Body Parts Introduction | Human Body Parts | Pre School | Animated Videos For Kids

The greatest machine you’ll ever own is
your body. It’s more complicated than any computer. It lasts for a lifetime, and it’s yours
for free ! Your body is made up of hundreds of different parts. You probably know the names of the bits you
can see, but there are many more hidden deep inside you. Body parts often come in pairs. You have two feet, two eyes, two ears, two
lungs, and so on. This means you have a handy spare in case
one of them gets damaged. Water is the most important chemical in your
body. About two-thirds of your weight is water. Although we look different from animals, our
bodies are similar on the inside. Our closest animal relatives are chimpanzees. All human bodies work the same way, but everyone
is different. Nobody looks, sounds or thinks exactly like
you. You’re different because of your genes that
come from your parents. All bodies are made up of organs. Your skin is an organ. It is wrapped around a framework of bones
and other organs such as the heart, the brain and the lungs. Organs work to keep you alive, and each does
a different job. Organs work together to make up systems such
as the muscular system and the circulatory system. Organs are made up of tissue, which is made
of groups of similar cells. Cells are different depending on the organ
they are a part of – skin cells for example are different from bone cells. Come on now, lets all know about some of the
most common Internal and External Organs of our Body.


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