Competitive Eater DESTROYS Regular People | People vs. Food

– (FBE) Go.
– What the heck? You have a spoon. – I went in
and I looked over and you were done. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – Hi, my name is Mary Bowers.
I’m a world ranked competitive eater
and I am here go undercover to challenge some
unsuspecting eaters to a little bit of an
eating contest. I am wearing cupcake couture.
My very first contest, I went in, I was the only
female in the entire field and so it was enough
to get the attention of Major League Eating
and six months later, it was a career. – (FBE) So, with the international
Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Competition just around the corner,
we decided to test you on your competitive eating skills.
– Oh man. – Ooh.
– Do you like to eat? – I love to eat,
but I don’t know about this. – It depends what food.
If we’re chucking down some hot dogs,
I might throw up. – (FBE) First, we’re gonna
show you a video of a food being eaten
super fast by a professional eater.
– My gosh. – (FBE) Then we’re gonna
bring out that food and when I say go,
you’re gonna try and finish it as quickly as you can.
– I’m up for it if you are. – I am. – This has been a dream
of mine since I was probably seven, so to actually do this now,
it’s kinda scary. – I feel like we can do it.
– Are we eating against each other?
– Yeah, is it a versus type thing? Okay, let’s go.
I went up against Matt Stonie last year,
so I’m really excited to do this. He gave me a few pointers,
but I don’t think it’s gonna help at all. – (FBE) Now, are you guys
ready to see if you have what it takes to be
a professional eater? – Let’s do it.
– Let’s do this. – I’m excited. – (FBE) This first clip
is from professional eater YouTuber, Matt Stonie.
– Hey, I know it’s my boy. – (FBE) Here, Stonie is
attempting a 125 cupcake challenge.
Are you ready? – Yes. – Oh man.
– Five seconds. – What?
He just put– – How big are those cupcakes?
– I know. – That’s how I am
on the weekends. I love cupcakes. – Did he decorate
all those himself? – If he did, I’m gonna be
very upset. – Seven cupcakes.
No, ten cupcakes in less than–
that was 20 seconds. – He just pops them
like little M&M’s. – (FBE) Here are some cupcakes
for you to try. – I love cupcakes.
– Yay. – (FBE) Now, we’re not
gonna make you eat 125 cupcakes, but you will
have to eat this cupcake as quickly as you can.
Whoever finishes their cupcake first wins.
– I have a big mouth, so I feel like I could
fit it in one bite. – (FBE) All right, let’s see
how you do in three, two, one, go. – Oh God.
Oh. Wait, what? – (FBE) Go. – I think I have–
yep. – (FBE) Go. Go. Mary had a little
edge on you there. – A little bit.
– (FBE) She was a little faster. – Oh my God.
Oh, jeez. – (FBE) That was impressive,
you guys. Mary, what the hell?
That was very fast. – Nice to meet you.
I’m Dionte. – I would shake your hand,
but it’s covered in frosting.
You wanna shake my hand? – I’m just–
I kinda got distracted by how good the frosting was
if I’m being completely and totally honest.
I was like, wow. – I think it’s buttercream.
– It was so good. – Really good.
– So good. – It’s the chewing.
– Oh, you chewed yours? – Yeah.
– Oh no, I didn’t chew mine. No, I didn’t–
no. – I did three large pieces.
– That went down whole. – (FBE) You had a method there.
You dipped it into your liquid.
– Yeah, there was a procedure, so I was dipping the cupcake
in the iced tea because I feel like it
helped to slide it down faster. – That was so badass.
– Thanks. – I went in and I looked over
and you were done. – (FBE) So this next clip
we’ve got is from the Nathan’s Hot Dog
Eating Contest. – Oh.
– (FBE) You knew that was coming. – Oh yeah, hot dog. – (FBE) This features professional
eater Joey Chestnut, who currently holds
the world record for most hot dogs eaten in ten minutes
with a whopping 74 wieners. – That’s a lot of wieners. – (announcer) Joey Chestnut.
– Oh my gosh. He’s in pain doing this.
– I don’t know. Is that pain or is that
just concentration? It might be focus.
– Yeah. – I feel like he’s just like…
and then it’s gone. – He’s just shredding them. – He’s like when you eat
carrots and you just… as a kid, I used to do that.
– Oh yeah, I had a hamster who did that.
– Cute. – I have to mentally
prepare myself for this. This is a lot. – It looked like SpongeBob
where Patrick just… and inhales all the
krabby patties. – Yeah, it does. – (FBE) Here we have
two hot dogs. – Hamburgers.
– Is it a sandwich? – No, don’t even start
this debate right now. – (FBE) This is a Nathan’s
famous hot dog exactly like the ones
served in the video. Do you have a strategy
going in or are you just gonna go for this?
– I feel like focus is the key. – See, I feel like I always
see them dip it in [bleep] on every competition
and that just grosses me out. I don’t think I could make it
if I dip it. – I took a major L first round,
but I’m confident in myself, so that should help me
by two seconds. – I’m confident in you, too.
