there is no ego So that’s actually…love is the, you know, quantum reference. Now here, ego is the quantum reference. Ego has no compassion at all. has no compassion. It has passion, but no compassion. Ego has lust. That’s not it. It doesn’t mean it is totally devoid of it. It has a little bit, you know. A little bit, a tiny bit. But therefore you have to develop this other side, not to kill the ego but to glorify it in…you know, in sacrifice, In love, glorify the ego in…it will become alright. You cannot kill it, you cannot destroy it . And if you destroy it, you cannot survive. You must know that’s there also. You cannot survive ego, if you destroy the ego. But you have to glorify it (In death) The body didn’t survive, but something else survives. You survive.You survive the body. See now what happens. It’s not the knowing. Even they (saints) did not know who they were. Only that sacrifice brought them face to face with the knowing process and knowing is spirituality. You must know that, knowing is spirituality. Unless you… see, you become a knowing entity, you cannot be spiritual. See, that’s another thing. So that’s the two stories I told you, right. What two stories? (And it sounds like it’s the willingness to sacrifice it begins but the involution.) Right. Involution is a sacrifice. Evolution is…They both. They both go together. What evolves is…must involve also. At the same time, they go together. In the evolution, there is involution. Has to go like that. The ebb and flow of the ocean. We can’t help it. Cannot help… So we try to help ourselves by restricting ourselves, you see, to not do it.We try to.. Fall back…withdraw…From all those things so that means we’re withdrawing from life itself. Every moment we are withdrawing from life… from life itself. Then we have so many ceremonies we do for that… to appease God and pray and all those things we do The process of withdrawing, we try to pray, and all those things, you know…, You’re withdrawing from that very thing you are praying for See, always, are you fearing. Withdrawal is always a fearing…You withdraw because of fear because you have got of something. That’s the fear of death… yeah, that losing all those things…that’s the fear, losing Lose this…If I intend to sacrifice, I’ll lose my life. That’s what that meaning means, sacrifice means “losing one’s life.” That’s not it…And the… in losing what you call in losing this body you become eternal, you must know that. Because something survives the body… That’s you, yeah. Sunyata has no name and form. See? So, that which you call yourself for much.. It doesn’t know but there’s a sacrifice goes always It doesn’t know it sacrifices. See now, everything sacrifices for something else. Now all these fruits come and then, see, but it gives rise to something else, by some other seed Sacrifice actually is a continuation.Sacrifice is not a death, but a life. So that’s what eternal life means. So we don’t… actually we don’t sacrifice in death , we always sacrifice in life. In death, what you do, we think that it is all end of everything. You know… That’s not it…There is no end. That’s what I did tell you last time. There was a beautiful thing that the sun says: When…When the beginning, “when the beginning is complete, when the middle is reached.” You know, it’s a beautiful thing. If you think about it, you will know the whole system: “when the beginning is complete, when the middle is reached…” You know how beautiful it is. So, it shows that the beginning can never be complete. So there is no end to the beginning. When I say she has the seal of God. And you are the seal of God. How you are mortal, tell me? We should think. That’s how the way of thinking. Our way of thinking is faulty. You think. Tell me who thinks? Thought thinks? Thought thinks? What is a thought? That’s a stroke. Thought is not a stroke. If thought is a stroke, nobody will survive. Thought is what you think you are. Beyond thought, you are immortal. You are not what you think are. You are what you don’t think. Thoughts come from memories. So memories are projected in thought. No it’s not stopping it but putting it in the right place. What you use the thought. Use the thought. Don’t allow yourself to be used by the thought. Use the thought. Right? using the thought is not a control. It’s an order. Used by the thought is a control , and not an order. It’s a disorder. Hercules… Hercules… He walks on the earth, it trembles…When Hercules walks on the earth, it trembles.. (continues singing in Sanskrit) Thank you all…Whenever you sing, when you are graceful you sing and you’ll all be grateful, right? Gracefully grateful…

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