Camila offers help to the people of Las Espadas | TKB (With Eng Subs)

Go on. Ask your mayor. There’s another
investor, right? [CLAMORING] What does she mean, mayor? Yeah! [CLAMORING] Yes, we do have
another investor. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is we’ll push
through with this project. Still, the people
would want a name. So they can thank
that person, right? Unless you’re hiding
something from us. She’s right.
Why do you have to hide it? Who is Miss Tatiana
talking about? Why won’t you tell us? [CLAMORING] My nephew doesn’t want to
reveal this investor’s name because she’s none other
What? Isn’t that right, Luis? It’s Camila dela Torre. Yes, Tatiana, you’re right. What is that woman
doing here?! [CLAMORING] We don’t need help
from a murderer! [CLAMORING] Everybody, calm down! Just relax, please! You do not have to be angry!
Please! Everybody, please calm down! I just want to help. I am not your enemy Our real enemies are
Juan Felipe dela Torre, the Primo Diablo,
and Luciano dela Torre. And just like everyone here,
they also ruined my life. This is your fault too! We won’t accept your
bloodstained money! We know you’ve
planned to return to Las Espadas
to get revenge! You can’t pass
the blame to anyone! We know that this is
part of your plan! [CLAMORING] Everybody, please calm down! I came here today
because I want to help you. If you’re mad at me,
I completely understand. But please, let us
help you rise up again. I know what you are
going through. I have also suffered
in the past when I tried to get back
on my own two feet after the tragedy that
destroyed my life here in Las Espadas. I was deprived of… …the right to live. I lost everything. Even my own daughter. All this time, I thought
she was already gone.


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