Candace Cameron Bure Talks Amanda Bynes, The View & Faith

♪ Feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel it ♪ Our next guest stars on the hit show, Fuller House, and now she’s got a new Christmas movie, it’s called, A Shoe Addict’s Christmas, it’s on the Hallmark Channel. Please welcome back to our show, Candace Cameron Bure. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Wow. Hi, you! (audience chanting)
You are so stinking cute. Thank you. So cute. You look fabulous! Thank you. (audience clapping) You always do. Hi! I wanna give you some shoe cam. Put your feet on those feet. (magical music) Pull up your pants.
They’re beautiful. High. A little boring today, but they’re– You look nice! Nice black pumps, thank you. I mean, not that you don’t normally look nice, but you look, you look like you did back when we met you on Full House. (audience cheering)
I’ll take it! Thank you. I mean, you know– I’m trying to age in reverse. If it’s possible. I’m taking John Stamos’ magical formula. (audience laughs) No, but you know, when you see your favorite stars, from sitcoms, sometimes they’re, you know, you don’t recognize ’em, they’re falling apart. (laughing) Fallen on hard times. I’m glad I have your blessing, Wendy. (audience clapping) I’m just sayin’. So, I would imagine that you get approached a lot, because you still look like yourself. Fans approach you, they want pictures? I do. Yeah. Are you always so polite? Most of the time. (laughing) Unless you catch me, just in a really bad mood, or I have a, you know, piece of food in my, like fork in my mouth. Right.
No, I’m kidding. But, I’m, yes, listen, when fans come over, it means they’re watching what I do. Right.
It means they’re watching the shows, they’re watching Full House, Fuller House, Hallmark movies, or reading my books, and like, I appreciate it so much. (audience applauding)
You make, you keep me doing what I love to do, so, I’m always very happy when fans come over and say hi. And now Fuller House, you’re getting all new fans, like, younger people, it’s a whole new generation out there.
We are. It’s so great. (audience clapping) It’s several generations of fans, but you know, kids today, when they watch reruns of Full House, they could see me on the street, but they wouldn’t have recognized me, ’cause now I’m like, the old lady. And they’re like, Mommy, that’s not D.J., but now with Fuller House, and we’re going into our fourth season. Yes.
(audience cheering) Yes, yes. Now, all those young kids watching Fuller House recognize me from that show. So, we have a while new group of fans. It’s been fabulous. How did you keep your life on the straight and narrow, ’cause you know, during Hot Topics we spoke about Amanda Bynes. Mm-hmm. And, you know, it’s just an awful story, but she’s been sober for four years. How did you not fall into that hole? Well, it’s really great that she credits her parents for getting her back on track, because I will credit my parents for keeping me on track. (audience applauding)
I also, so I think it’s wonderful, that they have, but I also, I don’t have drug addiction that goes through my family, as a disease, so I don’t inherit that. It’s difficult, if you have that, Right.
In your blood, that’s a while separate problem you have to deal with, no matter whether you’re in the entertainment industry or not. But being in this business will certainly make your decisions a little tougher. Yeah. Well that’s why, you know, I mean, you know those nice Hallmark movies, you know, Fuller House, you got that sweet spot in your career right now. I, thank you,
(audience applauding) and you know what, Wendy, I’ve chosen to be in family entertainment. That has been a very intentional decision on my part. I’ve always wanted to do family entertainment. I’ve never wanted to kind of go down a dark road even as a actress, I wanna– Do you miss The View? (laughing) Good segue. Just askin’. (audience laughs) Kidding. I don’t miss The View, at all. I love being on talk shows, I love hosting talk shows, Right.
But, that was, that was a hard job every single day. Day in, day out talking politics. And Christianity. Yeah. And my faith. Which that was the easiest part for me, to be able to talk about my faith and share, and share my faith, but, I’m happy right now, not to be on that show, and talk about lighter topics right now. Do you ever get,
(audience applauding) do you ever get criticism, for your faith? You know, in terms of acting jobs and things? I have experienced discrimination in the faith department, for sure, in my career. But I don’t experience it as much now, and I think because so many people know me for it, so I think they look to me for my faith, and if they’re not looking for that, then they probably just don’t hire me. But it’s not thrown in my face, like, we’re not having her on, because– How would you know back in the day, when you did get, when you– Because I’ve booked for things, and then I would get canceled, like a few days before. Oh, oh!
