Blueprint for Peace for Humanity – Day 1 – PM – Friday, June 30, 2017

NOTE! Subtitles in this video are
auto-generated and unrevised. welcome around to the afternoon session
for day one of the blueprint for peace for Humanity it’s Friday June 30th 2017
and will carry on from our morning session earlier morning in Central
European time at least and I guess we’ll continue with hearing from people and
the anybody would like to make a comment at this time or suggest a procedure we
would like to continue with and again I can suggest that the attendees can put a
put their hand up with them like to say something or or become a panelist hello iris are we still on here oh yeah
then don’t one mother here going in we were having a minute of silence oh yes
well top of the hour I suppose that would be good way to start in a way but
it gets people confused they think there’s a problem with the sound
so we to have a lot of interruptions probably our first minute of silence but
by let’s try to remind each other on the hour coming up on the next hour here
we’ll try to have that unit of silence is there anything that you wanted to say
Flint at this point maybe do you have some comments maybe not then okay well
how would be good enough what would be a good way to proceed here someone has
their hand up oh thank you that would be a good weight loss effect that would be
a promote you two panelists and you can open your microphone last
fact if you can she’d be able to speak there hello can you hear me yes yes
I just during the previous session I listened to Tomas is letter and we
started writing some letters as as a part of our council activities and I
think it would be really good if we can have the text available to us in some
way in a form that we can work on and so this is that the reason I’m talking is
that we’ll have a meeting later tonight and I mean tonight after the evening
session so that we can proceed with that so it would be good if we can work on
that and it’s actually really beautifully said in many ways covering a
lot of territories right was gonna post that on the Keshe
foundation website MIT maybe he has done that you will will get a copy out to you
guys don’t worry all right this is Maria iam from Norway
yeah I’m thinking I listen to Thomas letter and it’s very very beautiful but
I think it’s important to see the show the benefits the nation’s gets from
signing the peace treatment the treaty because this technology is so valuable
so we have to find them it might be in the letter already I don’t know but I
think that’s important that’s one like new jobs that the Keshe foundation can
move in and all this right that’s very important that that we have a way to
spread the new technology through jobs and people know that quickly so that
they don’t panic to force peace they will choose peace because it’s so
valuable this package of new technology okay any other comments from panelists and I can tell people that are on the
livestream or YouTube or other social media that they can get the zooming link
and become part of the zoom room that we have set up for people to actually speak and that room number is nine three nine
four seven four five zero three which is the usual knowledge seekers workshop
number okay we have some of their hand up it’s John John wells come on you two
panelists happened to John oh there is okay here
your palace now John did you want to speak I just want to do a convoy it
takes quite a while for my Wi-Fi is pretty little slow if I asked in another
moment takes about 30 seconds – oh God thank you flin suggested that we could summarize
the first session and just sort of let people know what happened during that
session in order to carry on however it’s been suggested to me that Haven
also it’s something that he wanted to say and I think he’s here Kevin do you
want to go okay yeah sure okay I’m not sort of I tried to go on I’m sorry I
tried to go down Wi-Fi at home it’s this synchronicity is really playing funny
games right now because I’m the only one in my house who doesn’t receive any who
doesn’t have any internet even though I have a brand-new modern more Whitaker
router so another like synchronicity I was going to tell you and I have a
pretty hard like heavy head there is a music I’ve been having no power so I’ve
been having this this heavy head lately you know especially during sleep it’s
like a titanium went from my bones to my head or something
and as I woke up today all of a sudden I stood up and I had this glimpse of a
vision and and then let me tell you first what happened then and then I
turned on my internet my mobile internet and went on zoom and the first message
it popped up was from Justin Smith right and there was this quote from Gandhi
where he says sort of I don’t remember literally but sort of the wording was
sort of if we really truly wanted to each piece the end the real sort of war
against the war would be to teach all the children so again we’re back to the
children and that and before that I had this vision this idea that I I can’t
explain in words but it was sort of a cumulative action of so many children
worldwide in grassroot groups wish and having the intention collectively
with their mothers and and I thought about it why not why not with her with
their parents why not with their fathers and mothers and and I thought you know
maybe it’s time because that was always been my dream to bring all the children
with all the feminine source power and all the mothers together because we have
a system that’s being obsessed with simply controlled and dominated by what
90 95 or 99 percent of men and a few very small bunch of psychopaths and so
pet sociopath at the tip of the tip of the pyramid so anyway I don’t want to be
going to this but I’m like you know the same thing that Thomas what’s his name
Kunta from Switzerland from Kiev are Switzerland read aloud for you this
letter I thought what if this letter what if the children are all inspired
they understand first they don’t they become taught they become inspired and
and excited and understand you know what what we are what we are able to achieve
from within ourselves and within our soul what if this true intention this
purity this innocence of intention of wish comes slow solely and only from all
the children from all the world now just imagine you have a platform you have a
centralized platform where your I mean you know we why not you know why not
have some fun with that too and use you’ve seen 24 hours a day a channel
where you see a crowd of children spanning with the mothers having a mask
each one of them from you know their favorite leaders call one of them could
be Trump the other one would be poutine the other one would be how many or who
Hani and Jinping Singh from China and they are all just wishing the most you
know logical and self granted thing that we can have that’s peace I mean who
could say no who could argue over and with children over the is very purity
and simple wish of intention which comes from the essence of all our children’s
souls and I’m like what if we you know
instrumentalize with different methods you know the letter you know a cover
letter from in the name and written by children from children through children
but inspired of course through us we do our work as does the earth Council
Universal Council you’re the Corp the core team all the knowledge seekers
worldwide and I even remember mr. case saying there’s this internet analysis
we’re up to up to between hundred and two hundred million people worldwide
have been regularly in regular intervals following the Keshe foundation in one
way another or the word to the plasma technology whatever but can you imagine
just imagine imagine all the instead of your agile all the people you know
