CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY CHARADES feat. Bria & Chrissy #WomenOnYouTube

– Okay, I love you babe, and I hate that you have a point, but good job. – Thank you. (jazzy myself) – Hey guys, so I’m here today with Bria and Crissy. – Hello. – Hello! – (unison) Hello! – We have a deck of
Cards Against Humanity, but we thought we’d do something slightly different because our
friends Stevie and Steph did this and we’re gonna play Cards Against Humanity Sha-rads. – Or charades.
– Shika-rads? – Sha-rads. – What is, chick abroads? – It’s every woman for herself and the person who guesses the most wins and then they get to tweet out the other two’s Twitter accounts. – Like if I win, then I get to sign it like such-and-such-and-such,
signed Chrissy, so I would sign it from her and also Tweet from her account. – Yeah! – So it’s really important to win. – But we don’t know what these cards say, we were given these cards. – Computer! – Typing! – Typing! – Something — – Porn! Two words, okay. – Calculator! – The, okay.
– The. The internet! – Google! Oh my God! Use the Google! Oh my God! – Damn it! The Google? – The Google! – One word, first word. – Opening a can. – Opening a can! – Can — – Reveal! – Not doing anything. – Two words. – Two words. – Two syllables! The first syllable. Sounds like. – Sounds like. – Knock.
– Knock knock knock. Come in! Doorbell! – Doorbell! – Bing, door, bell. – Bell! – Fell, mell, tell,
Hell, pell, sell, bell — – Bail, vail. – Vel, velco! Velco! – Yes, yes, it’s velcro! – Oh my God! On your mark, get set… Oooh. – Four words. Taking orders. – Why are you explaining it to her? Look at me in the eyes!
(laughing) – Serious. – Serious. – Why so serious? – Sirius Black! – (unison) Third word! – Death, dying, death? Death, death, death, Mufasa’s death scene. – Stare. Death stare! – First word. – (unison) Sounds like. – Cough! – Mouth, talk. – Beak! – Lips! – Bill! – Bill? Sounds like bill. Hill — – Bill Clinton’s death stare,
Hilary Clinton’s death stare! (cheering) – I’m not losing this game on my own show. – (unison) Seven words. – Sounds like — – A. – Sad. – A sad baby, a sad man, a sad fat — – A heavy fat, a heavy fat — – Sad fat, sad (mumble). Vomit? – (unison) Bird! – Eagle, fire dragon! Dragon, a sad fat dragon. – With no friends! – You’ve seen the card! – Yes! – Wait, does that mean she
wins, she see the card? – Of course, I guessed it! I guessed the card! – How does that work? – (laughs) No, she gets it, she gets it. – (mumble) Yesterday. – All right, Hannah. – So sweet, oh thank
you, thank you, Steph. Aw, yay! – Two words. First word. Beautiful. – Sexual. – Flirty. – Sexy. – Flirtation, connected together. – Coupling. – Couple… – Pairing. – Sexy couple. – Fourth syllable, first syllable, over. – Under, inside. – In. – Second syllable, sounds like. One. – First, in one. (mumble). – It sounds like in. Pin, tin, min, tin. – In min? In man, in dan, in tan… Intangible! – Vin, min. – This is so hard. – Second syllable, second word. – Second word. – She said bitch, second word. – Me, ow, poke, ow, that really does hurt. (phone ringing) – Oh my God, that was so hard! – What was it? – It was intimacy problems. – Intamacy problems? – Four words. Second word. – Crucifix! – Death. – Christ. – Dying Christ. – What Jesus would do. Oh, what Jesus would do. – Well this is a great game, thanks for coming on my channel! (laughing)
– She didn’t get a point! – Check out Hannah’s Twitter later. – Check out both of our Twitters because Christy’s gonna be saying something really interesting and Hannah’s gonna be saying something really interesting. – What I’ll do is I’ll put the tweets that Bria sent on the screen now and then you can let
us know in the comments if you saw these tweets ’cause this video will be going up weeks after. You can let us know if you saw them. – I’m so excited! I’m gonna need some backup, I’m gonna need some Stevie and Steph to help me with this backup. – [Steph] Oh I’m ready. – Thank you so much for
watching, please give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and go check out these two lovely ladies because we’re gonna do a video right now on your channel, so that will be up and you can go watch that too. See you soon, bye! (jazzy music)


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