Compassion Is Not Withdrawal From Life

I welcome all of you with My love and respects.
Nice to see you guys after long time. The live satsang! Nithya Satsang never stops,
please understand; Nithya Satsang never stops. It only starts, never stops. Whoever is in the space of listening, I am constantly talking to them; I am constantly delivering my Nithya Satsang, please understand. If you are not in the space of listening, Nithya Satsang never happens; if you are in the space of listening, constantly
I am talking to you. I can miss you, but you can’t miss Me. I can say I am always with
you, you can’t say you are always with Me. So understand, Nithya Satsang goes on eternally,
goes on eternally, goes on eternally. Who is educated, I wanted to explain this
concept. If your inner space is capable enough to complete with all the blind spots you need
to handle in that field, you are educated. For example, doctor. What all the blind spots,
if an ordinary man tries to become a doctor, he will not know where to cut, where to stitch,
where to put the medicine; he will have too many blind spots. If you are able to handle
all those blind spots properly, you are a doctor. Same way, an engineer. An ordinary
man tries to build a building, he will know a few things-
it should have pillar, roof. But he will have
a lot of blind spots; what should be the size of the pillar, foundation, roof… but if
you are able to handle all of those blind spots, you are educated engineer, that’s
all. Understand, education means ability to handle
the blind spots. Same way, if you are able to handle all the
blind spots in your body, mind and consciousness, you are spiritually educated, that’s all.
If you are able to handle all the blind spots of your body, mind and spirit, you are spiritually
educated. Nithya Satsangs are to make you spiritually educated. Once you are spiritually
educated, whatever you speak itself is Nithya Satsang! Once you are spiritually educated,
even your casual conversations in your office, house, even your gossip, will become Satsang,
because, even there you will have the Right Context. Understand, you will have the right
context. You will have the right context. Nithya Satsang never stops for Spiritually
Educated, because, whatever you speak will be satsang. Of course, physically to see Swamiji
every day, even online, live, something different, I know. But once in a while if I give few
days miss, only then people don’t take it for granted. Anyhow, if it’s available every
day, good; few days break, good; because we can always enjoy when it starts again. Just
for the joy of starting it again, we can have few days break. I’ll expand on some of the important principles
of Advaitha. I have toooo many to expand now, because all these days, whatever I have churned
out I will have to go on sharing. I have too many extraordinary Advaithic principles to
share! First, maybe in a way I can say, foremost
principle I wanted to share today: ability to constantly educate yourself through life,
please listen. Ability to constantly educate yourself through life, means, having listening
to life. I am not saying having a weak, powerless way of thinking everybody teaches you, listen.
And submissively trying to have everyone�s words as lesson, no, listen. Two biggest mistake
advaithists do, seekers do, one: trying to be surrendering to everybody which is not
right because many people are in powerless space; when you try to surrender to their
powerlessness, they put all the powerless ideas into your head, no. Second, your fear
to face the conflicts, contradictions, you move out of life, step back from life, you
call that as compassion and goody-goodieness, no. This so-called politeness, goody-goodieness
which is titled as compassion like bunch of criminals in Tamil Nadu to hide their crime,
they use the mask of atheism which is a crime done to society by destroying the possibility
to human beings. Now, during my travel in Tamil Nadu I saw some third-rate stone throws
by one Swami Parihar (may be a different name;) this fool goes on telling, and some stupid
fellows go on writing, anyone who claims they have something extraordinary powers than human
being, they are cheats. What stupid fellows! Each human being itself is extraordinary!
Understand? Everything I am making it happen here, proving, is I am making all of you experience
your extraordinary dimension in multiple ways! Whether it is two day program, Nithya Dhyan
Yoga, or Nithya Kriya Yoga, or Inner Awakening, whatever may be the program, all I am doing
to you is making you experience your extraordinariness. I am opening the doors of possibility for
you! These fools are shutting the doors of possibility for whole humanity. If no man
has extraordinary powers, then why this fool’s statue should be shown everywhere? Understand, teaching human beings that you
don’t have any other possibilities, extraordinary possibilities, is killing his soul, his consciousness,
reducing him to just animal which sleeps and eats. These atheistic movements want this
only: eat, have a little entertainment, sleep and die. Be like an animal so that they can
be leaders! It is a conspiracy against humanity! Conscious conspiracy against humanity is atheism!
