‘C’ Yourself Become Confident & Courageous!

“The human contribution is the essential
ingredient it is only in the given of oneself to others that we truly live.” ―Ethel Percy Andrus Capable Having the ability, able to achieve effectively, competent. most people are capable of accomplishing almost anything Always remember that you are talented gifted, skillful, and qualified. You must stay determined, have a plan. Give yourself a timeline Make sure to stay realistic with your timeline Do not become discouraged if everything doesn’t work out according to your timeline You might have to adjust but that’s okay You are totally capable Charitable The assistance of those in need It is so honorable to help others not to only give money but to give of yourself contributing to the world a noble cause this can bring such
a gratifying feeling to a person You will wake up feeling so much better by making a difference in the world Charming Charismatic, engaging. I really believe that everyone has the ability to be the magnetizing. When you are speaking
to someone, always make sure that you are sincere. Sincerity goes a long long way Consistency Dependability, reliability You have to try to stay consistent as much as possible If you fall off just make
sure you get back up It’s so important to stay focused and on track Do not let anyone or anyone take you off your mission Courageous Not deferred by danger or pain, brave. Don’t be afraid to be adventurous If you never take a chance how will you know the outcome? Sometimes you have to be daring and fearless to get the results that you want Just imagine if so inventors did not try Credible Dependable, honest, reliable
it is so important to be trustworthy Your word means a lot. try not to be wishy-washy make a decision and stick by it. Cutting-edge, confident, and captivating. Thank you for watching and subscribing Don’t forget to smash the like button please share with your family and
friends because they deserve the best and don’t forget to leave a comment What is your positive C Word and as always remember you are amazing


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