(audience groans) The booker would go, oh, yeah, we don’t want her on. (laughing) I had that happened a handful of times. Well, it doesn’t matter, you got three kids. I do!
You’re livin’ a good life. (audience cheers and claps) Yes, I do! Aren’t they so cute! Oh my goodness. So. That was my son’s graduation, that’s why he has the flowers, the lei around his neck. Uh-huh, your husband’s cute too. Yes, he is. And, your daughter, what’s she up to? She’s posing like a model. Oh, she’s giving us the look. Oh my God.
(audience clapping) Yes, she’s a pretty girl.
What does she do? So, she’s an aspiring singer and actress, but she’s quite popular on social media, Oh!
Aren’t they all. So she’s got a Youtube channel and quite the following. What does she do on that Youtube channel? I mean, is it a mother-approved? It’s totally mother-approved. Aw, that’s nice. She actually is really cute, she’s 20 years old, and she still, she texted me two days ago, and she was like, Mom, what do you think about this picture? Appropriate, not appropriate? And her, when she even asked me those, I loved that fact that she’s 20 and still asks me, but you know, by most of the, of today’s standard, and when you see some of the other girls posting things, it just makes my heart swell, thinking she’s asking if this is inappropriate, when it’s just because maybe her lips are a little pouty, but not because she’s ever exposing anything. And, I love that about her, and those are, those are actually her real lips, (audience laughing)
because everyone, everyone asks. Those are her real lips, no fillers. (audience clapping) Oh my goodness, every dermatologist she goes to is like, who did your lips? Who did your lips?
Wow. Like, nope, God gave ’em to her. Well, she’s very pretty and very popular apparently. Now you’ve been married for 22 years. (audiences applauds) How do you keep that going? Well, we’ve managed. There’s lots of ups and downs. We’re kinda like going in a new season of life, because we’re gonna be empty nesters soon, Mm-hmm.
And, now we’re looking at each other going, oh, it’s just gonna be you and me. How much do I really like ya? (audience laughing) What are you gonna do with the other rooms in the house? Oh, I’ve got those planned out. Trust me, I don’t want my kids to leave, except that, I would like a little office in my house. I would like maybe a little gym room. So I’m gonna convert those bedrooms once they do go, but I’m not wishing them away anytime soon. Aw. All right, so the Hallmark movie. Uh-huh. A Show Addict’s Christmas. Yes, tell us about it. Oh, it just aired this past weekend, but it will be on all month long on the Hallmark channel. OK.
It’s with Jean Smart, as well, and it’s a little take on The Christmas Carol, and she uses, Jean Smart plays a character named Charlie, who’s like a guardian angel and really she uses footwear as the portal to take her back to a memory in her lifetime, where she could have made a different decision, so, it, the movie has a little whimsy, a little silliness, a little romance.
I heard all, I heard all the shoes on the set are yours, from your own personal closet. Yes, the majority of them were. (audience laughs)
Yeah. ‘Cause listen, I’m a shoe girl, that’s why I chose this script. Yes.
(audience cheers) I’m a shoe addict. And I needed to make sure that the shoes were looking good. Right.
In the movie. Right, right. So I just brought ’em all, because I produce these movies too, and the budget’s small. Uh-huh, uh-huh.
So, I knew they wouldn’t have a budget for the kinds of shoes I wanted, so I just brought my own. So, of course, it’s Giving Tuesday, and, you’re working with the Salvation Army. (audience clapping)
Mm-hmm. Tell us about that. Well, there are 40 million people living in poverty, and the Salvation Army has been taking care of the needs of these people, for over 150 years. So, I’m so happy to have teamed up for Giving Tuesday with Salvation Army. When you see, we all see the red kettles, we see the people ringing the bells, but you might not know where that money goes. No, where’s it go? So, it stays in your community. Wherever you drop that money,
Oh! That money stays. And it goes to feeding people, giving them shelter. It will give children Christmas presents under the tree this year.
Oh! I mean, they help everyone, and there’s no one that they turn away. And I’ve seen first hand the programs that they have, and they’re wonderful. So, go ahead and drop some coins, drop some bills, don’t run away from that red kettle, or that bell. And help that neighborhood. Go talk to ’em, they’re awesome. Thank you, Candace! (audience cheers and claps) Check out the new season of Fuller House, starts December 14th on Netflix. ♪ Feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel it, feel it ♪ ♪ How you doin’ ♪


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