– Thank you. – You’re welcome. – (FBE) Three, two, one.
Go. – [inaudible] – No way. – Ew.
This is gross. – (FBE) Okay, Mary.
– I think it’s a tie. – You have half a hot dog
and a full bun. – I think it’s a tie. – (FBE) That looks like Mary
once again. – That was like
a magician trick. It was there one second
and then it wasn’t the next. – I didn’t even see that,
but did you– you got the wiener first.
– Yeah. – You got the dog.
– Yeah. – And then you did the bun.
– Yeah, I feel like sometimes you have to divide and conquer.
– I have a feeling that you’ve done this before.
– (FBE) Jordan, that is correct. Mary is actually Mary Bowers,
a professional eater. – Yeah, I knew it.
I knew it. I knew there was something off. – I could tell after the cupcake.
I was like, something’s up. No one dumps a cupcake
in iced tea, right? She went, smash, bam.
I was like, “What the [bleep]?” – (FBE) She’s a world ranked
competitive eater. She’s known for dressing up
like the foods she eats. – I know who you are.
– (FBE) Just like Matt Stonie– – I know who she is.
The second you said her last name, I’m like,
holy [bleep]. – (FBE) She’s known not only
for her incredible food consumption skills
but also for the stunning costumes she creates herself.
– I love that so much. I love that you just add
your own pizzazz to your talent. Your costume’s on deck. – (FBE) We got one more
food for you guys to try, but first, our foodie
fashionista is off to show you one of her
incredible costumes. – No way.
You’re gonna show me? Okay, I’m ready. – (FBE) We are gonna bring her
out in her beautiful new ensemble.
Let’s see what she looks like. – I’m ready.
– Ta-da. – Oh my God, you’re like
a cupcake Swan Lake. Oh my God.
– A Disney princess. – You are a Disney princess,
but better. – Oh my God,
you’re ice cream. It is so cute. – The shoes, the shoes. – That’s so awesome.
So you made everything yourself? – I did.
– That’s insane. – I want one.
I want one. – You wanna wear it?
– Can I? – You can wear it. – Oh my God.
– It looks so pretty. – (FBE) You’re in the perfect
costume, ’cause now that you’re dressed as ice cream…
– Uh oh. – (FBE) What do you think
the final food’s gonna be, you guys? – Ice cream. – (FBE) Here is a bowl
of vanilla ice cream with strawberry syrup.
– Strawberry. – (FBE) Mary, can you please
give us some professional eating tips?
– Okay, so you see the ice cream, right?
– Yes. – Do you feel the ice cream?
– I do. – Fear, admiration, a lot of things.
– Channel it all into this bowl of ice cream.
– Okay. – Yeah, eat from the heart,
my friend. If you do start getting
ice cream headache, put your tongue on
the roof of your mouth. – I’ve heard that one.
– It helps a lot. – I think I’m ready for this.
I feel like I’m gonna be best at this one
rather than the hot dog. – Okay.
– (FBE) Remember, this is still a food competition.
Jordan might surprise you now that you got
all those tips. Let’s see what goes on.
Are you ready? – Ready.
– (FBE) To start eating? – Yes.
– (FBE) In three, two, one. Go. – She’s going with her hands.
– It’s so cold. – (FBE) Okay, how was that?
– My hands are freezing. – (FBE) Two, one, go. – I was so close. – (FBE) Go.
– What the heck? Dude, you have a spoon.
You didn’t even use the spoon. You don’t even use it.
I’m out of this. This is some BS.
Now I’m just enjoying this. – (FBE) Go. – Did I win?
– What? There’s some.
– I won. – (FBE) Oh my gosh, Jordan.
You literally beat the champ. – I did.
– Awesome. – I feel so proud.
– I feel like I might go home and cry and then
comfort myself with a bowl of ice cream.
– Well the only reason I won was because you taught me.
– Aw. – So be happy. – (FBE) What do you think, Mary?
Does Tom have what it takes to be a professional eater?
– Maybe in terms of style. I gotta give it to you
on style. – Okay, I’ll take it.
I’ll take style points. – You know, I feel like
I’m gonna leave it to the professionals on this one,
but it was a good time. – I’m so sticky everywhere. – You did amazing
and you look amazing. – Thank you. – I’m not worthy.
I’m not worthy. Honestly, I just admire
what you do. People just look at it
as just, “Oh, it’s just people eating food really fast”
but there’s a skill and the beauty to it
and you make it look so effortless and just intriguing.
Thank you for that. – Thank you.
Thank you for eating with me today. – Thank you for letting me
eat with you. Peak on my list right now. – Thanks for watching us compete
against a professional eater on the React Channel. – What food could we eat
fast next? Let us know in the comments. – Bye. – Thanks for watching me
trick a whole bunch of reactors here today.
Don’t forget to follow me on social media @EatBeMary
and remember to tune in for the Nathan’s famous
hot dog eating championship on the fourth of July.


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