Christian Video | “Surveillance” (Crosstalk) | The CCP’s Most Extreme Human Rights Violations

Six o’clock. Okay, Xiqiao East Road, Sunset Cafe, I’ll see you there. ‘K. Goodbye. So, you’re meeting someone at the Sunset Cafe? I am. Hey, wait, how did you know that? Did you think you could hide that from me? Who are you? I’m their ear. You can hear? Yes, but I guess you can’t. But I know you well. Hey, no, we’re not friends. And why would I care that you can hear? Ear, I’m the Party’s ear. The Party’s ear? The surveillance system. Surveilling what? Everyone in the country. That’s a violation of human rights! Hey hey, don’t you dare blame me for that! The violator is the Communist Party. I’m just a machine. What am I doing wrong? It thinks I hurt its feelings. ‘K, then let me ask, just what is it that you do? Now that is a very long story. Here we go. It’s hard to sum up. Go on, then. Music! No, don’t. I can’t describe it without a beat. You talk, I’ll be your beat. You can do that? Begin. I am the massively expensive Golden Shield Project. I am a powerful surveillance system. I obey all the orders of the CCP. I listen to whoever they want
for however long they want. Wow, she brags a lot. Nowadays, personal devices are everywhere. My technology is advanced. If your phone is in your hand,
you have no privacy at all. Don’t believe me? Go make a call. I won’t miss a single word. What if I don’t call? It doesn’t matter if you don’t call. QQ, WeChat, all the platforms
have these surveillance functions. And if my phone’s off? Go ahead and turn off your phone! Our technology is advanced, and you lose, we win! Are you telling me you can hear
every word we say every single day? Yeah, that’s why I said I knew you so well. No no no, you don’t need to be scared! As long as you don’t use sensitive terms
on the phone or online, we won’t monitor you. Sensitive terms? Central leadership spent so much money to build this crooked system
and monitor ordinary people? Hey, you need to watch what you say. Words like “central leadership” and “monitoring” are all sensitive terms, and they all get picked up. Huh? I can’t even mention central leadership? Then I’m sure I can’t mention
“constitutional amendment,” “restored imperial government,” (Hey, hey, hey.) “money diplomacy,” “rights protection,”
“petition.” (Hey, hey, hey …) What are you doing? You’re dropping bomb, after bomb, after bomb. Why? Why not? A visit from the police? Just for this, the police would bring me in? The thing is, your phone is under your real name. The minute they lock on to you, you can’t get away. They can just lock on and arrest, lock on and arrest, lock on and arrest, lock on and arrest—
(Whoa, whoa … alright, alright.) What are the other terms? I don’t want to say them anymore. Things like “June 4th student movement,”
“Tian’anmen incident,” “Tibet question,” “one-party rule,” “forced brainwashing,”
“live organ removal,” “news censorship,” “Lord Jesus,”
“Almighty God,” “Eastern Lightning,” “faith,” “Bible sales banned,” “church demolitions,” “truth about McDonald’s murder case” … Just how many sensitive terms are there! China doesn’t have any freedom of speech at all! Hey, it isn’t none at all. Really? Ordinary people can’t talk
about politics or religious belief, and can’t mention petition,
human rights or freedom, but … But what? They can praise the Communist Party, talk about food, drinking,
entertainment, or gambling. Those are completely allowed. Yeah, I see what’s happening. The Communist Party of China wants to
turn the people into thoughtless, soulless tools that it can control and use as it likes
and who must praise it. Yes, that’s right. But, what if someone mentions a term accidently? Typically, they’ll get a warning,
have their post deleted, maybe a visit from the police, But, if … Another “but.” But if someone dares to mention religious faith, it’s not quite so simple. That’s right! Goodness, who is this? You are … The Party’s eyes. (Oh?) You’re the electronic eye? I have an official office. It has an office? I am part of the Sky Net System, the world’s largest surveillance network. I obey all the Party’s orders, and watch whoever they want me to watch
for however long they want me to watch. How do you watch them? I can be found everywhere
over 9 million square kilometers. Twenty million cameras
with facial recognition tech. And if they are looking for you,
we cameras will follow you anywhere. The CCP violates even the most basic human rights. Oh, that’s nothing. You call that nothing? Yeah. Tell me then, what else do they do? Just a moment. (Fine.) Based on the successful Sky Net Project, they built the Dazzling Snow Project, (What?) which covers every county,
village, and town. (That’s right.) This time, from cities to villages, the government has full area coverage,
