Cards Against Humanity Day 2 Holiday Bullshit Ten Days or Whatever of Kwanzaa 2014 christmas

(We wish you a Merry Christmas) Playing Hi
my name is Andrew and here’s day 2 of Cards Against Humanity’s Holiday Bullshit 2014 Ten
Days or Whatever of Kwanzaa. This has to be my favorite day so far. The envelope was really
thick and it came with a piece of paper that says “Here are some stickers for you to enjoy
definitely do not stick them in public places. Wink. Well they didnt say “wink” but i just
added a wink. Or deface property with them, that would be wrong, but if you find that
you have done that take a photo and upload it to instagram using the hashtag #cahsticker
Note: they are reusable, well get Kony one of these days. Im going to show you all the
stickers that they gave us, and I think most of them speak for themselves so… So those
are all the stickers that you get for day 2. You can mix and match them to make the
white cards match any of the colorful cards. I posted one of my creations on my instagram
and my twitter which are both @candrewandrew. But thats all for day and ill see you next
time for day three.


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