imagine all the children singing wishing intending implementing manifesting and
really you know feeling the this strength of the purity of this wish by
by only my children I know you know the one who brings the idea should be
usually the initiator hazard but I can’t do this by myself you know I there’s so
many talented gifted people out there amongst you amongst us and I’m a fan of
effectivity you know and why don’t we just implement if there’s so many people
are there is only beautiful ideas beautiful skills talents and
capabilities just get it done get it together you know organize it managed
there are so many managers organizes and you know let the woman let them others
come forward because there’s this artificial you know emancipation that
has been artificially created by the early 20th century I’m gonna talk about
that I’m talking about the real consciousness real confidence in real
trust which means knowledge which means nothing can shatter that and I think
we’re there we’re just there we just need to be done and get it done you know
and but it needs to be done this is the test and the challenge of our times
that’s it I see this as the biggest and one and only challenge of our time to do
this literally collectively together well Ethel is gonna say thank you so
much okay thank you Kevin all right who would like to go next and have something
to say we got 56 attendees here in the zoom room and you can put your hand up
in order to get accepted as a panelists so so that you can speak so can can
anyone summarize or suggest some of the ideas that came up in the morning
session the earlier session today perhaps some of the things that mr. Kesh
brought up does anything come to mind anything stick out for anyone well it’s a tough crowd tonight he said
that we have to email all the ambassadors so maybe we need that if
we’re going to write it in our own languages we have to create language
groups or are we working together with the universal console I’m a student so I
don’t know it’s the students doing it by themselves or are we kind of working
together with the universal console that’s my that’s a good question
what do we have organized now for the group after this meeting after this
workshop session there’s going to be a gathering for the latter correct of the
universal council is it yes the earth Council and also the core team as far as
I remember mr. Kesh saying and but that doesn’t include the EFS si students that
are doesn’t it because as I understood it here we are
going to send the multiple letters but like yeah lots of letters or is there
one location letter through each ambassador for each country in each
country a lot of letters – this is MOSFET yes I’m Asha Flint one thing we
could do the the the support representative for the council’s they
can perhaps form a group of students and once we create the letter and going to
the translation process then the students can get involved in creating a
distribution mechanism maybe to the ambassador’s or media or some other
outlets that are appropriate for the material prepared okay
that does sound like a good idea yes it seems like we have to do this now
so in parallel to the material getting prepared the infrastructure for the
delivery has to be done concurrently and we can then be ready up there to engage
everything together yes definitely definitely I’ll see what I can do to help organize
that right I just posted a link where you can
send to the White House of the United States any kind of message that you want
and I’ve sent one and I’ll post the message I sent two I guess we’re all a bit dumbfounded as
to what we’re gonna be doing how do we approach it how do we do it one of the
things that comes to mind to me is that as a group we are more powerful than we
think so isn’t it about us thinking as a group
and using our thoughts and I’ve tried to get this through on multiple occasions
that our thoughts are so powerful that we can achieve anything that we want if
we want to achieve it so what is thought how do we think how do we organize
thought and for me organization of thought is done through meditation and through the understanding of what we are
as human beings and being in contact with the soul in meditation you go
through the colors and you get in contact with the soul and then you can
ask or request these things to come forward does this sound like anything
that anybody wants to be involved in is the
traditional process and bringing the for food that’s a great idea
this is Maria again I have another idea that I discussed with a fellow student
yesterday I don’t think she’s here it’s Liberty’s ID and that we put up a
picture of each leader and we as a group contemplate or meditate and send our
wishes to this leader or using this picture thank you this is thought you see you have to
understand how powerful our thoughts are there’s 77 people here right now that
have changed their entire lives and Heather were changing we changed it
through thought okay well that’s an interesting idea
that you could run with that maybe a bit the idea of thought and that’s come up
before this idea of having a common thought within the group common sort of
mantra or or phrase that one could meditate with or somehow repeat perhaps
or use the intent of that phrase to work with
I would suggest there might be different levels of thought so in other words some
thoughts may not be as potent as other thoughts depending on our frame of mind
at the time or more likely our state at the time I have a comment to that
because we have this group on the private teaching called the plasma
banking I’m not the best to explain that but there are some people gathering
every day and and that’s giving to the you can you can address the giving so we
can give unconditional love to a leader to help the leader about it’s so clear
the leaders soul evolved and we get back all the stuff that is kind of holding
this back so a kind of a plasma banking that’s very plasmatic thinking I’d like to explain my idea a little bit
more so if the people that are here 79 of us can actually focus on one thing
and whether that’s a document or a saying or whatever whichever way you
want to put it alright if we all focus on it day in day out what will happen is
it will manifest because we are the most 70 odd people them who wish for peace
and we can do it but we have to be focused in what we’re doing if we can’t
focus how can we expect the rest of them to focus that’s my argument here is that
if we can’t do it if we can’t unite if we can’t focus on one thing how can we
expect the rest of them to do it and that’s my point is that even if it’s
what Flint used to read out as a manifestation of our thoughts we have to
have something that all of us concentrate on and we do it I’m sorry to
say this but religiously we do it in our classes we do it in our personal life we
do it constantly we keep affirming affirmation positive affirmation about
the one thought that we need to focus on and if all of us did it all at the same
time you find things would change very very quickly because it 80 or there’s a
six years that that voted just recently if all of us got together and we all had
the same thought and we’ll all focused on the same thing you would find that we
can change things but fractured we’re nothing we’re all just individuals
living assault but together ourselves if we focus on the one thing and the one
thought we can achieve what we want to do that’s all the one on this side
thanks guys love your okay thank you
is there anyone who disagrees with that way all right so you are all in favor of
that idea but how can we truly implement that that power of intention is my
vishal mentions as it my column mentions in the chat valentin mentions in the
