Compassion Over Competition

“They said to Moses, ‘Was it
because there were no graves in “Egypt that you brought us to
the desert to die? What have “you done to us by
bringing us out of Egypt? “Didn’t we say to you in
Egypt, leave us alone, “let us serve the Egyptians? “It would have been better
for “us to serve the Egyptians “than to die in the desert!’ “And Moses answered the
people, ‘You ungrateful…'” Just kidding, he didn’t, but
he could have, because actually Moses wasn’t one of the
enslaved Israelites. He went and advocated on their behalf. He wasn’t one of the marginalized people. He grew up in Pharaoh’s
house, but he went and helped the Israelites because they
were slaves and he wanted to help them get out of Egypt. And so then, this happens,
and they’re all furious. “What did you do?” to Moses? They all look at Moses,
like hundreds of people, but Moses, I love how he responds. He has the right to be right. He has the right to rebuke
them and engage with them, but instead he chooses compassion. Henri Nouwen talks about
compassion over competition. By competition you just
engage with someone and you wanna win, and
you know you’re right. And compassion is that you
know that sometimes the issue isn’t actually the issue, so you respond to the person’s heart. So Moses ignores all these
awful things that they said, all these untrue things,
and this what he answers. Moses answered the people. “Don’t be afraid. “Stand firm and you will see the “deliverance the Lord
will bring you today. “The Egyptians you see today
you will never see again. “The Lord will fight for you; “you need only to be still.”

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