(Full network sharing.) with complete access. (Full-spectrum monitoring.) Maximum security. That’s right. China is just a giant prison! So tell me, what is it you do? When it comes to security, we do exactly the same thing. You monitor Christians? You monitor human rights protectors? And ethnic minorities? You monitor—(Any individual and group
the Communist Party wants to exclude.) You could say that we are a perfect pair. (Yep.) A perfect pair? Think about it, the moment we find our target, I watch. I listen. Together we monitor them, recognize, locate, and track. Trying to hide anywhere is pointless. (Yup.) You two might work well together,
but the nation’s people will suffer. The nation’s people? (Yeah.) No, no, they won’t. We don’t watch many of the womanizers, gamblers, drug users, conmen, and thieves. They live lives of freedom and ease. (Yes.) This is so confusing. Chinese people are barely surviving
and resentment is building, but rather than making people’s lives better, the CCP is just spending money
to monitor and control the people. Aren’t they neglecting their duty? This is the Communist Party’s
governing strategy. (Exactly.) When people can’t get along,
stability needs to be protected, (Yes.) to prevent any opposition. The CCP is eliminating
unstable elements at the source. Right. That’s a really sick and twisted way to do things. That’s just how they are. Of course, we all know the CCP is the most
violent organization there is. (Yeah. Right.) Attacking any opposers
isn’t a problem for them at all. They line up tanks and machine guns
and crush problems with armed force. And the CCP fears believers in God
more than anyone, (That’s right.) especially Eastern Lightning, it makes it hard for
central leadership to sleep at night. Believers in God don’t own a single gun or grenade, so why is the Communist Party so afraid of them? Oh boy! Why would guns scare them? They wouldn’t. What the CCP fears most
is God’s appearance and work, (Right.) the truth expressed by Almighty God. That’s not so stupid after all. Eastern Lightning testifies that
the Lord Jesus has returned, as the incar … “Incarnate.” Right, the incarnate Almighty God. Many people have read Almighty God’s
The Word Appears in the Flesh, they have seen that it is truly the voice of God
and have accepted Almighty God. When people read the words of Almighty God, they understand the truth and know what is righteousness and evil,
and begin to awaken. After that, the Communist Party can’t enslave them. Then who will they govern?
Whose master will they be? How will they create a godless country? How will its goal of always controlling
Chinese people ever be realized? That’s why the CCP ordered us to rigorously monitor Christians belonging to The Church of Almighty God. That’s right! Especially their church leaders and the core staff. We have to watch them 24/7. We can’t rest. We even have to watch their families very closely. And listen closely. They’re just waiting to arrest us. No, no. (No?) The CCP is sneaky and
won’t just arrest you. (Yup. Oh?) It waits patiently in deep waters
and waits to reel in the big fish. It wants to root out and kill off every Christian! The CCP really is the devil incarnate. For many years, the CCP has used us
to monitor countless numbers of Christians. And that’s not all. There’s more? Even when Christians are released from jail, we still secretly monitor them. How is that any different from being in jail? But even then, the CCP isn’t satisfied. (Exactly. What?) It thinks we’re not advanced enough, and wants us to monitor people’s thoughts. They have an unquenchable thirst for control. You’re right. To completely eradicate Christians, the CCP will have to strengthen surveillance. I’ve had a lot of friends and relatives
drafted for grassroots service. Hear it? Friends and relatives? Pinhole cameras. The CCP police have thought of ways to install them in absolutely every corner of places like— Thumb drive, hard drive, car lock, button,
light switch, stovetop and blender, charger, laptop, dresser
and even on your car’s fender … How do you know that? Those are places my relatives live too. It’s true. That has relatives? Tiny microphones. With the Communist Party in power, China is a demonic jail. Christians have no way to survive! The CCP keeps China under lock and key. Frantically arresting and hunting Christians, they arrogantly try to turn China
into a godless country and drag people toward hell. These are the actions of a demon! And you two … huh … you actually help the CCP, help them monitor and persecute Christians. Don’t you even have a little bit of a conscience? But we don’t have a choice! Everyone knows that Christians are good people, but the CCP always makes us monitor them. Do you think I have a clear conscience? Exactly! For years, the CCP has used us
to harm so many Christians. Do you have any idea how embarrassing that is? You have no idea! The microphone feels embarrassed! OK. I’m curious. Tell me why you feel so embarrassed. Let me tell you about 2009. (‘Kay.) This is top secret. You can trust me. (Don’t worry, go on.) In 2009 … (Yeah?) This involves someone’s life.
