Compassion as a weapon: Tuishou for combat awareness.

That’s push-hands in a fight. Yep. There you go. *group laughter* I’m just so
happy to be here. *group laughter* …and the fun part is that now you have two people who are trying to do this. I’m going into my feet and extending into
you. You’re going into your feet and extending into me. Then it becomes like dancing…. A
little bit like dancing in a mosh pit. Of course eventually we define winning
differently. Winning just means being balanced. It doesn’t mean destroying anything
although that can happen. But when we think of martial arts, martial arts is to violence what practicing medicine is to illness. You become a doctor, not
because you like sick people, but because you like people to be healthy . You become a martial artist, not because you like violence, but because you don’t. …got your nose… What a distraction. That was all it took. I was thinking of a song when he said that. ..because, look at that. I mean that’s an obvious distraction right there. Now… do that. But more frame rate and less force. There. There. Right! That’s called starting by winning. Now you started with a random thing Yeah. So it can’t be random… there we go. This sort of random stuff, it’s like foreplay. Yeah. We don’t we don’t need any of that. There you go. That’s it. Let’s go directly for the kill. This is what push hands looks like. *POW!* *BOP!* That’s where that goes. That’s what push ends becomes. We look for the win. There’s no there’s no beating around the
bush. *Whack!* That’s push hands in a fight. I’m just so happy to be here. *group laughter* I’m not. So, there’s a there’s a reason why we practice slowly. But that’s that’s where it goes.
Yeah. And you can see it going there instantly and you can see that now once
you’ve understood that when it comes to the fight you go all right that’s that’s
all it is. But I feel I’ve got to the point where I can control that a little. That’s the difference. I know I’m not going to hurt you. But it is so close. Yeah. You touched my lip. You didn’t give me a fat lip you didn’t damage my teeth you didn’t do anything. It was just like that. You know exactly
where that is. Yeah. But that has always been my fear. If I let go, I could really hurt someone. Exactly. And that becomes the problem in the fight because then you end up with the fear and without the control. Once you have the
control then when it becomes a real fight then you can regulate how much you
do at one time, and you are not afraid of hitting the person. You know he is there…. I know I can hit them there and that won’t hurt my knuckles. I know I can do that. I know which way the brain is going to go. So you get the feel of it . But in a real fight I won’t care about that. You will care. You think? *laughter* I don’t know about that. You care more. But you’re still willing
to do what’s necessary. You get to a point where… One of your best weapons in a fight is compassion. The power comes from being able to see the the source and the cause and the motivation behind
the violence in the first place. It’s like owning my space. If you’re gonna own my space you need a particular kind of empathy. And the better you get at it, the more empathy you have…. ..and the more you will feel for
your opponent. So, you won’t just see them as the embodiment of all evil to be destroyed. You’ll see their life history in that fight. So the fight won’t take place. The fight won’t take place, or if it does, you won’t overdo it. But you will do what is necessary and then the fight will end. As opposed to not caring where you just go in as I won the fight because that guy deserved it and I’m a better human being. You’re going and you win the fight because you don’t want to die, and you had to do what was necessary to win the fight. There’s no animosity towards the other person. As soon as you start to hate the other person then you become the victim of the fight. But what if you fear that you are going to hurt them. Oh. If you you’re afraid of hurting them then you become your own enemy. If you want to hurt them then
you are pathological. So, that’s the problem. I don’t ever want to hurt anyone. So how do I defend myself. It’s that fine line that I’m trying to learn. Yeah. Don’t think of it as things in
conflict. Think of it as harmonizing the inner and the outer. Right? You have the inward the afferent engagement and you have the efferent engagement you have
the nerves that’s telling you what’s going on inside and you have the stuff
that’s telling you what’s going on out there. So, I can feel the engagement
here but I can also feel what’s there. So I have the energy that feels the
connection to the universe and the energy that engages the universe. If I have one of those things and not the other, then I have already lost the fight. you’ve wave you’ve That’s the definition of losing a fight. In a way, you have separated your consciousness. You’ve blacked out. So, if you can maintain that balance, that harmony of inner and outer, then you maintain that compassionate and awareness of the other person, That also enables you to feel what they’re feeling and feel what they’re doing and predict their movement. It makes you a more effective fighter. See? You felt the changes. But you do that by having compassion, not by hating them. “If you know your enemy and know yourself, you won’t be defeated even in 100 battles. But you don’t learn anything about anybody by hating them. So, compassion is the way that you win the fight. It’s not just some idealistic thing. It’s the way that you learn how to
engage the universe. It requires including compassion for yourself, and for the other. And you build both of those things at the same time. Most people, if they hate other people, then they hate themselves. If you lack compassion and awareness for other people, then you lack that in yourself. It’s not some mystical idealistic thing. It is just a practical function of the way the mind works. So, to have that kind of compassion is somewhat unique. It is not the love baby feels, where it
just loves being comfortable. It is the fierce love of a parent.
It is a fierce compassion. You are out there to balance things. You know you can hate an illness, or you can love the cure. So, here I’m feeling. I’m have this compassion and that awareness. As soon as I lose that then I lose the ability to change. right so if I do this and I
come in here have that compassion and awareness now I lose it now I’ve become
antagonistic and I’m in a very big disadvantage all of a sudden you feel
that yeah so you feel how you own it now right I have to go back to feeling where
that’s coming from in order for me to neutralize it in time
meaning to be there before you are so the fight it all comes from the heart
this is this is a heart skill it’s that the fascia connects everything but the
heart is what senses there you go yeah remember Adam was doing workshop here I
don’t know if you guys were here for yeah yeah so so he he was talking about
how what lots of things will teach you about fear
but martial arts teach you how to deal with hate when you’re climbing a
mountain you might be afraid of falling but the mountain doesn’t hate you if you
feel like the mountain hates you that’s you it’s not the mountain so if you know
you’re dealing with an enemy then if the enemy starts to hate you then you say oh
that’s them that’s not me right and if they get angry anger is the hatred of
hatred so anger is a anger can be a powerful tool but it’s like a fuel that
is really good for short bursts and then it’s self self destructive so it’s like
like any the the major demon emotions it has its place and time the problem is
that it always ends up over staying it’s welcome and anger is something that is
useful for no more than a second and then immediately needs to be regulated
and you’ve channel that energy into something a little more compassionate
but anger is the hatred of hatred it’s still hatred so I guess like that but
I’m losing myself I’m losing my awareness I have to have that rapport
and that compassion and that enables me to feel the air toes yeah if I don’t
have that compassion I can’t do that if I don’t have compassion then I’m there love you guy didn’t like my chest there
you go oh he likes me too it’s nice to know you care see so this now do that
again but without the fear see so the the compassion the connection so here
there’s fear here where you’re fighting against this distal pressure that’s what
distal pressure is this force it’s fear if you let go of that fear and you know
further up your arm engage from the aerial so easy that is and you’re right
there so that’s taking away the fear of this and just going back into yourself
again I’m always remember whenever I come up
with something that sounds like oh it’s the be-all and end-all of martial arts
oh this is the this is the secret this is a way to win every fight I’m reminded
of the this shaman who’s saying you know I think your
English medicine is very much like our known healing and the dough has turned
doctor says oh really how is it like scientific medicine and then the shaman
said sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t


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