Can you teach someone Daya (Compassion)? Q&A by Baljit Singh

Can you teach someone yourself to have Daya Or more Daya? So Daya is compassion. Or an easier way to understand for the younger ones is kindness. Can we teach someone? Paatshah Ji say to us constantly That the affect of Sangat, of who we associate with is so deep. and profound that we cannot comprehend it with our intellect. Gun (Virtue) here means The affect ‘Adhikaai’ means Deep. So when we associate with someone If we have Daya inside us, then that Daya can reach others as well. Others have Daya inside them already, we are going to ignite that Daya inside them Through the Daya inside us. So to say that in English, Daya is already inside of everyone. We are born with everything, we need to live and survive. Only that can come out what God has already put in because God has already put compassion inside of us, All it needs is evoking, and somebody needs to light it, to bring it out of us. But to bring Daya out of somebody the only way we can have that inspiration towards somebody is if we’re acting out of Daya. If we’re acting out of that absolute unconditional love and that Daya then will run over to them If they allow and open their heart to us to receive. Paatshah Ji says, Because sometimes our Karam are so strong, we are not able to allow anything in and it takes that little bit extra effort. Some people have to work hard because of their big load of past actions. Sometimes we are carrying such a load from the past, So it will take that extra effort to help somebody break that down. And, Take those steps of doing the traditional sewas’ that Guru has given us. Wavering the fan over the Sangat in this hot weather. Washing utensils in the Langars and starting off and serving. That will help to produce that and get closer to our Daya. That is already inside of us. If you enjoyed this video, please like comment, share and subscribe. Please donate and help spread Guru Ji’s message. Link is in the description below. Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa Vaheguru ji ki Fateh


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