Building Yourself Up In Your Most Holy Faith

Hi my friends in Christ, brothers and sisters,
my name is Devon Metcalfe. And I’m here today to talk to you about
building yourself up in your most holy faith praying in the Spirit. Now for years I have heard pastors use these
exciting lines ‘bout in 30 days the Lord is going to do something for you, in 20 days
the Lord is going to bless you, and I realize that that doesn’t fit so well with me because
they’re always telling me that God is gonna do something for me when my bible says, when
Jesus was on the cross, He says it is finished. And the Lord have taught me over the years
that the issue is that most people or even speakers don’t understand about most holy
faith. And for that reason a lot of pastors basically
go against speaking in tongues or praying in tongues because they don’t know the importance
of tongues pertaining to faith. Now in Jude 20 verse 25, the bible says, but
ye beloved, building up yourselves in your most holy faith praying in the holy ghost. Now right here Jude is telling us that we
need to build ourselves up in our most holy faith. So that means that there is faith, there is
most holy faith, and one more thing the Lord revealed to me is there is also great faith. Now in Hebrews 6, sorry Hebrews 11 verse 6
it says, but without faith, it is impossible to please God for he that cometh to God must
believe that he is and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him. So there is faith and the bible says without
faith it is impossible to please God. We also learn from Jude that Jude is saying
build yourself up in your most holy faith so we know there is holy faith. Now in Matthew 8 verse 10, the bible says,
ahm, when Jesus heard it he marvelled and said to them that followed, verily I say unto
you, I have not found such great faith, not in all Israel. And this is the story of the centurion when
he told Jesus don’t come to my house, just speak the word and my servant will be healed. And Jesus is saying, that is great faith. So, we lay the foundation that there is faith,
there is great faith and there is most holy faith as Jude said. Now the bible said, when Jesus came out of
the water, in Matthew 3 verse 16, and Jesus when he was baptized went up straight way
out of the water. And lo the heavens were open unto him and
he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove, and lying upon him. And a voice from heaven saying, this is my
beloved son, in whom I am well pleased. Now with faith, it talks about pleasing God,
with great faith or with Jesus kind of faith, most holy faith, he’s talking about well
pleasing God. And so that issue, ahm, lays the foundation
for me or should I say that point lay the foundation for me that there’s three kinds
of faith. There is faith, great faith and most holy
faith. Now faith, I believe, is expecting God to
do something. Most Holy faith, or should I say faith, is
where they expect God to do now and they have to be in there vicinity where they can touch
him or they can see him. When Jesus was going around they had faith
but he had to be there. This centurion now defied the kind of faith
that everybody else was used to. He said Jesus you don’t have to be there,
just say the word and my servant will be healed. So great faith acknowledges that God doesn’t
have to be there. He can just say the word. So one faith believes in God doing something,
another faith believes that God can just say the word and it will happen, and great faith
now I believe is that everything that can be said, is said, and everything that can
be done, is done. So Jesus now in his position says Father it
is finished, it is finished. I believe he is talking with the Father when
he says it is finished; the work that you sent me to do, it is done. What you’ve sent me to say, I have said
it. It is finished. Now that is where the Lord wants to take us. To the place of great faith. Now tongues builds you up in your most holy
faith. And that most holy faith brings you to the
place to see the finished work of Jesus Christ. So if someone doesn’t pray in tongues. They are a believer who is not walking in
most holy faith. They’re trying to get a prophet to give
them a word, they’re always trying to get God to do something, they’re always trying
to get Jesus to come down off his throne and go do something for them. And Jesus is not coming down off his throne
anymore. Jesus is not gonna do anything. Because guess what? He has already done it. He has already spoken. Everything that can be spoken, was spoken. Everything that can be done, has been done. And so now, the more we pray in the Holy Spirit,
the Holy Spirit is bringing confirmation that this is already done. You just need to wait upon the manifestation. Believe, believe that it is finished. And receive. Believe and receive. Believe and receive. And that is where Jude was trying to take
the believer. Build yourself up in your most holy faith. So, I am not trying to get God to bless me. I believe that God has already blessed me
in the heavenly realm with every spiritual blessing and I am trying to, I am not trying
to get God to heal me. By the stripes of Jesus, I was healed. Everything that you could possibly need it’s
already done. Every blessing that there is for Paul says
no matter how many promises there are in Christ Jesus, they are yes and amen. It is finished, it is done. And me telling you this will not take you
to the full realization. It’s the more you pray in the Holy Spirit,
the more you pray in the holy spirit, build yourself up in a most holy faith. Not the faith that says okay God, this, you
need to do this for me, or God, speak a word through somebody to me or speak a word over
to me. But it’s a faith that says Lord, you have
already said it. You say that Jesus became poor to make me
rich, therefore I believe that finished work. I am rich. By his stripes I was healed, I receive what
he did. I am healed. And so that is where we need to go as believers
in Christ. If you don’t speak in tongues, you need
to speak in tongues. If you did it once as a confirmation that
you are his, then you need to continue to speak in tongues now because you will never
walk in most holy faith. And in most holy faith, God is not only just
pleased, as with faith, as in Jesus case, he says, I am well pleased. When we walk in most holy faith, we’re telling
the Father, Father, Jesus did it, I believe it, I receive it. God the Father is not only pleased, he is
well pleased. Thank you.

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