Caller Wants House to Criminally Indict People

Let’s see. Let’s go next to our caller from
the five 41 area code. Who’s calling today from five, four one? Uh, that would be me actually. Great. Who’s this? My name is all Bon Hartman. I’m a in Ashland, Oregon.
I, well, I just like to say I agree with Dante, uh, briefly and, um, I have an idea for challenging
the memo that keeps the house from indicting a sitting precedent. That’s what needs to
be done because the Senate by their oath of objectivity and impartiality. Well, hold on a second, Paul. Let’s just back
up one second. If we can. You’re talking about you want the house to criminally indict the
president. I don’t believe that’s a power the house even conceivably has. Well. Um, these are extraordinary times where,
um, you know, people like Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham are openly violating their
oath, uh, to be impartial. And so, you know, extreme circumstances require, uh, out of
the box thinking about how to stop the slide into totalitarianism that we’re, we’re all
watching happen. I don’t disagree with your call, but I do
think that the idea of listening, I know waiting to November sounds like a long time and then
it’s until January until the next president would be inaugurated. But, uh, you know, the
house doesn’t have the power to criminally indict people and I can assure you whatever would need to be done in order to make that even a remote
possibility is going to take longer than the eight and a half months that remain between
now and the election. So I think it’s important just to stay focused on what our practical
solutions are. I’m, it sounds super interesting for the house to indict someone, uh, but it,
it’s just not going to happen and we can much more quickly vote. This guy out in November, there’s nothing that keeps them being built
bar though. Sorry. There’s nothing that keeps, what about
bar? Yeah. There’s nothing that prevents the indictment
of bill BARR. They’re involved in a conspiracy to overthrow the U S government. I’m just not aware that the house can criminally
indict anyone. Uh, that, so the house of representatives is a legislative body. If I’m speaking out
of turn, by all means, you know, I’m willing to be corrected, but I don’t think no matter
what bill BARR has done, I don’t believe the house has the power to criminally people. Well, if someone does, I mean, yeah, must be some, it’s the justice system
that’s run by [inaudible]. Well, Hey, you know what? I can hear myself on speaker Paul.
I’m going to have to let you go cause I’m a, I’m hearing myself back on a three second
delay. It’s getting a little crazy, but I w I would just vote in November. That’s much
faster than getting the house to indict anybody, which I just, I just don’t think they can
do as, as reasonable as the idea might be.


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