COATS Staffing Software

Staffing is a time-sensitive business. Your
clients need people now, your associates want jobs now and your employees want to get everything
done as efficiently as possible. So having to switch interfaces and even software
products to handle different parts of your staffing business wastes time that you don’t
have. What if there were one software product that
could handle every core aspect of your daily staffing operations, from recruiting to payroll
and everything in between, from one interface? COATS Staffing Software does just that. Employee
applications? Got it. Accounts receivable and payable? Check.
Sales calls to potential clients? Yep. Free texting to candidates to let them know
about a job order? Uh huh. Paperless invoicing to clients? Roger.
And all from the same interface. All you have to do is click and type. With COATS fully integrated front and back
office your employees become incredibly efficient, able to focus on growing your business rather
than accommodating different software products. COATS was developed by a team of professionals
who have been in the staffing business for more than 30 years, so we know staffing inside
and out. We understand what your business needs because it’s our business, too. And because we incorporate suggestions from
our users, the COATS system is updated every year. Our tech support is the best in the
business — and that’s not us saying that, it’s our customers. How many customers? Every day, more than 300
staffing firms use COATS, and every year, those firms produce more than half a million
W2s. If you’d like to see what it’s like to operate
your entire business from one core interface, give us a call or click the box to arrange
for a free online webinar. COATS Staffing Software. Everything you handle is right here.

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