Brotherhood in a Battlefield [Justice(저스티스) / ENG]

to find out exactly what the problem is. I asked you to find out what the problem is, not to win the lawsuit. Oh, is that how you took my word? I can’t do that. There’s a reason why I must win this case too. It’ll be much better if you just drop it. Please excuse me. If you have to win the case because of Chairman Song, I think we can talk about this a little more. Wooyong, what is he saying? I can explain. – Taekyung. / – Was this your plan all along? Why didn’t you tell me? Because the case was too high-profile, with all kinds of the press and human rights lawyers dying to take it. The problem would have blown up if people found out we’re on Jungjin’s side. Even so, how can you deceive me? I didn’t want to bother you with this. Like you said, it’d be hard to defeat Jungjin anyway, so you’d lose naturally if I let the case go on. I thought it would save your image if you took the victim’s side and use the press to make sure people know. Wooyong, isn’t this a bit odd? You always made me take evil men’s side and defend them. I really don’t get why you didn’t tell me about this particular case. Why is this case different from the other ones that we took before? It was a term on Jungjin’s side. They asked me to keep it a secret from you. This is a whole different case compared to personal lawsuits that you took on until this day. It’s a corporate litigation.

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