chat as i have been researching how the mind works
focus is not enough ok so there’s an idea focus is not enough so what are the
one of the criteria that determines the effectiveness of a group intention how
is it best delivered he goes on to say it takes deep and specific research of
accepted and allowed mind patterns to become aware of and change our mind
patterns you have to become aware of the mind
patterns through researching what is what has already been conditioned in it
seems like that what you’re saying do you want to actually speak fountain okay
you’ll be able to speak in a moment here and the hola I’ll promote you to Paris
and you can get ready whatever you wish to there you could go ahead yeah I find
a website that has all of the presidents and their pictures yes yes go ahead
thank you had just a second um maybe you could put that page up Flint if you wish
yeah you want to sure that yeah we could ever look at that for a while okay I’ll
go ahead it’s Valentin right yes hey good so you can go ahead and did you sell
something or to show or you wanted to just discuss here I’m talking to me the
Valentin yeah for what is showing now it is not something related to me no yeah I
think friends when they put this up because we were talking about world
leaders and trying to communicate with the world leaders through our intention
as a group and so on okay you can you can go ahead with whatever topic you’d
like to talk about here that might add to the knowledge okay so this is
Valentin Rothman from Slovenia country I’m also the webmaster of cash
foundation Slovenia an official website where I am promoting the links to that
foundation and I have also created the cash foundations rhenium group and
Facebook Facebook page and I fobian for the last about 20 years researching how
to make this world a better place for all living beings I have been a member
of different organizations and one that I am the most excited for the last seven
years is destra group it is been created by bernard poolman from south africa a
white man who has been a policeman and then also research how the spiritual
world works and reincarnation system and so on and he has discovered many
spiritual deceptions and basically become very good at understanding how
the metric works how the human mind works and he then
joints with different people from all from the world and they have created
Destiny’s farm this is a research center and they discovered a new method of
researching this existence through the interdimensional portal so they fell a
girl Barnard met a girl called snelfus that developed the ability to leave her
body like when we die so she has the ability to do research to research the
the spiritual world and returned back to her physical body and also while she is
out of her physical body other beings can he temporarily increment into her
physical body and report what they have realized in their lives while they have
been incremented here and also what is going on in the afterlife so that means
about establishing the peace in this world it is about creating equality in
oneness between all the living beings between all life and they have developed
solutions in form of online courses when one can become master of self analysis
of mind patterns so and this is the most important thing because we are all
searching some solutions out there some automatic quick solutions but there are
no shortcuts we all need to become aware of our mind patterns the programs that
we have accepted and allowed within ourselves and become as done so we need
to like the back our software our operating system and to find the the
mind viruses and this is not something that can be
done very quick and easily it takes a lot of patience and focus and time to
use writing to become aware of own mind patterns and then change them the
Dementors here that are used is as I said writing then there is self-honesty
because we are all deceiving ourselves we are lying to ourselves
so you need we need to be honest with ourself and then also to take
responsibility for what we have done in the future in the past and to stop our
patterns to change them and this is done by applying self-correcting statements
that includes self forgiveness so the the important is that we forgive
ourselves for our past misconducts and to change our conduct to what is best
for all life in every single moment to to go to what is best for all to take
into consideration every single living being on this planet so Nestor group has
online courses the introduction free online course that is called destiny I
process and then they have a website with support group and also extensive
database the the educational website called equal with thousands of
interdimensional interviews that explained the history of existence the
history of this planet how the human kind has been created how the mind has
been programmed by which beings and how to reprogram our minds
to become better living beings and custodians on this planet so I would
like to invite everyone to research this awesome resources and make best use of
it very good thank you right on I can also share someone else
if you like to these resources the link someone else’s is our website that you
could share yes of course you can put that in the chat and then I can transfer
it to the live stream as well okay oh look there’s the Prime Minister of
Canada okay let’s well who have we not heard
from yet there’s somebody that’s waiting to to speak here at this point okay we have some attendees who have two
people that we can promote Peter and Adrian and I think it’s it’s either
Michael or Michelle I’m not sure Michael or Michelle which I like there go in okay yes Rick hello hi this is Michelle
from Monica great how are you guys it’s good to hear from all of you I was
mentioning the power of intention just as a talk because to me this is could be
used as a start for everything I was thinking of I don’t know if any one of
you has ever heard about the 100th monkey experiment about exponentially
exponential knitting that would be a good story if you can recount this
sometimes called the hundredth monkey syndrome yes yes I’ll try to do it the
best I can help me out if I need words there’s in the islands I don’t really
remember where there were monkeys used to eating sweet potatoes and so until
one day I’m cutting it short until one day one of them instead of ripping the
potato and just eating the inside I started washing the potato first and
could eat at all and after a while they all started to do
it and then there was more food for all the monkeys but the thing is when it
reached and this is what this story tells us when it reach a hundred of
those monkeys doing the same thing the it’s financially exponential T about
this made it that on other islands the monkey started doing it at the same time
so when we reach a certain number of people with the intention of doing it
doing doing something at the same time the exponential ‘ti of this makes it there is AB it’s something that can can
trigger the power of intention so I’m just thinking that if we all get as I
don’t know if it’s Michael that was talking about this this that we are 79
people maybe a hundred now all doing the same thing at the same time and
expressing the same intention this could trigger a change big changes so that’s a
thought I was also thinking about if we could if if we could use all the same
kit to send out two prime ministers or a president of countries to me it fits in
the governmental protocol that they always
want to use for me it would be a better way of being sending out something that
is a standard form so everyone gets the same message at the same time so I’m
