Can you kill the zombie and sleep at night? How to morally kill a zombie.

hey people I’ve said it many times you
can’t stand on the mountaintop ,bask in the glow of the Morning Sun feel the
warmth up on your face without knowing the very bone-chilling bone-chilling
cold of the valley in the darkness as you want you through to climb that mountain.
sometimes you have to embrace the darkness sometimes you have to be the bad guy ! Night falls and the stench of pestilence stenches the air….. Who will save you ? yeah sometimes you have to be the bad
guy there’s been all kind of bad guys through history
to the victors go the spoils The defeated don’t write the history books
you know Abraham was considered a bad guy. John F Kennedy even Martin Luther King
Why, because they have to make hard decisions that don’t embrace the decisions they
might understand and say yeah that’s where a lot of things were lacking you
know a lot of people don’t like wrestling
I like the bad guys. I always like the bad guys because I kind of could see from their
point of view, but I’ve had a really bad guy whether it’s in business and you
have to repo somebody’s car or foreclose somebodies house. it’s your job you
know if you don’t do it when everybody’s going think we’re just taking money what
would society be you have to be the bad guy whether you’re a parent and you have to
take keys away from nineteen year old daughter so she don’t go to some wild
frat party you have to take that x box away from your son so that he
does his homework. If you want to admit it or not. everybody out there has it been a bad guy at out of some point so I say embrace the
bad guy ! sometimes you just have to be the bad guy.
what would Batman be without the Joker What would Superman be without Lex Luther?
world would be bland without someone being the bad guy. Ain’t always fun to be the bad guy. isn’t always fun to be the villain. Can’t please all the people, all the time ! Like, subscribe aso you can get your freak on And don’t forget to hit that bell so you can tell when we are here !


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