Cluster transmission of COVID-19 in Seoul infects at least 64 people

South Korea is on the lot for Kobe 19
infections and clusters less involved more than 60 people related to call
center workers for an insurance company I’m giong starts us off with the biggest
group infection the capital has seen the pace of new infections across South
Korea has been slowing down and the focus is now on containing cluster
infections according to Seoul City on Tuesday at least 64 people related to a
building in the CUDA with district of southwestern Seoul have tested positive
for the virus most of the people who tested positive are workers at a call
center in this building the number of confirmed cases has been increasing
since Tuesday morning and is expected to rise further in the next few hours as
test results come back for those people who had contact with the confirmed
patients the first case from the call center of 56 year-old female was
confirmed as positive on Sunday the building was then shut down and
disinfected late Monday health authorities have called on all 207
people who work at the call center and all residents in the building to self
quarantine the nineteenth floor building has offices and commercial facilities on
its 12 lower floors and 140 residential units on the top seven floors a
screening center has been set up on the first floor for people from this
building to be tested the election camp of the ruling Democratic Party’s
candidate for the Kaluga district in next month’s elections UN gone young is
also in the building yoon tested negative but will be in self quarantine
for two weeks the city government is to inspect buildings with similar work
environments and encourage owners of those businesses including karaoke rooms
or dance clubs to close down temporarily according to the central disease control
headquarters about 80 percent of the cases in the country are from cluster
transmissions meanwhile the number of confirmed cases in South Korea stands at
7513 with 131 new cases on Monday there were also six more fatalities on Tuesday
bringing the stole in the country to 60 uhm jion
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