Brotherhood 2.0, February 5, 2007

[Intro Music] Hank, I’m at Duane Reade and I’m looking for the wax, but I don’t know what aisle the wax is in It’s not with the makeup, it’s not with the
soap It’s with the hair brushes. Hank I am about
to wax my chain. What should I expect from this? Yeti: Pain. First we have to microwave the wax. [Poorly singing the Jaws theme] Now I have to go wash my face. I’m really worried, you made out to be so horrible. The time
has come Hank. The wax is about to be applied. [Upbeat wax applying music] One…. I’m very scared. One, two, three. [long, painful groan noise] God… Oh my God. [Yeti makes laugh noises] How did it not come off? I pulled so hard. One, two, three [painful laughter] It can’t come off. This is horrible… Oh my God. Can I pull slowly? Yeti: You’re bleeding. John: That SUCKED! Because I’m a hard worker, and I believe in the project and I believe in Brotherhood 2.0, I’m gonna try it one more time
but if I bleed again… That’s it. Oh God. It’s much harder to do
once you know how much it’s gonna suck. I mean, last time I was like oh we’re AHH. This
time I know how much it’s gonna hurt One… Oh God, I don’t wanna do it… Oh God. One, two, three. See all the blood? You bastard. Hank, we’re going to have to switch
punishments because this one makes me bleed. ninety-four percent that free popcorn only two points on Weight Watchers for
the entire bag. Mint chocolate chip ice cream 13 points. I’m going to watch the mint
chocolate chip melt, while I eat my crappy popcorn. [Jazzy popcorn eating music] Thanks for giving me an alternative
punishment, I’ll see you tomorrow.

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