Brotherhood SAVES the DAY! | Bangalore to Munnar | HUGE Group Ride | EP 1

Ok guys, good morning. Time is 4 AM now. Have a look, I’ve packed everything last night itself. I’m super excited. It’s always a good idea to get everything ready the previous night. If I packed in the morning, it could create a lot of panic. I only need to wear my riding gear, load the luggage on the bike, and start. I’m really excited for this ride. So, I’m sure I’ll give you a good experience. Let’s not talk too much. Anyways you’re going to see it all. Let’s go. There! Shall I start? I’ll start then. Hey guys, welcome back to the channel, how are you doing? By the way, if you haven’t subscribed to the channel yet, do SUBSCRIBE. And don’t forget to hit that bell icon. I upload travel videos, adventure videos, and motovlogs on a weekly basis. If you’re that kind of a person, you’ll love my channel. Time is around 5 o’clock. We are on a superb ride. We are actually headed to Munnar from here. This ride is really going to be special We are going to meet a lot of people, many riders … Subscribers … There are two more cool motovloggers on this trip. So, it’s going to be a different experience. And that too, in this rainy / winter season, Munnar. It’s going to be amazing. I’m starting from Attibele, Bangalore. There are two riders joining from Salem and Erode. So, the plan is to reach Munnar by Sunset today. We have started by 5AM, so let’s see if we reach Munnar by sunset. Wow! Check this sunset out. How beautiful! Still, the sun risen yet, but the rays look beautiful. On the road’s horizon, it’s amazing. You can definitely go on such a morning ride. Even if you can’t go for a long ride, you can go for just a morning ride. You will feel peaceful. So, doesn’t matter where you are, you should definitely try a morning ride. on the highways. We are crossing our first toll. Krishnagiri Toll WOW! The sun is starting to rise. See how beautiful it is. Awesome! Don’t know what that is. There is fog specifically at that spot stretching to the height. Specifically on that hill. Everywhere else it’s clear, but check that place out, fog till the top. Superb. Check out how beautiful it is. Wow, nice curve. When I encounter this curve, I’m reminded about our Kolli Hills trip. If you haven’t watched that video, do check it out. Wow, its an awesome curve, isn’t it? Wow, amazing.. Nice curves. Kolli Hills trip was really enjoyable It was one of the first videos actually. One of the first properly edited videos. But even today, when I watch that video I love it. If you haven’t watched it yet, do watch it. I think you’ll like it too. Wow. Nice Arun has now joined us from Salem. And next one rider is supposed to join us from Erode. We are now near Chitode Vimal, Tulasi, and Shivanandam, three guys have come to meet me here. I’m really happy to meet them here. Vimal: We wanted to meet brother since a very long time. We were thinking when we would get that chance, and today we got that chance. We are all happy. We will definitely go on a ride with him. Thank you bro, keep riding, and keep inspiring others. Vimal: Sure bro. Wow, wind mills To my right, there are many wind mills. Some are stationary, Some are rotating with the wind. We recently crossed a place called Avinashi near Coimbatore. Didn’t expect that wind mills will be on this route. See how big that is. You know that whatever I do, there will be adventure in it. And on that note, this Munnar trip is not an ordinary Munnar trip. This is like an expedition. We are going to take our bikes to where only Jeeps are allowed. And I haven’t done group rides with strangers before. I’ve only done it with friends in a closed circle. So, the only expectation I had in this ride, is to meet many people, interact with them, and ride along with them. We are now in Udumalpet. The rest of the group is coming from Chennai. We are going to wait for them after having lunch. That is a huge group. The most important people are in that group. I’ll show you, don’t worry. The reason I’m excited is mainly because of them. One veg omelette. How do you think Veg Omelette is made? Guess and tell me, how a veg omelette could be made. The Veg Omelette is made of lentils and cashew, ground into a powder and used as batter. It’s different. Let’s try that at home. We are now getting our PUC certificate. Pollution Under Control Certificate It’s always good to keep this on your bike We are in need of it now. In cities like Chennai ad Bangalore, you can get it in Petrol Bunks itself. But if you go to slightly remote places, you will have dedicated centres for this. Udumalaipettai. Rs. 50. Valid till May 2020. Valid for 6 months All riders have come. They’re coming one by one. Wow


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