open to the discussion about this thank you if there was there is no the few minutes
ago from mayhem which assuming must have been mr. Kesh perhaps it says please
give a brief summary of the earlier meeting this morning
thank you I’m not sure if that was mr. cash or someone else named me run can
someone do that give us a brief synopsis the thumbnail version of the main ideas
of this morning’s meeting oh okay it’s May round from North County in North
Carolina two differently ran and they ran kesh thank you for clarifying rod
all right okay so can someone sort of fill him in to weathers appetite to then
you might want to go back to that video they turned or other people that might
be listening up what were a couple of the ideas that were brought up and maybe
it’s related to what we’re looking at now with these different representatives
of the countries of the world the national leaders so help it hi hello hello it’s Caroline
Rick I I’m gonna post you two pictures please
they are the ones which I took from the newspaper about the government in Ghana
standing in for commitment of peace if you could bring them up Leigh that would
be very nice thank you you muted there Rick oh I’m just getting the pitcher lined up
here I think that’s what the one she means it’s the first one you know this was actually the first one
I think they’re both similar but that’s I think it’s from the Ghana news would
you like to say something about that girl yes he said these are the two
pictures as his see very clearly I I literally bumped into this newspaper and
I requested the owner of the cafetaria I said can I please take this home because
this is so important he said I cannot give it to you because it’s today he
says I cannot people still need to read the but she says I promise when you come
back in two days time you work him you can have it so he gave me the newspaper
and I’m still having it as of today but it was so impressive to understand what
happened that period of time and it clicked on me and I explained to me I
said this is the reason why we came to Ghana I said because we bring with our
technology the exchange for knowledge for peace I said this could have not
been explained in any shape or form and as I repeated this morning Benjamin
said but this is normal I said maybe to you Benjamin but I said
I have not known a single government which signs itself to commitment to
peace and I think this is a very great message to all of us to bring this
somewhere somehow to a higher level that we can request for who we want to take
responsibility that day can commit themselves to the same way to
peace it might be a slow process but it might be a big change very fast because
as a majority we’re going in with our wishes with our desire and we all have
set in office enough but now we have to direct the structure that they can
receive our messages because we are communicating on so level much faster
than to the physicality as I explained Wednesday afternoon in my teaching I
said when you close your eyes and you have been on the beach and you know how
the sand feels and you know how the sunshine can shine on your body and the
smell and the breeze of the sea I said when you close your eyes you’re dead
instant you don’t need the transportation you don’t need one hour
you don’t need two hours to achieve to your point of destination you close your
eyes and you have zero communication it means you’re there that moment that
instant and then you can even go and sense through your senses from your
memory which is your contact number from where you went to pick up all the senses
which are registered in your brain so if we go quiet and we close our eyes and we
create in the same way with the same intent to send this kind of message of
peace because we all know how they are their faces are in public their faces
are in newspapers they are not strangers so we can direct straight into on the
soul level as an instant message and they will receive it as fast as you are
sending it so if we can make enough souls where to practice descending of
this we want the change we support you to bring the change we don’t send them
no hate no disturbance but we send them peace as we want them to run our country
and peace that’s how fast the message will be received it’s the same way as
you close your eyes you’re in the you’re on the beach or you are in the mountains
you’re there instant your soul communicates instant zero communication your physicality doesn’t even need to
move because the message will be delivered and this is what mr. Kesh has
been teaching that your soul is within you so when you direct your part of your
soul it goes instant that’s how fast we can work it’s only now to make sure that
the knowledge is getting taught to other souls how to achieve this Pat still
through Ryton through still through other means of delivering the message
because if you can deliver it in on paper you have a track record but the
soul part will much will work much faster because the delivery message is
instant if anyone can add to the Pat to work through the soul please I welcome
you thank you Thank You Caroline and it’s been that I’ve been reminded that
we are a little beyond our minute a peace time here so maybe we can take a
minute off to have a minute of peace for the planet or for mankind
I really like to formulate that start now got it okay a little bit of a interesting every
interesting splash down on that journey with the microphone interference there I
sent you some monitor higher res pictures of this paper from knob seekers
workshop 148 so you actually bring it up and actually read article if you want to
communicate from outside yes they had their hand up so we should try to see
what they want I suppose here and so let’s see if we can open up the
microphone hello Galaxy Tab time in whoops what happened
hello hello Galaxy Tab can you hear us we can’t hear you your microphone is
just some background noise hello hello Galaxy Tab yeah they’re almost in the
you in in a galaxy somewhere I think so they’re from another universe and it’s
not quite how do we have any translator for universal counsel I’m having trouble
muting – I can’t need what’s the problem I’ve been trying to mute them and I
can’t it’s not meeting we will have to remove them from the up something happen
there yeah they throat now so you think okay
would you like to go ahead mr. cash and get us back on the path here no it’s
okay I just listen I just came in yes this is what you see from Ghana we’ve
shown this before the president Ghana before the elections all the leaders of
the nation all the parties sign the nation to peace does not matter what the
nation is faced independent and it is one nation and this is what they sign
under went public with it the head of the United Nation was present that they
wrote there more risk because of their act of written listen to the
constitution of the country and it’s very easy for gun against to ask the
President or if you write as the followers of the peace and the setting
up of the new government for the Ghanaian government president to go to
Haifa and sign for peace his nation this is this is not far for him he’s a head
of the Armed Forces as being a president to has Kevin domina or anybody from the
Persian languages spoken yes Kevin come indeed speak and went to farsi all in
english and he spoke in English and I don’t did Kevin speaking Farsi I don’t
know if you did no don’t think so do be however they won the Iranian
Persian forces speaking on the panel we had some Persian that was put in written
in the chat earlier because their their microphone wasn’t working apparently has
anybody managed to read it I don’t have any economy yeah that would be from the
morning session so I think that would have I believe it was knowing men sorry
