Compassion Health Expo 2017 Promo Video

Do you see her? Tired and forgotten… burdened by the weight of guilt. Do you see him? Angry, bruised and… clinging on to sanity by a thread. Do you see the daughter without a father? Do you see the son who can’t stand to look at his mother? Do you see the neglected child behind the mask of an accomplished professional? Do you see them? Or are they only numbers and statistics? In Matthew 14: Jesus went out, saw a great multitude, was moved with compassion for them, and healed their sick. In Matthew 20: Jesus had compassion, touched their eyes, and immediately their eyes received
sight. In Mark 1: Jesus (moved with compassion) stretched
out His hand, touched them, and healed them Compassion is action driven by the desire to alleviate their suffering. Do you see her? Do you see him? Do you see
them? And if you do… Come and pass it on. Come pass on the hope that is founded in your
identity in Christ. Come pass on the love that was made evident
by His sacrifice on the cross. Come pass on the joy that this world is not
the “end-all” and “be-all” and God is going to prepare a place that is better for you. Come and pass it on. Come pass on…

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