Climate Change | The Downfall of Humanity (PDC1109IICP_Aug2019)

(Music) Elon Musk: it’s very important that we take action
today to recognize that we are making a very significant change to the chemical
constituency of the atmosphere and the oceans and one that is almost impossible
to reverse and I think you know when we look back on on these days in the future
we want to be able to say that we did the actions that were were right they’re
actions that that were important the scientists all say that these bad things
are going to happen it’s like 97% so like say well to your
grandkids or kids like well did nobody tell you no it’s like no everyone was
telling us ok so why didn’t you do anything (Music) Sir David: right now we are facing a man-made disaster of global scale our greatest threat in
thousands of years climate change if we don’t take action in the height of the
United Nations Climate Change Conference in 2018 politicians environmentalists
and youth leaders all over the globe sat down together to talk about the severity
of climate change in the conference all the countries agreed to implement the
Paris agreement which was a rulebook on how the government will measure and
report on emission cutting efforts it is evident that tensions have risen over
climate change with 11,000 scientists from 154 countries gathering to warn the
population of a climate emergency global warming and climate change has also
spark youths to take to the streets for climate strikes however climate strikes does little to make
a dent in the problem of climate change climate change is a phrase everyone
understands it is the change in the global or regional climate patterns
attributed largely to the increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide
produced by human activities these are the same activities that have allowed
humans to build their modern civilization and these are the
activities that will take humanity backwards if all of them were to vanish
at the same time we have unintentionally created weapons of mass destructions the factories, the vehicles the air conditioners, the canned sprays are all weapons that destroy the earth all contributing to creating the greenhouse
gases that cannot be immediately rectified and even if we stop these
activities the 1.3 billion tons of food we waste yearly will still release
methane a gas that is 21 times the global warming potential of carbon
dioxide by this graph which compares the temperature difference since the 19th
century shows us how much our greenhouse gases is affecting the planet’s climate carbon dioxide is also dissolving in the oceans increasing the acidity of
seawater killing aquatic life at the bottom of the food chain causing a
domino effect that will end all aquatic life in the oceans also increasing the
temperature lakes causing algae blooms to occur and water to turn green which
will reduce the oxygen levels and turn lake waters into dead zones the human advancement is a parasite it’s destroying the ecosystem disrupting the balance of nature and we are trying to undo over 3 billion years of evolution
dating back even before the prehistoric era where the dinosaurs used to rule the land if we don’t stop now there will be no turning back there will be no tomorrow
as the earth collapses under our pressure the sea levels the polar ice caps the plants the animals the land the waves are crashing the earth is crying
we have to stop (Music) welcome to Halcyon we are a company who
are dedicating all of our energy and resources towards reducing the effects of
climate change currently we have two projects that are in
the works one is to reduce methane and one is to reduce carbon dioxide both are under the supervision of Professor Khor and why not let her explain to us in
detail what these projects are our new contraption is a food storage that anyone can access so basically when you put a food into the contraption the
people can come and get it for free and that’s why we have named it kommagedit the top section is going to be allocated
for cooked food while the bottom section will be for cold food to keep the food fresh we have designed it so you don’t have to heat it manually instead it can be
heated naturally by using the sunrays the glass is going to be curved in such
a way that the sunlight can be refracted to warm the food and kill bacteria while the bottom part is going to be added with eco coolers that can turn slow air
into fast air making the area cooler there’s also fans that will suck out hot air and create a continuous air flow to reduce the temperature further the top section and
bottom section will be separated by an insulator so the two temperatures don’t
mix now this contraption will be placed on
the hotel, restaurants and supermarkets so the owner can place all their uneaten food
to the contraption and notify the people through the social app and kommagedit app
by pressing a button this contraption will help to reduce the methane released to the environment as well as feed the hungry people and we are hoping it will
revolutionize the way we live when it is implemented we are also developing a
paint that absorb carbon dioxide which can be used to produce fuel or as fertilization it is going to be a resin which is in liquid form so it can be applied on
buildings as paint when the resin paint apply solidifies the resin will have an
exceedingly high affinity to carbon dioxide hence absorbing it in a chemical reaction when it rains the water will release the carbon dioxide and wash it
down tanks can be placed at the bottom of buildings to collect the carbon dioxide the carbon dioxide can then be mixed with hydrogen in a reaction to create
hydrocarbons which can reduce the use of fossil fuels the carbon dioxide
collector can also be modified to make fertilizer which can be used in plants
this will dramatically increase plant growth and quality of food production
thereby benefiting all parties now this project comes with a lot of questions one of the questions is how you can get funds for the projects now let’s take Malaysia
as an example the government spends about 2 billion on waste separation and
2.3 billion on Environmental Protection so I think suffice to say that the funds
are not the issue and we’re not even talking about the other countries and
how much they are spending on solving climate change that’s why using a bit of
funds and investing in our projects is going to go a long way into helping
climate change now of course there is going to be the
question of why don’t we plant trees to solve climate change our paint project can actually be more effective than individual trees by about
over 3,000 times so I think the project is going to help immensely now the most
important question is of course people asking will this actually help the planet will this actually solve climate change and to then I say if we don’t
even try will we ever succeed and I think if we humans don’t even want to
try and reverse what we’re doing to the globe I think it would be better for the planet if we didn’t exist

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