Brotherhood of Nod | Command & Conquer

“Peace through Power”. For centuries this had been the guiding mantra
of the Brotherhood of Nod – a global organization that possessed the characteristics of a secret
society, religious cult, terrorist organization, and quasi-nation state. Immensely complex in its operation and equally
cryptic in its goals, the only two facets of the Brotherhood that had remained relatively
consistent over time was its reverence towards the elusive and charismatic figure of “Kane”
and its obsession with the extra-terrestrial substance known as Tiberium. The Brotherhood of Nod outwardly professed
a philosophy of peace, unity and eternal brotherhood yet its own internal workings were marked
by a series of power struggles and rivalries. While Kane served as Nod’s highest authority,
an Inner Circle of his most trusted commanders was often relied upon to conduct specific
operations. These commanders were given extensive freedom
of execution, which in turn allowed for a high degree of flexibility. This decentralized nature allowed for the
formation of smaller elite units within Nod, such as the Black Hand and the Marked of Kane
each, specializing in various forms of war fare or covert operations. These groups were often at odds with one another
and Nod was occasionally splintered as competing commanders fought for control of the Brotherhood,
or simply the favor of Kane. Compared to their main rival; the UN backed
Global Defense Initiative, the Brotherhood of Nod was in many ways technologically superior. How Nod achieved such breakthroughs in fields
such as directed energy, artificial intelligence, cybernetics, and advanced stealth mechanisms
has never been fully explained but is believed to have been a result of their access to and
study of allegedly alien technology and their near monopoly on Tiberium. Nod’s advanced research institutes were
also not bound to the traditional limits of morality, and Nod scientists routinely engaged
in dangerous acts of human experimentation. Despite Nod’s technological edge, the Brotherhood’s
military doctrine favored the use of fast, lightly armoured vehicles better suited to
guerrilla tactics than a prolonged war of attrition. There was also a large degree of disparity
in the training and equipment given to Nod soldiers, with Brotherhood militias little
more than armed thugs spurred into action by fanatically devout “Confessors”. When forced into direct conflict however,
Nod was more than capable of deploying its more advanced elements, including stealth
tanks, mechanized walkers and aircraft. Brotherhood propaganda was just as effective
as their military, often engineering scandals and controversies as a means of countering
GDI influence through information warfare. By appealing to the millions of people living
in areas contaminated by Tiberium and providing relief supplies and other forms of support,
Nod was able to rally millions of people to their cause. Combined with an extensive misinformation
campaign, the true nature of Nod was carefully managed and hidden. Sources within Nod claim the organization
had existed since antiquity, while this is almost certainly exaggerated, ancient burial
sites with Nod symbolism had been uncovered, leading some credence to these claims. However old the organization is, some of its
first suspected activities date back to the Second World War, although it would not be
until the arrival of Tiberium that Nod began acting on a global scale. An extra-terrestrial crystalline substance,
Tiberium first arrived on Earth during a meteor impact near the Tiber river in Italy. Tiberium quickly spread across the Earth,
especially in the warmer climates of the world, leeching metals and other minerals from the
native soil and concentrating them into exceptionally valuable Tiberium crystals. With many of the poorer, third world nations
of the equatorial region suddenly abundant with Tiberium, the Brotherhood of Nod began
working to control these markets by appealing to and manipulating local unrest, anti-western
sentiments and various religious philosophies. During this initial expansion, Nod simultaneously
exploited all three of the major Abrahamic faiths, gaining millions of followers across
the world. By 1995, the Brotherhood controlled nearly
half of the world’s Tiberium supply either directly or through numerous shadow corporations. Whereas many of the world’s governments
considered Tiberium to be valuable, yet potentially dangerous, Nod and in particular its leader
Kane, saw Tiberium as almost sacred, and necessary for the next stage of human evolution. Nod’s rise to power across the world quickly
brought it into conflict with the Global Defense Initiative, the formal military branch of
the United Nations. A series of devastating conflicts were fought
across the globe with the GDI successfully preventing the Brotherhood on more than one
occasion from deploying Tiberium based superweapons that might have significantly altered the
Earth’s already deteriorating ecosystem. Several times throughout the enduring conflict
between GDI and Nod, it was believed that the organization had been successfully fractured
beyond repair and Kane himself believed killed. In every instance, Kane would mysteriously
reappear, most notably during the execution of General Hassan, a puppet leader the GDI
had installed within the upper levels of the Brotherhood in the hopes of keeping Nod relatively
harmless. This attempt failed, sparking the Second Tiberium
War in which the ancient and extraterrestrial Tacitus was acquired by Nod, allowing the
Brotherhood to greatly improve their understanding of Tiberium. Using knowledge gained through the Tacitus,
Kane successfully tricked the GDI into destroying Temple Prime, Nod’s primary command center
in Sarajevo. Unknown to the GDI, Temple Prime sat atop
a massive reserve of liquid Tiberium and the resulting explosion killed millions of people
across Europe and acted as an interstellar signal to the alien “Scrin” – a powerful
and technologically advanced race suspected to have been behind the original seeding of
Earth with Tiberium decades earlier. Kane had hoped to lure the Scrin to Earth
to gain access to one of their immense monolithic towers known as Thresholds. While the GDI successfully repelled the Scrin
invasion of Earth, the Brotherhood was able to capture the last remaining Threshold, securing
the Scrin’s vast knowledge of Tiberium for the Brotherhood. By 2062 the rampant spread of Tiberium across
the world had reached critical levels with deteriorating environmental conditions making
the extinction of humanity seemingly imminent. In an 11th hour alliance, Kane agreed to share
what he had learned from the Tacitus in exchange for the resources to build a Tiberium Control
Network, the last hope of saving the planet. Even as civilization faced Armageddon, internal
power struggles in both Nod and the GDI threatened to spiral the two factions back into a global
war. Unknown to all but Kane however, the true
purpose of the Tiberium Control Network was twofold. Not only would it stop the spread of Tiberium,
but it could also be linked into the Scrin’s last remaining Threshold tower to form a portal,
which Kane and his most devout followers would use to “Ascend”. As Nod and the GDI fought for control of the
Network, the portal was activated, and Kane, his followers and the Brotherhood disappeared
from the Earth. Whoever, or whatever Kane was and more importantly,
where he is now, might forever remain a mystery.


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