Understand, life starts the moment you believe extraordinary possibilities. Life starts the
moment you believe extraordinary possibilities! Life starts when you start experiencing extraordinary
possibilities. Starting. Life starting itself happens only when you believe extraordinary
possibilities. And, only when you start expressing them, life happens to you. Few blind fellows
should not convince the whole world no-one can see; seeing is impossible. It should not
happen to humanity. Few stupid fellows should not convince the whole world all of you are
stupid! It should not happen, it is too dangerous, it is a conscious conspiracy against humanity. Listen. Fear of facing the conflicts and fear
of facing the possibilities is one and the same. Fear of facing the conflicts and fear
of facing the possibilities. I was doing psychoanalysis of some of these well known atheists, because
it seems in other fields they are very intelligent, then why are they so stupid with their body
and mind and spirit and consciousness, which is such an amazing possibility? See if you
are intelligent making wealth, or political or social success, you should be intelligent
enough to tap into your own powers, after all, tapping into your conscious energy is
a power, why would you be so stupid not tapping into those powers? I found two things: one,
some of them are very cunning criminals; they do whatever needs to be done very secretively,
they tap into those powers, but to the whole world, they do not want that; they deny the
possibility to the world. There is another one group: accidentally achieved wealth and
social political powers, inherited not created, so they are dumbos by nature, they have not
explored the possibilities of their consciousness. Only these two group become atheist. And I
have also seen in both group, tremendous fear to explore their possibility. Even those who
have tapped in to one or two powers feel it is difficult to do and impossible for others.
I tell you, the man who tells you you can’t have anything extraordinary is a criminal!
He is denying your possibility! The man who tells only he can have powers, not you, is
cunning. The man who tells you He has experienced it, you can have it, He is enlightened being!
The man who tells He has extraordinary powers and He has seen extraordinary possibilities
and you can see it and experience it is enlightened being; the man who gives those possibilities
is an incarnation! Understand. Let Me come back to these two
major mistakes all seekers do: One, because of fear of facing the conflicts,
due to the fear of facing the life, due to fear of facing contradictions, with drawing
in the name of compassion, withdrawal being named as compassion, no. That is too stupid!
Withdrawal should not be named as compassion. Withdrawing should not be named as compassion! Second, don’t surrender to powerlessness
of others! There is a beautiful story. In Ramakrishna’s life. Guru teaches the disciple
everything is God, but before completes the lesson, gives a break. It is not uet complete,
being taught. This disciple who learned everything is God in half way walks in the street, and
sees a mad elephant and a mahut who is trying to control the elephant. The mahut is screaming,
Run away! Run away! The elephant is mad! The half-learned disciple who thought everything
is God in half way just stood in front of the elephant, the elephant just trampled him;
he was completely shattered. After some time other disciples and guru came to know about
this, so they brought the disciple and treated him. The guru asked the disciple why he didn’t
run away; disciple said You only said everything is God, so the elephant is God, so I stood there to test.
The master said, Yes, but the mahut was also God, telling you to run away and save
yourself! If you surrender to the powerlessness of the elephant what will happen? Just going
crazy and breaking everything is not cute! Going crazy and breaking everything does not
prove your power! Being under control and creating only proves your power! Sometimes
you think, If I get angry, what will I do? Demolish everything! Then you are stupid,
why will you put camera in your toilet and show to the whole world? Is it right? See,
see, see what I do? See this camera, see the close-up? No! That is not pride, that is stupid!
Same way, trying to brag what you will do when you are angry is stupid, that is powerlessness.
Understand, the elephant itself is stupid. It’s powerless at that time. Surrendering
to powerlessness will make you powerless. Surrendering to powerlessness will make you
powerless. So avoid these two mistakes: never surrender, bend, for somebody who is powerless.
