Cayley Pimentel, Conflict Studies and Human Rights

I’m originally from Toronto and I chose the
University of Ottawa for a couple of reasons. I wanted to get away from home, I knew I just
wanted to study away from home and get a new sort of adventure and new experience and the
conflict studies and human rights program at the University of Ottawa is unique, it’s
one of the few in Canada and it’s definitely the closest to home. One of the things about
the conflict studies and human rights program that fascinates me the most is just the fact
that we get such a well-rounded view of the world so rather than just sort of studying
only politics or you know only anthropology we get to study all of those things and it’s
interdisciplinary so you get to take classes in whole bunch of different programs, and
they also come together within one program which I think is really, really unique and
sort of offers a very unique way of looking at the world. If I were to describe a normal
university experience for an incoming student I would say, I don’t know if there necessarily
is one I think it’s a little bit different for everyone, but I think if I were to sort
of pick one word to sum it up I think it would be busy it’s, there’s a lot going on whether
you’re just sort of studying and you’re maybe doing other jobs, or you’re involved with
different organisations on campus, or just even studying, making your own schedule it’s
busy but I think it’s the best kind of busy. I think if I had to pinpoint what made my
university experience so incredible and unique I think it would just be the people that I’ve
met and the social networks I’ve created and I think a lot of that was through my involvement,
working and living in residence. So I lived in residence as a first year student and then
have worked as a community advisor for two years and I think that meeting all those people
and sort of getting to interact with all of those different people has really made my
experience what it’s been.

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