Chubb sprang into action with compassion and support.

My name is Carol, and
I live in Chicago. And I’ve been a Chubb
client since 1999. In January of 2014, I had just
completed a two-and-a-half year renovation project in my home. And everything was perfect. And I was so happy to be in a
peaceful environment and not amid chaos. And I was walking down the
hall in the master bedroom, and I see a giant bubble
bulging out of the wall. And I poked it. And water ran out down the wall. Then I went out, and there
is water pouring down from the ceiling,
like a rainfall. And to be honest, I wanted
to turn around and run out of the house. Water came in and
damage the carpet. I mean, it just was everywhere. After all the years of
getting everything done, honestly, I was devastated. I could cry right now about it. I was devastated. I didn’t even know who to call. That’s when I called
Chubb, and they literally sprung into action
about what to do. My insurance agent for
Chubb is Rebecca Woan, and it’s like a dream
to work with her. And so they came in,
and they assessed all the internal damage. As bad as the damage was,
the experience was awesome. Chubb just said, we’ll
pack this up for you. We’ll take these fixtures down. We want to make sure that we
cover everything that needs to be done to make you whole. And that’s exactly
what they did. They gave me the courage
to go on and get it done. Ultimately, it was restored
the way it had been. And I don’t know
what you would do if you didn’t have
a company like Chubb behind you in a
situation like that. I feel privileged to
be a client of Chubb. I feel secure. I feel that no matter
what happens they will be focused on fixing what’s
happened to me, whether it’s a car, or a house, or anything
else that might happen. So I feel grateful
to be a Chubb client. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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