that’s at the very top of the chat and movies I blew it back again because I
don’t see them let me try maybe it’s not farce maybe some of the language get
this copy this is Arabic okay this is Arabic I
cannot write sorry free it said about from Arabic speaking is there that was
from Jim Jamila Jamila I can give you the English for it read it give me the
English for it if it makes sense I understand say Marhaba jamia means
Drude good morning all today at all – to walk to totality proud of us
hello everyone here the situation our world is complicated and unfair to our
nation this happens with their eyes you want peace the better life for our
children and our generation it is time to act with the newest or cancer of
Nations in so many ways we this is the wish of a member of the Council we we
will enter a new phase on Monday and Iran we start teaching I have allowed
now asked the members of the motions to introduce ourselves worldwide they speak
within them about eight to ten languages they will start teaching the cross as of
whenever they wish maybe some of you might know one or the other the identity
was kept till that of course is finished which is finished today they have the
freedom to start and everything and teaching they have been taught the
secrets of space in how they can achieve motion
what is the condition and as they tea they’d be enlightened to learn of what
they’ve read and be able to expand an extended they they introduce themselves
as they wish to and they start teaching the cross in at least eight to ten
languages amongst them what they do this is the next step which we open as of
Monday that we start teaching the secrets of existence in the universe we
kept their identity now they have finished they returned back to their
homes they all leave tomorrow and then they’re on you can learn you can learn a
lot from them it’s been an intensive teaching they have learned a lot they
change their life a lot and in so many ease in so many ways with them teaching
a lot will be open to a lot of people that will speed up the process of what I
call uniting human race through the one understanding of totality of the soul of
the man Monday there on David they have the freedom to do as we said today as we
sat for food we called it the Last Supper they spread to spread the
knowledge of the soul of the man never been done before and in a way they have
all the wisdom they come from totally different backgrounds from different
part of the world and with it they carry the ethos of the foundation and the
us’ll Council and universal community it has been a pleasure to have them with us
they are highly highly charged in so many ways with what they can carry and
what they can teach and it’s beautiful to see them the way they have matured
the way they have become one in a way one person one soul they they are in so many way excited
that they can share the knowledge and they never thought when they come here
they reach this estate and that would be it as of Monday not only we go for
development of the piece we start teaching the process of elevating the
soul and understanding the structure of the piece as we said in the other
teachings in the past week when we started with Nano and gas everybody was
bothered about it when we went from the gas reactors to Gran’s reactors and then
the same way now that they came to start teaching this off past 3-4 months this
time is inside they’re men and you’re all afraid of it
up to now you could see it was there and now is not there anymore it’s part of
you which is there this will frighten all our people but in a way is the fear
of being able to walk in the dimension of the universe in a way once you
understand it because the most joyful time of life of a man if you all
understand when we set up there asked for and we talked about setting up off
the replacement for the leaders as those who want to accept the charge for the
nation those who accept and member of the council’s
will be enlightened nor so many ways they’ll become part of the structure
distr jeans most of you who became enough to counsel
you have already understood with the teaching which come from there what we
call the motions you’ll find out there is nothing to be afraid of we have
become passengers of the universe and it’ll become so easy the time and the
place is now we change it we’ve trained for with this bore we’ll train thousands
because they are there to train all of them of the same level do not force them
let them teach you from the soul do not ask questions to trying to to show you
are clever or you understand or you want to understand more allow them to share
knowledge with the comfort of their soul man is ready to take into space I don’t
see always to September I see man ready today to go and as I said to them today
man is in the space already we have learned we have trained and they will
train you and they will teach you it’s very much when Armin and the others
start showing the guns and the reactors and you got into them now these motions
as they like they will introduce themselves and they will teach you the
way then you understand even they might not even need to go for that process if
the process goes very fast when I start teaching about the soul don’t get scared
don’t be afraid because it’s very much remember when we start talking about the
nanomaterials and we stood that the Chinese have been in nano making for
years and they’ve been making answers in their pots we already know the process
now we come to understand how to handle the process how to be the part of
process how to enjoy the process in what we knew and we did not
one to confirm it because we never understood it the soul of the man is the
creator of the man and now for the first time you come to in touch with your soul
you come to understand what do you was something that was happening you
understand is you which is make it to happen this is the beauty of what is
going to come and if we reach our point and in your teaching of next two or
three weeks we managed to raise the soul of millions of people to understand what
the soul is how they can operate it how they can work with it we might not even
reach to almost the soul of the humanity raised at the guns and the arms will be
left on the floor nobody wants to touch it’s so simple and it’s a virus when it
touches one it goes epidemic we’ve seen it many time in the universe it’s not
the first time there’s not no animal from man does not know one rays from the
other there is very much like when you have a flu going across it doesn’t
matter what nation I called it the black death the death of the past and the
beginning of in you blackness because what we’ve been through as a man as a
human race is so dark it’s better to forget but with the teaching of the soul
there is nothing but the bright future for man there is no other better time
than today and as I said one of the motions asked me how come things change
from two days ago to today I said past time
the man has matured the maturity so fast we see it the way you respond the way we
teach many of you many of you will start understanding
so many of you because you understand your soul you bring the behavior of the
act into your lives and then you see why haven’t been told for centuries and
thousands of years my friends the third time we are teaching last time we
thought we taught to be taught to the people who were supposed to teach in
synagogues in temples and they kept it away
to abuse them at this time because of the communication is easy for us to do that’s simple
it’s the time and the place to be the spawn of the man and in so many ways in
time to come to change from Monday we work on two friends one how for you to
