Brotherhood: A8 Movie

Please take a seat According to my diagnosis… Your daughter has a temporary memory loss Ey, that guy looks just like you! Not a clue… What does this mean, doc? The symptoms are… This is way too boring. Come on, let’s go! There, see that gigantic house over there? Mine’s over here… Ok… Well, mine’s over here, though. Are we there yet, dear? Yes, just right ahead of you! Right…I’m…too old for all of this… Oy, those fellas over there looks familiar! Hey, look over there, see that person? Yes……..the doctor… Look again! Could it be…? It must be…! BUDDY! Well that hurts kinda bad… Nevermind, lets go! Go go go… *panting* I’ve gotten here since the beginning of time… Do you see those over there? Then one of those over there is yours… Just walk to the end of this bridge… and you’re there! Alright, au revoir! How did she become a doctor? Soon enough, her next destination is the asylum… Indeed… Anway, why are you here? *sigh* It’s because… Hang on for a sec… Move on to the side a little…. That should do it… I said “stop”, why did you move further? Your hand didn’t… Pardon me, I have Parkinson’s… All right, lookin’ good! Good enough but uh… how about one more? What on earth are you doing? Last one, let’s go. Good, good… MY GOD! It’s hot like hell here… Why make us stay still? Hand the camera over! SEE? Aren’t they beautiful… What’s with the blur? Use Photoshop on these… My god, I already told you… A phone looks a lot nicer! You too! You should quit your job with your hands like this… I apologize… Dad… I told you… I work from dusk till dawn… Tons of work! It exhausts me… Do me a favor and stay home, will ya? You wander around taking people their photos… You have earthquakes for hands… Just stay home and rest! Why take photos for those who shouted at you? I’ve hit the sack! But now I gotta take care of you? You know how tiring it is? For once, stay home! Should’ve put me in the nursing home… So that’s what you want? He heard that? Fine, you’ll get what you wished for! And I’ll settle down overseas! Eh, why make a fuss over it? But… I haven’t familiarized myself here…. How long have you been in here? 2,3 years maybe? Huh, guess I’m still luckier… You know what, it’s fun ’round here… Come on, let’s go! Hey! Recognize this place? Nope, can’t recall anything… You almost died here Really? Why can’t I remember anything? Same reason why you’re still single! Hey, An’s here. What should I do? It’s hot right? Give her your jacket… Dang, it’s hot Let’s play chess Over there! Wait for me, homies! Your move? Check! What’s this? Can you play? Uhhh…. No Then get outta here! Let’s go, we’re playing! I’m gonna go first! Hey, what’s that guy doing over there? Leave him be! Nonsense… And the final MOVE! HEY! *Nam Anh*: How ya doin’ sweetie? Wake up, punk! What do you think you’re doing? Outta nowhere…Get lost! I won that round… Excuse me? I won that game! *fighting intensifies* Alright, how about you all go up there and roll down here? Whoever gets here first, wins… Stop barking, let’s go! Y’all ready? OK! OK!LET’S GO! Nah, bad move, not good Hey, didn’t we use to roll here too? Yeah, right…. Why did you slap me? Damn it! Here he comes, now roll! You think you’re the only ones who can roll here? Let’s sit here Meeting you guys again…reminds me of our springtime… Hey Yen, do you know what color I see when I close my eyes? Black? Yeah, that’s the color of my world without you! Khang Do you know what color I see when I close my eyes? Black? Yeah, that’s… Then what color is it? Blue? Red? Violet? Yellow? That’s when you’re long gone *oof* uhh….K….K Khai, don’t make a fuss over it… Yeah, don’t make a fuss over it… Do you want to have some “xoai lac”? “Island” is defined as…. Listen to Slim Shady over there! *arguing about pages to cheat* That’s not it, this one is… ありがとう Yen… Do you know why the sea is salty? Because you’re in it Well, it’s lunch break Yeah, I’m starving Why can’t I dial him? I wonder what’s wrong…. Hey, Tin’s over there! Why’s he like that? Tin! Tin! You OK?/Go get the doctor! Yo doc! Save that man! What’s the matter? You’re the doctor here! Why ask us? Can’t believe it’s 3 years already… 3 years ago, he passed away…. So it means he died 3 years ago… I don’t know if Yen’s with him or not… Hope they’re together in Heaven… YOU’RE DEAD MEAT! Nani? I’m successful now…I’m here to see my father Successful? For what? Your dad’s gone… 3 years ago, he called you, but you didn’t pick up… What were you doing? He had a heart attack, and bit the dust… Did you know? He drop out of university… Just to raise a son, who wasn’t even his… What are you talking about? I’m not his son? Why? Your mom died during labor Your dad left you before you were even born You would’ve been in an orphanage But because of the brotherly love… We adopted you… Otherwise, you would still be there… You wouldn’t be as you are right now But… all you cared about was the money So you “threw” him here, this nursing home, along with me and Long If it hadn’t been for the love… But this is how you treated him… You went overseas, and you’re fine with that? You think you can do everything because you’re rich?

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