Cards Against Humanity Creator Trolls US Senators With Hitler Game

Welcome back to ThinkTank Hannah Cranston and Dave Ahdoot here.>>Hello Think Tank.>>Dave when was the last time you played Cards Against Humanity?>>Probably four months ago.>>Yeah>>Yeah>>And did it get weird?>>It always gets weird but that’s the point,>>It’s so great all right.>>Yeah yeah yeah.>>It’s such a fun game and it gets a little weird if you guys have played before there is a lot of piecely like Apples to Apples. With a lot more crass and controversy.>>Totally.>>Right, I think that’s their tagline actually, or it should be. [LAUGH]>>You should be a branding, Hannah.>>I think I should. While the creators of Cards Against Humanity have a new game out and it’s called Secret Hitler. You’re seeing it here what a picture of the board game looks like.>>It’s like Chutes and Ladders but with Hitler.>>[LAUGH]>>No, that’s not.>>That’s a really good tagline.>>Yeah. [LAUGH]>>It’s not accurate, but it’s a good one.>>It’s not, but I’m just working on it. I’ll figure one out.>>You’ll get there. So it is a new secret identity board game set in 1933 Germany, and models the rise of fascism in a democracy. Players fill the role of either a liberal or fascist, and must use cooperation and deception to either prevent or aid the rise of Hitler.>>Yes.>>All right, so already people who are listening might think that maybe there are some parallels with what’s going on. And the co-creator, Max Temkin, and video game maker, Mike Boxleiter, and author, Tommy Maranges, have decided to send a copy of this game to every single US senator.>>Yeah.>>Which might be a problem, because there are some rules about gifting politicians and things like that. But they weren’t really concerned about that. They were more concerned with the message here. Now, he says, Our game explores the relationship and highlights the difficulty of recognizing your own manipulation before it’s too late. Although our game takes place in 1933 Germany, we thought you and your staff might find our game relevant as you negotiate the power of balance within the Trump White House. Now basically, they sent all of them, this board game, and they sent him a letter, saying that, like, hey we understand that sometimes good men can be manipulated->>Right.>>To do bad things in an order to sort of fulfill their jobs or have a rise to power and things like that.>>Mm-hm.>>And so it was sort of a thought provoking move on them.>>Yeah, just a gentle reminder.>>Yeah, just a gentle reminder they’re like hey>>This could be happening right now.>>Right.>>I just don’t know how you respond if you get a game in the mail that says Secret Hitler. You know what I mean?>>Have you ever played Secret Hitler?>>I haven’t, have you?>>I have. It’s very strange.>>Tell me more.>>It’s that like, I actually was the only Jewish person playing with four non-Jewish people.>>Did you take that as a hint?>>I did take it as a hint and the people that were like anthem Hitler were like yeah, Hitler is getting my power and then, like this is a weird right now.>>Yeah.>>Yeah. So, that’s gotta be really hard to reconcile, right? We all, I think we all think, that Hitler was a bad man. I hope you->>Yeah.>>Guys all think that Hitler was a bad man.>>Not when it comes to style though.>>[LAUGH]>>Am I right? [LAUGH]>>But if that’s what you think. It’s like when you would do debates, like one of those debates that we did in high school. It’s cool and thinks like that and you got put on a side that you didn’t necessarily agree with but you still have to fight for.>>Yeah, model congress.>>Debate effectively. Yeah, model UN or whatever it is. So this must be a similar sort of thing but almost more egregious because you’re agreeing with somebody.>>Right.>>Who is so.>>You know, I don’t know, kill millions of people based off their religious affiliation.>>Yeah, not a good, he’s not a nice guy.>>Yeah, not a nice man. So, but you still want to win the game. Like I’m a very competitive person>>But you still left, yeah>>I’ll do a lot of things to win, really anything, it doesn’t really matter.>>I will root for Hitler to succeed if that’s what it takes to win. [LAUGH]>>So, so>>I get that, but do you think that this sort of game and this messaging and the metaphor behind it got through to any of the senators? Or do you think that they just were just like.>>I don’t think it actually got through to them.>>The message or the game? Probably both, frankly.>>Probably both, but I think the message>>One, I think there was brilliant like,you know, Marten employer, cuz, we are talking about it, and I think other people are talking about it, and secret Hitler, sales have gone up 700%. Since we just spoke about it,>>About it.>>Since you and I just spoke about it?>>Yes.>>Yeah, these are facts. They’re alternative, but they’re facts.>>They are alternative. [SOUND]>>[SOUND]>>But yeah, I think it was great marketing. I think it was just a little nudge, like, hey, guys, you have a little power here. Let’s not let Hitler>>Deux.>>Yeah.>>I speak French fluently.>>I can see that.>>Yeah. So it’s just a little nudge.>>Yeah. Yeah.>>Via board game.>>I hope more and more companies do this. Right? And I think it’s fun to think about that>>When you think about, like a lot of tech leaders who are coming out and speaking against Trump. And some other people that actually have a real influence. And then you can think, it’s like a board game. A board game maker, whatever. You wouldn’t necessarily think of being able to influence politics in this way, but I love that they’re figuring out creative, different ways to make, have a message, and to express themselves during this trying time. Guys, let us know what you think about this move by the creators of Cards Against Humanity in the comments down below. Be sure to follow Dave on Twitter, Facebook, and his website. David, dude, I will see you soon.>>[SOUND]>>[MUSIC]


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