(Just say it. You can tell already.) Keep it a secret. We will. Go ahead. (We will, we will, we will.) Okay, seriously, you have to keep—
(Get to it already!) Alright, I’ll tell you. (Go on.) In 2009, the CCP put me on a special assignment, monitoring for a murder case. A murder case? In 2009, cell phone signals were used to locate a main
leader of The Church of Almighty God. She was determined to be
a national leader by the CCP, responsible for work in several provinces. If the CCP ever got her, she’d be tortured to death. The Public Security Bureau had searched
for her several times, (Yeah.) and when they finally found her,
the CCP was delighted. They ordered me to watch her closely 24/7. And then? After that, China’s MPS
gave their deployment orders, and they brought in provincial police
from Henan and Hebei and locally from Tangshan, hundreds of officers and special agents. They all set out in
about 50 police cars, sirens blazing and finally they arrested her in Tangshan. I can’t believe they used so many police
to catch just one Christian. Only the CCP would do something like that! That’s true. The point is, (Oh?) after they arrested her, they tortured and tormented her, but she didn’t give up the church’s information. In the end … What happened? She was beaten to death by the police! When I think about that, I feel like I just … I mean, that’s mistreating me? Isn’t it? I’m a technology product,
meant to make life better for people, but the CCP turned me
into a tool for killing Christians. That’s just so humiliating for me! Me too, in 2009 the CCP gave me an order too. What order? I had to monitor a Christian
from The Church of Almighty God who had just been released from jail. (You see?) To stop her from believing in God, I had to monitor all her comings and goings. Occasionally, the police would come
to her home and threaten her. This lasted for 5 whole years. The torment nearly caused her to breakdown. Those beasts! On November 16, 2014, she finally couldn’t take
the CCP’s persecution anymore, and killed herself in the river. She was only 44. Now, tell me, after watching an innocent person lose her life, do you think I felt good? Course not! In 2011, during the CCP’s “Crackdown Storm,” the CCP used me to locate core members
of The Church of Almighty God. This must be another bloody, brutal arrest! Right! I monitored them for eight whole months, (Yeah.) and the police analyzed more than
500 phone conversations. And their conversations
never included sensitive terms, but the police cracked the code
they used in all their conversations. Shoot! (They tried so hard!) In the end, they arrested 14 Church
of Almighty God leaders all at once, many more Christians had their homes searched,
were fined, or were sentenced to jail, nearly 10 million yuan in church assets were taken! The CCP is a devil! Everything they do is evil. And also, these past years, there have been more and more arrest crackdowns
targeting Christians. (Yeah. That’s right.) We’ve been so busy. (Yep.) Because of our listening and monitoring, the number of Christians the CCP has arrested, sentenced, and driven into hiding are countless. And many have been beaten to death or crippled. The whole of mainland China
is an oppressive, paranoia-inducing place. No matter how you put it, all of this happens because the CCP holds power. That’s right! The CCP is a demon! They use technology to round up,
arrest and kill Christians. Its evil deeds are too many to count. As long as the CCP survives, Christians will have to endure
its constant persecution. That’s right. If you ask me, the CCP is crazy! God wants it to die, so first He drives it mad. The more I hear and see, the more convinced I am
that the CCP will be finished soon! What? The CCP persecutes Christians so ferociously. And that proves to us
that their days will be numbered. Huh? The CCP sees that Almighty God’s words
were published online long ago. More and more people
are accepting and spreading them. Belief in God is spreading and they know
that humanity is turning toward Him, and that Christ’s kingdom will appear among men. Their final days are coming
but they won’t be satisfied to fail, so they fight hard to disrupt God’s work and wildly attack, suppress,
and persecute Christians. This is just the madness of their final days. Wow! That’s very insightful! I’ve actually thought about that. The CCP’s oppression of
religious belief has never stopped, and in recent years,
they’ve nearly perfected it. (Right.) So, these are just their death throes! On the surface, they seem more ferocious than ever, but actually, they’re at the end of their road,
breathing their last breath. Definitely! The CCP is incredibly cruel. But no matter what they do, they can’t disrupt God’s work
or alter their doomed fate! That’s wonderful news! You know, as an electronic eye, I’ve longed to see the moment the CCP collapses! And as a microphone, I’ve been waiting to hear God’s
chosen people singing hymns of victory! When the time comes, Chinese people will be able to
freely believe in and worship God! That’s right! And you and I won’t have to do
these unconscionable things. That’s right! Hey, is there anything
that I can do for your church? We don’t need a spy microphone. Oh, me, me! I can help you watch a church and stuff. I promise I’ll be loyal. I offered to help you first! But the time, I have an appointment. I have to go. I’m leaving. (Hey, hey, hey.) Hey, don’t go! Don’t go! Let’s talk about this! There’s a lot I could do for you!

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