Cards Against Humanity voice-controlled (via Pretend You’re Xyzzy)

Cards Against Humanity is a very offensive
card game, so if you are easily offended please skip this video. Pretend You’re Xyzzy is one of several online
implementations of Cards Against Humanity, each free and playable through a browser window
or app, with friends or anonymous opponents online. The others I’ve found want you
to register, whereas for this one you only need come up with a username no-one else is
currently using. It includes a text chat window, but assuming you arrange with your friends
to play together, you may have more fun using a separate group voice chat application,
like Facebook or Google Hangouts. For those who don’t know the system, each
round one player is the Card Czar and receives a black card which has one or two missing
words or statements. Other players choose a white card or cards from their hands to
fill in the missing parts, and the Card Czar chooses which they find the funniest, based
on their own sense of humour and level of preference for offensive jokes. When
your card is chosen, you get a point. The Card Czar rotates each round, and the object of the game is to be the first to reach a given number of points. At the outset you can create your own game
and set which decks to use, enabling slightly cleaner or much fouler versions of the
game. You can also password lock your game so that only your friends will join
you, and you can stop random internet people from spectating. As for the voice recognition, because it’s
a point-and-click game played entirely in a browser window, it’s completely compatible
with every form of mouse movement and clicking, including all MouseGrids, grid movement, Mouse
Gliding etc. It may help to uncheck the Animate Cards
option, so that your cards remain stationary for clicking, although if you need them to
enlarge for you to read them then leave it as it is. If you’re only interested in having a taste
of this and not sure you want to converse with anonymous people online playing it, you can
technically play a single player version at the Cards Against Humanity lab, where they are testing
out new card combinations. You give a little demographic data about yourself, then select which cards you think are funniest from the ones displayed, or declare that none of them are, and just repeat.

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