if you get offended easily cards against
humanity’ is not a game for you instead the Lego for jokes game is built for
friends to have fun while mentioning just about anything including
controversial violence and race related punchlines it is a game with more than
14,000 five-star ratings on Amazon however thus indicating how popular and
interesting it can be in fact the game has no limits as you and your friends
can keep creating new cards design the cards against humanity’ comes packed
with a simple but elegant black pack which is perhaps meant to surprise with
a real deal in there the game’s Kurds are donned with full-color artwork
albeit with the predictably controversial punch lines they are all
unique and colorful but probably not as unique as the language used in the game
based on its design alone this is a game card you would be willing to recommend
to all your friends over all the games design represents the black and white
theme both its content and color of its card stake and except for the strong
punch lines lines it is meant for simple entertainment without invoking a lot of
creativity or thoughts once a player raises a question with their black card
all you have to do is produce a white card you think has the funniest response
fun factor dots this game caters for people with a specific taste that is
anyone who is not easily offended that said the game could be as interesting
and addictive as you make it it is very simple to play as it involves a player
asking a question from a black card and the rest of the players providing
answers from their funniest white cards the funny setup and friends appropriate
punchlines could bring uncontrollable laughter at your friends engagement
party for instance it is after all a game meant for playing to have fun
rather than play to win in addition players need little effort
or creativity to get involved in the game whatever white card you produce can
always turn out to be the funniest in the round
evolution the game has been evolving every year ever since introduced back in
2008 the latest edition has revised cards mostly having removed the most
offensive punch aligned cards in general also cards against humanity’ seems like
a game meant to stay in the realm for a bit longer it has often received high
ratings in the past few years and the structuring and designs of their cards
also make them look durable it is after all a game for adults who can take care
of it for only $25 cards against humanity’ is a game everyone can afford
and given the fact that it has no limits on how often you can play it it’s price
tag is surely generous you can also download the content for the game for
free and print out your own cards if you really want to replay value while the
comedic value of the game cannot be understated the standard cards will
eventually start to become stale the great thing is that you can always just
add new questions or answers yourself to spice the game up pros come set in a
great professional design it was funny punchlines
if played with the appropriate group of friends you could be in for the laughter
of a lifetime it is a high shock value for its lines unlike most black humor
games cards against humanity’ are incredible in turning somewhat shocking
phrases into laughable jokes despite the occasion it has a
straightforward concept someone asks a question with their black card and you
give responses based on the lines in your white cards cons contains
particularly race and gender based jokes which may be offensive to some sometimes
the setup in the punchline spoils the joke it is very passive and is a low
replay value within the same group of friends unless you are constantly adding
new cards summary if you are simply never offended by anything or if you are
a fan of dark humor you will find this game very thrilling it is a game for
horrible and weird people like you after all and the fact that there are always
extension cards to bring more thrills to the game should make
you have even more fun with your friends eight point three out of ten to grab
yours now click on the link in the description below

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