Confidence in Your Faith

It seems like it’s become open season on Christian values these days. This big shift has happened in our culture where people are celebrated for living against God’s word. They’re celebrated as being
brave and true to themself. But when you, when you live for God, when you say to someone,
“I value what God values,” then suddenly you can be targeted. You can be ridiculed and mocked, and awful, awful things
can be said about you. Man, it’s becoming really difficult to be proud and positive as a Christian on school campuses, in
workplace environments, even in our own families
and extended families. Huge fights can end up happening. There’s something that
I’ve seen and witnessed in my time of just kind
of living and being inside the world. And it has to go back to this
idea of moral relativism. Whatever your morals and values are, they’re relative to you. And someone else’s truth is their truth, and your truth is your truth. And we kind of co-exist, but sometimes we collide against each other. How do you, how do you live your faith in a bold, strong way in this environment? Well one of the big things to do is just to be confident, to have conviction. There’s value in having conviction of your faith life in Jesus. Now, I worked in a restaurant for about 12 years. Actually, a bunch of
different restaurants. I can’t count the number of glasses that I filled over that time. In fact, I got really good
at a pretty useless skill. This just shows how many glasses of water I filled up over the years. And as I did that. As I worked among, I think
over 1,000 different people, there’s something that I noticed. I noticed that when a person came in, and was a believer and had conviction, had confidence in their faith, they were respected. They were kind of left alone. They weren’t really attacked. But when someone came into the
environment that I worked in and the majority of people
there weren’t Christian, and if that Christian was wishy washy in their faith, they got attacked. People went after them. There was this unofficial game that ended up happening, where the non-Christians had this contest to see which of them could
get the wishy washy Christian drunk first, which one of the non-Christians could the wishy washy Christian to do something sexually inappropriate. And they got attacked. And they went after them. So how do you live your
faith in a bold way and be safe? Again, it boils down to living your faith with conviction, with this confidence. What does that mean? What does it mean to be a person of faith who has conviction? It does not mean that you have to have the
entire Bible figured out. To be a Christian of conviction does not mean that you have
to know all 12 tribes of Israel. You don’t have to correctly spell all 12 of the disciples’ names. You don’t have to know
the 10 Commandments in revers order. You don’t have to do that. To be a Christian of
conviction and confidence, you simply have to be
confident that Jesus loves you. And that you know that. That you love that, and that you love Him. That is a person of conviction. And in the culture that we live in, when you have that confidence, so often you are left alone. And those people in my work environment who had that confidence,
who were not ashamed to share that they love Jesus, were left alone, and for
the most part, respected. Paul wrote something about this. Paul gave encouragements
to the people in Rome. These newer Christians that were there, and he encouraged them to
not be ashamed of the Gospel, and he said why. He said, it is the power of God that brings salvation to
everyone who believes. God’s power is in His Gospel. And this incredible power that’s there blasts away a lifetime of sin and shame. In fact, this word here,
translated as power is where we get our
English word dynamite from. And that’s what God does. God blows away a lifetime of sin. He blasts away every wrong
that you’ve ever done. And so you can have this incredible peace. This amazing confidence to live your faith boldly, with conviction, simply knowing that Christ loves you. When you live that way, so often you’re respected. So often your truth becomes your truth and people leave you alone, and you can have that joy. Growing joy in the power of how
much God loves you. When you live your life
with moral conviction, people notice, and maybe you noticed. Maybe there was someone in your life that you saw them living
just boldly and beautifully their faith, and it drew you
to learn more about Jesus. Can you share that? Can you share in the comments below how someone else living their faith encouraged you in your walk of faith? Celebrate what they did and how God worked through them to give you encouragement. Leave that below and
I’ll see you tomorrow. Have a great day.


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