Congressman Believes Muslim Brotherhood is in White House

louis zilmer of course a known as the
dumbest manning congress uh… out dozens of nearly every week we
have this graphic about gomer and his pilot property pop piles on and we keep going back to earth because
every week is a summing dahmer so now he’s a big outrageous comments about the muslim brotherhood and uh… brocco obama and for the international as well so
what sort of because i guess say you know with our
attorney general adid spent more time to appropriate trying to help carer stating
irrelevant elected first impulse was lifted in to
stop talking history if it’s not bad enough bungalow uh… during this gap picked up
in his brother picked up in question peter four they
blew up people in boston there now to get him to shut up libya’s invaluable
information potentially is chess really egregious one after and another we’ve
had incidents where this efficient ministration is shown incompetent so it
seems to be a real player when you think you read this rock-bottom lulu dormer he finds a way to go out negative eleven the attorney general of and i got them million pounds of the traditional he doesn’t prosecute the banks he’s a
sell-out to the all the core bridge as a setter right but he was a health terrorists that’s why they told the nineteen-year-old from boston to the
bombing to chop because they want to help them can you leave them really lonely usually
that accidentally slowly that i know your incredibly dom faced tough getting that titled on this man in congress as having competition that but you can’t be that crazy i mean i guess is trying to blunt but i’ll tell you this substance that
he’s not just people that he is really this prophetically stupid these days all day of course it
originally had a sense organ with terrorist to make sure they can alright is not done yet apparently we
don’t know about the worldwide conspiracy he’s hinted at this before
but other muslim brotherhood is deeply bird in the white house it is very clear to everybody but they
should ministration the radical islam is a war again because and i’m hoping to do this administration
will wake up or a new and more coming in at the next election before irreparable
damage is done because radical is from is at war with us but this
administration has so many muslim brotherhood members uh… that that
havoc influence that uh… the just over making wrong decisions for america the
president is refused to do its job in securing the border he’s holding a of
the aspect of him doing its job angie carrying the border aged obligation is a
out to prove hill but he is holding off on adequately securing the border until
we can get what you want basically holding uh… doing his job but they
have managed until he gets what he wants the right thing to do with beta site mr
president unarmed do enough dead americans from people who’ve been
aladdin wrongly now look that’s where he got dangerous so he has this insanity about how the
muslim brotherhood is inside the white house behavioral letter about those michelle
bachman signed onto a two an add their conclusion with the white that’s just it’s beyond words how crazy that its
rate so he puts out out there are were used to that benny turns around and says how many people or dead because you lead in the wrong people issue is doing they’re he’s egging
people on only were dying his old mama is in lead with league with radical
islam in the muslim brotherhood mississippi and take a break and then
something about it how many people at the diets and not for
any why doesn’t somebody do something about
it that’s a little more goes from being an idiot goes to it’d be actually dangerous
because there are people out there in the country just as dumb as louis gomer and then i wanna act upon what he said and the constant radical islam radical
islam yes there is a fundamentalist islam source of water for the most
christianity net lugo work believes in and fundamentalism is a real problem but
they want to say no it’s not we will you know war without a billion people
sources for all of this slump but it’s ok recall that radical islam none of the leading radical is how
stupid and dangerous you or

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