reach your soul how to elevate it how to interact with everything else that he
can raise their level of the souls and then you understand how collectively
everything will start changing you were afraid we should not be because where
does your arm come from where does your I come from where does your emotion
comes from it comes from your soul now I’ll show you how to control your soul I
show you how to speak through you so I show you how to communicate your
feelings through you so I show you how you can expand the spans of your soul
that you don’t need the physical dimension I teach it now all being
taught today to the motions I show you how you can absorb energy of the
universe without ever touching food the true way
not the way others tried up to now we teach you everything is needed and with
that if you are a true man of peace you create peace in the dimension without
word as I said tune the motions many time if I do I become Moses or Christ
opening a sea or raising the dead but when all of you do
you appreciate the knowledge of the humanity the knowledge of the universal
counsel the knowledge of universal community on Monday we start teaching on
Monday we start the process of peace but it has to go hand in hand I will not
teach the same as before I will not speak the same as before I teach you in
a way that you understand where you came from why you’re here how you can absorb
and how you can give unconditionally to every soul the Kings will kneel in front
of humanity apologizing for what they’ve done to humanity very simple it’s
another day of judgment is the year of understanding the end of separation and
hierarchy has come I’ve lived that life I lived amongst you and with people the
same as every other man does I never separated myself and that’s has to be
the pattern of the followers of the foundation the minute you separated you
have finished as long as you live amongst the people this is where you
will be this is the pattern and the way we shall operate I teach you everything
that those of you who are close to your soul you get enlightened you will fly in
no time those of you who are here to do damage to yourself or to the others or
use the knowledge to create mayhem for yourself and others you’ll find out even
what you had you will lose that’s the balance of the power in life those of you who listen if rc2 son aziz
tech needed ownership I shall amuse us not father surely be new millennium
Buddha’s Nevada at that’s called unit here on time Islamic money borough is
will immediately paralyzed for the comedy Iran as racism who reader of
rouhani motion one of israel debacle for the two included tune of Israel W para
inky vanaroja has Talmud rigid are for similarly in a K beta ray Guzman Road
are vigilant discerning see us at any dues the suicide any Barada ratio
suddeniy para Valley our own harsh tone infinim mana o hadouken moon hodgepodge
Nakata more as the moon Nevada moon Iranian
Adam Italian ashada Tonya see her Dominique of tyrannic candor anique push
1 Timothy hi Ronnie Donna would you normally cash foundation
tomorrow Israeli Darwin Akane sure robbery not push their own soul pedrad
me hard so shady choose Miami fuck you like another on is a free winner that
head up to Boston playmaker active trader Barone suffered very crucially
red area of caring Mukesh are also journey in the fair Barbara and Shaffer
do not a stone which cannot be wrong kid Hamish as about how harsh the Hispanic
distillation blisters acidosis on mobile yet the bouzouki by an
asbestos removal combustion much I care for those who you understand I have
asked the Iranian president to go to Haifa this is how we break the barriers we say
in Farsi the great man have to do the great jobs and it takes a
lot of greatness to create peace I achieve peace I will achieve world peace
because I know every trick in the book if the man doesn’t go I get the soul of
the man to bow and then the physicality find yourself what am I doing here what
do I walk myself into thank you very much from Monday I start teaching you
from the essence of the creation of the soul and then is for you to teach that
those who withhold will lose you can never withhold you can always give see
you on Monday thank you very much Rick Thank You mr. Kesh thank you very much so I guess we’ll carry on with the the
broadcast here for another hour and a half or so that correct finish after
three hours we always keep three hours in the morning mm afternoon as it was
the knowledge seekers hand was the teaching fssi and we’ll do that through
the weekend as well is that the idea not not really we need
the rest there is another pressure on you like
last time you if the need be we come in different hours if we get and
News we break in to report the news which is done that in the past we can
you – three hours – three hours peace and okay Scavo we will regroup on Monday
after this Saturday keep to Cecilia’s in 10 till 1:00 2:00
till 5:00 and yes there’s an extension if you ask me say okay thank you much
for everything back thank you to mr. casual good thank you
I’ll leave it to you to carry on finish as usual at five o’clock okay yeah thank
you very much indeed see you on Monday okay bye for now okay we’ll continue on with the
blueprint for peace for Humanity and let’s just see we have some some more
attendees and again I advise the attendees here in the zoom chat that
they can put their hand up what’s called putting your hand up and I can promote
you to a panelist so you can speak okay you know someone with their –
people with their hands up ik Maura I’ll promote you to panelists and bartholomae
promote you to panelists as well hello Rick this is Thomas from
Switzerland again right I have adjusted the letter a little bit have included
the need for forgiveness I have included the beautiful example of the wooden
crates who were used as weapons storage and – people make pianos out of it and I
have a new finish for a letter and the letter at the new finishes based on
these beautiful words from Mahatma Gandhi because when I first hear
Caroline in Rome speaking these parts I remember we all have tears in our eyes
and the thought this is maybe a very good piece of text to finish my letter I
will just send the links to download the letters in the chat room hope that’s
okay for all of you and my friend Martin who looks very close to me he’s a
council member Universal council member for Aramaic language temporarily also
for Turkish I think he is asking if this letter can be translated into Turkish
and and used used as a template for Turkish language – and to be sent to the
president of Turkey a it won’t be very easy because there are
still some Swiss specialities in it so it might be better if I spend some more
time and try to create a more generic collector would that be a good idea I
think we will embrace your letter with love and care and most probably
translated in every language possible thank you so much you don’t have to come
you’re welcome okay I’ll just post the leaks there now thank you so much for
all your hard work okay now we have is it Barthel
bartholomae but bartholomae camp do you like to meet your microphone to speak okay do you hear me yes go ahead
okay I’m we have talked a couple of months ago I live in Argentina I’m here
I’m known as Juliana and yeah I just had this thing about um how about is there
anything I’m printed or can we print something which we can put for example
in the commune I live in a small community now yeah I thought that was you know I
thought it I live in a very small place we’ll have like 10,000 inhabitants here
in my chest advise a northern of to Pomona northern of Argentina and and I
thought of you know one way of getting him also to the leaders is starting you
know in the small parts like the community municipality or also the
