Brotherhood 2.0: January 1st

Hey John. I guess you’ve heard by now (beep beep) Auto
Power off? Why the f- Still some glitches to work out. Hello John, by now you have received
my message that we will no longer be communicating through any textual means. No more instant
messaging, no more emailing, only video blogging. And possibly phone calls. You can see my eye in my eye. Aaaahhhh. Okay, just try to ignore that. There, you
can’t see it now, can you? Last night I sent you an email from a New
Year’s Eve party in Lake Tahoe. The email outlined our plans. Starting on January 1st,
today, I will send you a video blog. Tomorrow you will reply to that video blog. We will
continue like this until the year is up. If one of us fails to send a video blog on
a weekday, there will be certain punishments. The punishments will be outlined later. I
finished this email: cross my heart, hope to die, and I may very possibly be required
to stick a needle in my eye. That’s the kind of punishment I’m talking about. [“Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley is heard playing
in the background] Brotherhood 2.0 commences today. Does that make us crazy? Probably. Haaaaaaa mmmmmmm.

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