BROCKHAMPTON Reveals The Meaning Behind The ‘GINGER’ Album Cover

Rob Markman: What was the person behind the
album cover? HK: Oh … Rob Markman: What were y’all trying to express? HK: Man, just being honest. Honesty, and vulnerability, and just … The
album cover could’ve gone so many different ways. It could’ve been this gritty, grungy kind
of vibe, that the single artwork’s taken on, but we kind of like leaving people with a
hard left, and … Rob Markman: I’ll say. Rob Markman: But, it’s good. It’s fun that way. It’s like, I like looking at it and not getting
it, or having to figure it out, having it sink in, or listening to the album 10 times,
and then you have the eureka moment … HK: You’ll listen midway through, and then
you’d look at the cover on your phone, and you’d be like, “Oh. Oh, it makes sense.” Rob Markman: Yeah. HK: We go off our intuition. We go off our gut, and we saw the photo shot
by Adrian, and it was like … Where was it? Joba: Norway. It was in Oslo. In Norway. Merlyn Wood: Who was it? In the photo? HK: Oh, it’s Wes and Joba. It’s not Jon, yeah. People think it’s like…. Merlyn Wood: What did you say, again? What’d you say, bearface? HK: People think it’s, like, Joba’s brother
or something, but it’s Wes, and he’s a part of the creative team. But, no, it’s supposed to be honest. We want to … It just looked cool, too. Like, we’ll just go off our gut and … Kevin Abstract: Beyond that. It didn’t just look cool. There was a great … It was a great … HK: So, the actual story behind the photo
… I have no idea, because I wasn’t there. All I know is, that night, all the guys were
out … Kevin Abstract: Heavy, heavy, heavy, heavy
conversation, for hours. Fighting with each other, crying. It was insane. Joba: Beautiful sunrise while it was all happening. H.K.: It was, like, 6:00 AM. Kevin Abstract: And, the end of the end of
the night … It ended with us hugging each other, and it was Joba and Weston, just hugging. It was crazy that Adrian caught that. So, when we saw the photo, it was like, “Damn,
that moment was captured,” and it connects to the album and… Joba: And also, I think the composition of
the photo itself is just beautiful. I mean, just the color palette, and like … I
mean, that’s exactly what it looked like. Kevin Abstract: Did you do much, in post? HK: I just, I tweaked it just a little bit. It was a little flat at first, but I didn’t
do too much. All I did was just add the text, and a little
bit of texture, and a little bit of photo correction, but I didn’t do anything. I kept that photo as is. Kevin Abstract: I love how personal it is. HK: Like, this is me. Like, I’m still, I still have no idea what
happened that night. And, I remember, we were in the hotel lobby,
just having breakfast, and … Dom McLennon: Same Rob Markman: Where were you? HK: No, that photo was in Oslo, but I remember,
the day … We were in the … Belgium, where was it? For, like, three days? Brockhampton: Brussels. Brussels, yeah. Berlin. HK: Berlin, my bad. Berlin, Berlin. And, everybody’s looking at this photo, like,
“Oh, this is the one,” and I’m like, “I have no context of this photo. I just have this photo.” And, everybody’s like, “Man this is the one. You got to do it.” I was like, “All right. I’ll just go with it, because everybody else
loves it too.” Let me make it the best version of what is. Dom McLennon: Yeah, the night that photo was
taken, I think it was me, HK, maybe one other person that didn’t go out that night. So, we’re all waking up, going to breakfast,
and they’re already all downstairs. And, we were just like, “What the fuck is
going on?” It was crazy. H.K.: And, come to find, it was just an intense
moment, that ended with love.


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