schools and if there’s something that people can read while they’re waiting
for to being you know talking to them or doing the business in in the commune
that can read it and get used to that kind of information
yes that’s a good idea not sure if we have something offhand
but perhaps some people in the graphics realm that get inspired could put
something together that that we could offer for our download for people to get
this in to get this out in the next month
uh-huh well that’s what I was thinking about lately I have you know all the
time I’m you know I’m very present with my thought you know in world peace and I
have three kids and four kids so I’m no I won’t so it’s one of the most
important thing for me and you know then I’m 50 years old I already have some you
know contacts and it’s not so difficult to get into that kind of places you know
may I advise something which skipped my mind but it just brought it back with
the letter could you please maybe add those two pictures from the government
from Ghana as an example to show the part that it is possible what do you
think yeah that would be good you know I would have I would need I’m a Spanish
version you know I don’t know if there’s a Spanish version there or is or mean it
you know in English and then translated myself
you know I don’t know that’s a good idea I think you let me barge in do you know
where la misión s ah okay okay well maybe for Misiones you can write me you
know um you can find me you know on the group’s you know and you can then we can
get in touch you know to get the Spanish part going we have many people here in
object you know this already okay can you write a group or some some kind
of group in in the chat so I can you know and later get on in touch with you for the Spanish people there is a
universal council chat room in Facebook and you can join there because most of
the conversations are going on in Spanish if you don’t find a pad you can
come to Karolina Rosa in three words come through my messenger and I will add
you into the chat rooms you’re quite welcome to share your thoughts and
exchange your intent of peace thank you um thank you very much thank you very
much Karolina it’s a joy for me to talk to you today and to hear to your here
your husband I’m I speak this morning I’m always I’m very very present
thank you very much huh yeah welcome and it has been a new Spanish
teacher that has been appointed Alvaro don’t ask me please to pronounce the
full name but I can get it for you if you need it and keeping the Spanish
teams everywhere even if it’s Portuguese they all seem to support one another
thank you so much thank you here we have someone that on the phone that I
promoted to a panelist it’s edu and it’s a KF SSI person I believe a student they
want to open their microphone and speak I think that’s what they wanted to do but let me try to unmute you and see if
you’re on the other end there hello no I guess they are ready for a
conversation yet okay let’s carry on hello this is Sigma from Germany I just
want to mention that on Monday I will have my second meeting with the how do
you call it Hector the leader of primary school how do you
call in the principal ah yeah right the principal of the local primary
school here in headrests and my goal is to get a written document from the from
Bavaria that it is allowed to teach the plasma technology on a public primary
school here in Germany so the primary nor the principal was really open about
that idea we talked three weeks ago about it but
she was she she did not have the backbone to put it on her own shoulders
so she asked for approval from the next higher authority which is the country so
if they will agree that I think it would be very nice to have an official paper
from a country side that it’s allowed on a public primary school to teach this
plasma technology okay thank you mark thank you so much to bring it among
our children thank you really from the bottom of my heart well my 10 year old daughter is also on
at this primary school and I tried it several times on my own location to get
kids crew but the problem is if it’s not official schedule from the public school
the public school bus will not drive the kids after the lesson back home so I
cannot do it on my own it must be public teaching on the public
primary school otherwise the kids cannot could get home it would be very nice if
you get the permission and if it’s your intent
to make a to entice two children that inform first part to sign the peace
treaty in exchange for knowledge because you need the agreement from the parents
that the children can signed and so sleep to peace yes we will try to in any way have to
contact the parents because we need also this approval that we will record the
lessons because my intent is that we will upload this kids workshops to the
Keshe foundation website so that others can download it and that it’s not only
for 20 kids here locally in my should be used for
I don’t know several thousand other kids in Germany Austria and Switzerland as
well and thank you but I think we might have a solution for to jump that barrier
we are always in the first place to protect our children
if you speak to a team in the background which are doing the kids teachings we
might find a way that the children in their face or never visual so they can
never and in any shape or any form it can be abused we kept it and we will
keep this even in our own teachings you can see the hands you can see the body
you can see them handling and dealing with the materials but we are always
avoid to show the face of the children and this is a protection we have
manifested long time ago and we will carry on so you can always guarantee to
the parents that we will blurt the faces in case there is something that should
show the view or the face of child that cannot be recognized and I
think that will make your part much easier sounds very good to me but again
for the the next step is first that we get the approval from the authorities
because if they reject we have to find another solution I understand but if you
already can entice two children that we can start talking about it by just
giving them an insight that it can go and do some research on their own we can
start communicating with the parents so you’re already opened the door a little
bit more than to jump the big hurdle because they will start sharing with the
teacher and she will start becoming aware and then the teacher will open the
door much easier to the authorities that this might be a beautiful addition to
the science they are already teaching walk the path to the ones that desired
you will reach your pet much faster because our children are the sponge of
knowledge it’s learning that want to learn and if they express their wishes
usually the parents and the teachers and the Institute’s start following because
they express their wish with their intent and their curiosity and they are
as so many of you will be taken by the hand of the soul to be connected with
the knowledge thank you so much for creating this opportunity yes for the
coming summer holiday I’m already trying with my daughter to set up plasma water
ice cream workshop where we want to show in frozen water the Rays of the plasma
and of course we will eat it or lick it with co2 and saying guns water we are
right now doing some test trials of it and we’ll see how we proceed you have
some good idea thank you very first kind let’s blame
can machine looks like a Valentin has a question we help this end of Europe envy
you want to go ahead Valentin yes listen about sharing cash information to public
schools there are different systems of Education I have tried to implement
