hi thank you so much for doing this interview with us I’ve seen rough night and it’s amazing I was laughing straight through the first ten minutes of the movie but then you stopped completely old guys journalists in the screening room in France weren’t laughing that much because you know they don’t get some of the jokes and what I wanted to do with you today if you if you agree is in the spirit of this movie good people and really dreadful choices I wanted to play a round of cards against humanity’ with you a couple questions and you pick an answer and let’s say it out loud at out loud sorry one after the other and I’ll pick the winner okay so so rough night is better that’s right we can go gone wrong my first question is what never fails to live in up the party oh this is fun guys hard shall I begin yes farting and walking away I’m gonna go with masturbation yes and in that spirit I would say the clitoris surprise sex yes next question the movie starts in college at an epic beer pong final and then we jump to ten years later so what gets better with age drinking alone daddy issues not reciprocating world sighs Wow attitude mmm being rich I’m gonna go with the with us Gareth really yeah doing that for years always good that was great you’re paying strong and independent female characters but this is a tough work for women overall so what’s a girl’s best friend like to regret playing the clitoris now yes being fabulous cards against humanity’ wearing underwear inside out to avoid doing laundry Wow mm-hmm tasteful side boob oh wow charisma thank you well in gym were for sure charisma but tasteful side boob it’s gonna be your but how’s it gonna say I think it’s a dream world charisma real world yeah and that same spirit it’s where the movie we get to see everyone strengths and abilities what’s your secret power it’s natural selection concealing a boner pretending to care queefing coat hanger abortions so there’s a quite some sexual tension throughout the movie what will always get you laid a stray pube literally an erection that lasts longer than a four hours that’s what it says good good card I know really feels like I should be chill always get laid poor life choices oh yeah that’s true this is like a sort of like um M&S answer unfathomable stupidity right isn’t that the world these days that kind of thing men huh it sounds dangerous this is what you have to completely answer so I drink to forget the violation of our most basic human rights whoa the miracle of childbirth folly of man Oh shoo birdy mmm asymmetric boob job well I’m gonna go with the the feminist answer yes I drink to that all right I’m gonna break the rules and I’ve answered this one myself I think to forget this that our time together is over oh yeah one more rough night is really an amazing movie it comes out in France in August and I can’t wait for everyone to see it thank you rough night for you girls but amazing movie for us all don’t forget to do the right thing and see the movie you


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