Central Minnesota Habitat for Humanity 2019

– I know other families
have struggles just like me. (tranquil music) I have both mental and
physical limitations, both caused from the military and also, after getting out of the service, my civilian work, being in the
maintenance custodial field for 15-some years. Pushin’ my body to the extreme. (key twisting lock open) (door creaking open) I have permanent restrictions
to do zero, as possible, do not bend, kneel, squat, lunges, twist, and, if at all possible, do not go up and down stairs. Well, because my knees are shot. I’m too young for a knee replacement, so I have braces and cane to use for long distances. I have to manage my day. So I struggle with a
lot of things every day, every task I do, it’s not, some people
might say, small hill, or a little bump in the road. For me, it’s Mount Everest. (tranquil music) The home that God blessed my family with, through guys at Habitat, gives me more self-worth. A little more self-purpose. (saw buzzing) Because I can take a shower more easily than trying to struggle everyday. (hammering wood) – Jim, what kinda nails you want for the wood? – [Jim] Uh, we’re gonna
have to use screws. (hammering) – I can take out a bag of trash, more so, versus struggling to walk 150 feet. I can do laundry for my
family, once in a while, instead of having them
take most of the load. Little things like that, which
most people take for granted. (soft guitar music) Having all the blessings that, my daughter, she can do, that she can’t do here. (applauding and cheering) – [Female] Oh, congratulations. – Thank you. – [Female] Congrats, girl. Good luck at school this year, you’ll do amazing things. – The freedoms. To be able to sit on the front porch without having to worry about getting out of people’s way, getting out of the front door. Having a barbecue
without offending anybody that’s living in the building. Anytime you want to be able to just, in the evenings, pull a chair out by the garage and just relax. It’s seeing the joy of
having the sleepovers. It’s all those simple, basic things my family’s been missing out on. (crowd socializing) I’m speaking on behalf of, through other veterans that I got to know, going through the VA and through, especially
some of my support groups, that they’re all very proud of what you guys are
doing for the veterans. That they are so proud I have a good core that’s
asking me everyday, “What can I do to help?” ‘Cause we’re brothers or sisters in arms. You’re shining for all of us, and they’re truly grateful for what you guys do. (soft instrumental music) (laundry machine whirring) (soft guitar music) – This is a positive way to engage across-communities, the work that Habitat has done to kind of help make new homes for people who are re-settling their lives here in central Minnesota. That work is tremendous, and it’ll pay dividends for decades and generations to come. (measuring tape cracking) – I’ve been a volunteer
for Habitat for Humanity for almost 20 years. I’ve talked to a lot of the families. And the families tell me that living in a Habitat home gives them the stability that just transforms their lives. – So, I think about how us
established community members doing this kind of a project, for a family that is an immigrant family in our community, is so important to our welcoming nature. – And let them share the
hospitality of this home with all who visit. That those who enter here may know your love and peace. – Whatever your personal faith experience, or belief system is, creating a home it’s, to
me, a perfect expression of what our faith, any faith, is calling us to do. And so, this seems like a really good way to bridge that gap. (uplifting instrumental music) – [Dick] 100 homes that Habitat has either rehabbed, or built, to this point. Wonderful, for the hundred families and several hundred children who get stability and do better in school, have generally better health, have money to make better choices in terms of food, education, transportation, all the other things that they need in their lives. But it also has a broader
impact on our community because, what we’re doing, is gradually building up the stock of affordable homes in our community. So that allows people to live in our community, to work in our community, it adds to our tax base, it’s just plain better for our community. – Actually, my dad is like my role model. He was the one who guided me in so many ways in life. He was like a friend to me. (soft instrumental music) And soon after I was young, when we had the Civil War in Somalia, then we ended up in the
refugee camp in Kenya. He was the number one
person who was helping me face all the challenges and beat that odds. And since 2016, I never
thought I would miss him, but that was when he died. (soft instrumental music) Most of my life, I was in
education helping people, education-wise. – I haven’t looked, yet, but she’s fantastic. – I would become a teacher, I was helping and teaching kids in refugee camps. And, when I came here, I indirectly doing the same, helping kids to succeed in education and do well. (speaking in foreign language) You have seen what a hard life is, and what normal life is. So I do a lot to be helpful and support, ’cause I know living in the refugee camp, and growing up in that life, gives you…, and coming to the U.S., gives you an open-mindedness that you never, ever
will have that chance, because you have seen both sides of life. (children talking) And I was born in Somalia, you know, grew up in a house we owned, and everything, but we lost everything
after the Civil War, ended up in a refugee camp. – This is her room. This is her, her room. – So, to have that opportunity for my kids is so important, and so special to me, and I feel proud that they live in their own house and they live a life they like to live. (child speaking) So they are growing up, a life I didn’t had for myself, which is, I’m providing them a house and getting them that opportunity, is also something I’m proud of. (uplifting instrumental music)

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