Brotherhood of Brew Travel and Adventure Show

my name is Jeff Coxen I started working
at a brewery when I was 16 years old. Since then I’ve been fascinated with
anything that can be brewed. Fast-forward 21 years and I still have that same
passion! Every brewery, winery and coffee house has a rich history and I want to
show you! But this isn’t just about the brew, it’s about the people we meet along
the way and the friends we make. I want to find the most off-the-wall stories
unique history and amazing brew. Now I’m packing the truck up and I’m heading
around the globe to find the perfect drink. Brewing isn’t the only thing I’m
passionate about, I’m also a gearhead and an adrenaline junkie! I love cars,
anything that goes fast and anything that can get me into trouble. But I also love
the outdoors. So, in every location we find amazing brew, we’re also gonna find
something fun to do and you never know, we may be coming right into your
backyard! So sit down grab a beer strap in and let’s go!!

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