And be powerful! You can become however powerful you may be sitting, however powerless situation
you may be in, if you are powerful, you can break in! Understand, life runs by law of
consciousness, not by law of social status and power! However powerful place somebody
may be placed, if he is powerless, simply he can be broken! However powerless place
you may be in social, but if you are powerful, you can simply break in. you will simply break
in. Understand, never surrender to powerlessness,
and never call your withdrawal from life as compassion. So many times, your withdrawal
from life, you try to call that as compassion or goodness, no! At least name it properly:
it is your inability to face the conflicts so that next time you will be more intelligent,
brilliant, bright, you at least have the right strategy, right possibility. Essence of today’s satsang: Never give way
for other’s powerlessness in your life. Do not ever bend or surrender to other’s
powerlessness. Second, don’t thing withdrawal is compassion. Fear of facing conflicts is
not compassion. Be very clear. If you avoid these two major mistakes in your life, you
will constantly create powerful space and completion with you and with others. (Afterword: mostly I just listened, but felt
this needs to be shared:) People are intelligent enough to see all the
media abusal is lies! If you suspect the common man is not intelligent enough, and is believing
the mass media, you are a fool! Common man does not believe in mass media! That is the
lesson I learnt in all this extraordinary Padapooja Yatra. Wow, the devotion; every
village, when I entered into the house, whether it is small house or big house, every room
is decorated with Nithyananda photos! More number of photographs of Me than in this Raja
Sabha! There were some devotees telling me Swamiji, other than my toilet, everywhere
your photos are there! I said, Why you didn’t put it in the toilet? They said,
I do not want You to see me there. I just laughed and left it. They said, I
know through every picture not only I am seeing You, You are seeing me… Some of the houses,
bah! Literally they are living with Me. It’s an extraordinary feast of devotion for Me,
understand? Each one of you may enjoy something in your life. In My life the one and only
thing I enjoy is devotion of devotees, that’s all. Which comes from powerful space, and
I tell you, I went to palaces and huts in this yatra, and this one thing is remarkable:
whether in palace houses or in huts, after Pada Pooja when I asked people what do you
want, invariable the only request I received is Please always be with me Swamiji!
Only this kind of spiritual request! Let me have jeevan mukti. Not even one asked for
wealth, health or good relationships. People did not even ask for happiness in the life!
I told Myself: Your incarnation is worthy. Your life is worthy. Please understand, if
the people show extraordinary devotion and when I ask what they want, they say bless
me to win the lottery, nothing is wrong, but I may call it as devotion with a purpose.
But I can tell you 100% of the houses I visited, people who came to see Me there asked, people
who came to see Me there who are just visitors, some of them asked give me this, give me that.
But, literally 100% the devotees houses in which I visited, maybe I can say 99.999%,
the whole group, God. Sometimes, the houses are so humble, I Myself thought they may ask
for wealth and I’ll bless them, I’ll shower them! But even those people, Just let Your
presence be here, let me experience enlightenment. God! Such a strong devotion from such a powerful
space! Anyhow, I have decided anything people ask I am going to give. I was just moved by
the devotion. This is the longest single trip I have done in Tamil Nadu; around 4000KM I
drove. Literally covering almost all the districts of Tamil Nadu from nook and corners, huts
to palaces, gracing the devotees houses and their hearts. It’s actually a feast for
Me! That is the truth. More than a feast for villages I am living with them and they are
living with Me is something extraordinary, scene to be seen, just for 20 30 minutes,
I didn’t get to spend more than 20 30 minutes, some of the houses, crowd was so large house
owner was not aloud inside! See, if a festival is 4 o’clock early morning, night, 12 or
1 o’clock itself we’ll enter the temple, thinking we’ll be the first one to enter,
but the temple will be full. That was the scene everywhere for Me, to cross 20 feet
will be 20 mintues! For all the team which comes with Me, for them it is literally a
war! It is like a challenge, the devotees there will challenge, Ill touch Swamiji!
And My team says See how safe we will take Swamiji inside! And the moment I enter
I will see the house is jam-packed with all the relatives and friends, just to get a glimpse,
just to get a glimpse… God… The end, Kanyakumari district, Nagargovil to Uzur. Thank you, Tamil
Nadu. It’s always a pleasure, it’s such a joy to experience the devotion of the devotees.
Devotion not from the powerless space that I don’t have health, wealth, this, that,
no. From the powerfulness, Let me be in Advaitha with You. God! Such sincerity.
Such devotion. Such authenticity. Such authenticity. Actually so many houses I had to deny because
of no time; so many houses I have denied because of no time. I can say postponed, maybe next
time, maybe next time, because we are not able to handle. If the NDY class was not there
today or tomorrow, we would have visited at least 50 more houses, but already the class
was committed. It’s too much to see the devotion and commitment, the life, of devotees.
Some places, for kilometers the flower bed was made just for the car to drive! Because
the devotees said No, You cannot get down and walk. I asked why did you guys put flowers
on the road? For the car to come. I said don�t I am being called, Why did you not tell
me you got Swamiji to your house! Some were saying we did not invite people because
we thought they will not come, not they are saying, why you did not call us? It is such
a joy to experience the devotees devotion which is from Right Context! Thank you Tamil
Nadu. Of course in every house Kalabhairava landed and blessed the whole house with so
much of energy, health, wealth and so much positivity. This is the beauty of this kind
padapooja yatra. With this, I’ll move to the Teamily Kalpataru. I bless you with the Integrity, Authenticity,
Responsibility, Enriching and Causing Eternal Bliss, Nithyananda. Thank you.


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