learning technology using special software here in Slovenia now we have
developed civilian aversion for fast and effective storing of words and
information in long-term memory of the human brain this is called flash for
software but specifically about the German population besides public schools there are of
course most popular alternative schools like Montessori schools and this the head of school education but the
most open school system that I know is free education free democratic school
and in Germany I’m going to share the link in the chat now the freiburg school
in germany is one of the free democratic school and the principal of this school
has has made a lecture in slovenia so i’m going to share the link to the
photos my photos in on facebook about this lecture and also for other
countries in europe you can check the list of the European democratic
education community where all the lists of the free democratic schools is
located so I think that those kind of schools
will be the most open to integrate the cafe knowledge many things for the links
I will look into that and again if the public school will reject
I’m already contact with the the value of shoe line hoof which is not too far
away only 20 kilometers from here there’s a video of Schuler which is
another native school and they are more open for this kind of technology and for
nature and peace and so this but I think this is the back up you know if the the
other road will not succeed but my primary goal is to get a officially
written statement from the country that it is allowed to teach that kind of
technology and knowledge on a public school because that would be a great
step because when you have it on one school in Germany the other schools
cannot reject anymore because then it’s officially if you have a written
document with a stamp and a signature so that that’s the first trial I will do
and then I don’t want to think too much about the backup solutions when I’m
still working on the first main path yes the education is more expensive I’m emo
more open-minded in some ways comparing to public schools but they have also
very limited mindset in terms of not wanting to
we use information technology because they believe that computers Karm
development of the child’s mind so I don’t think that they will be very open
to cache teachings because it is all related to information on online and
using computers but you can try and see what will happen next week we will know
more much more okay as we are already in the german-speaking area I would like to
speak on behalf of the Keshe foundation Austria hello my name is Klaus as local
foundation in Austria we spread the knowledge of plasma in our country and
we implement the plasma technology as we are also the bridge to companies
government and other organizations we officially invite our president
Alexander from the Bell to be part of the Peace Conference on the 2nd of
August in Haifa in the universal House of Justice an official invitation to
natal follow plasma technology works on several levels and fields also on the
level of emotions and the soul that’s why it has the ability the power to
bring peace to ourselves and to the world and vyas Keshe foundation are
looking forward to soon the soldiers won’t remember why he or she has a gun
in the hand and the Fox remember that he wants to eat the mouse
this is the potential of this technology and this is why we work 24/7 to
implemented I was off eat a low-fat later their cash foundation yesterday
mostly hits and off retail and loud on auscultation home then president hmm
then bondus president in front of the skies Alexander from the film
seriously to a serious confidence in – laden in universal House of Justice and
threatened a boost set on oxygen and the officer len Laden good for the venoms
Wingfield is a conference tournament it has no technology habited of see a film
level funding film film on the under M or in Phase two MOT onin and in
Philadelphia the venoms on via you have Adam beat
said when the shoulder miss Madison vamsi Yarrabah from enhanced an older
vintage facility the folks in vanish melodrama demostration merge the reveal
the sisters gotten charity a plasma technology on statistic runs the home
via films on sixteen products resin Hobbiton
DC technology to implement ear fill dunk thanks a lot you excellent thank you very much Klaus so it seems like it seems like several
letters are being constructed at this time interesting okay we are on the hour
here so we need to take our one minute silence break in order to contemplate
the blueprint for peace for Humanity so we can begin that now you okay hope everybody’s refreshed let’s
carry on okay who’s remaining I see Camille has a
hand up go ahead Camille can you hear me yes hi how are you yes all right well
thank you everyone for your journey and I’m glad to be a part of this call
quick question has anybody or D know of dr. cash knowing about the paradigm
shifting consciousness to the fifth dimension known as ascension and how we
are evolving on a soul level and as we raise the frequency of our consciousness
we’re raising the club quotient upon the planet and it’s causing our bodies to
metamorphosize on a cellular level so that we can resonate with the higher
frequencies of love basically we’re going back to our original state of full
consciousness an example and how our bodies are changing is that we’re going
from two strands of DNA to twelve strands of DNA we have dormant DNA that
had been reported by medical doctors that they had discovered some DNA and
they were terming it as junk DNA and shadow DNA it’s neither also we’re going
from a seventh chakra energy system to 13 and we’re also changing morphing on a
cellular level going from a carbon-based body to a crystalline body so that our
bodies can hold more light love and information a friend of mine who
unknowingly activated his crystalline body he always did does video blogs
about forgiveness love through forgiveness and always keeping heavenly
love in your heart no matter what happens in your life and he said in his
video blog that he knew he was being getting prepared for something really
big he didn’t know what it as he knows he knew he was a spiritual
warrior anyway so he his testimony was that he had was working out at the gym
and he could see the wall behind him through his body in a full-length mirror
and he didn’t know it was going on and I happened to catch the video and so I let
him know he had activated his crystalline body and then he took a
photograph of himself and he captured the same thing
with what it was is that he was in front of a by colored wall where the upper
half was a gray metal and the lower half was a white with the white trim and he
had dark clothes on black shorts and a dark blue t-shirt well he’s standing in
front of the wall and you can see the trim through his flesh in his arm that
he had hanging by his side and you can also see the wall through the edges of
his body so he actually activated his crystalline body so I guess in that
short synopsis or explanation of how we’re changing have you heard dr. kesh
talk about this hello let’s go here we can hear to you okay well that’s sort of
sort of part of the teaching that mr. Kesh has taught over the years and in
the last times go ahead was that marker who’s that in
the background oh I was just gonna say the same thing okay all right well I’d
like to talk more about it with him that’s interesting I just happened to
happen upon the link that came this you know I’m in the United States and and I
do a lot of research and I like I not to boast or anything like that but my
journey has taken me I went on a learning quest 25 years
go and so I’ve read over this is you know after studying but I’ve read over a
hundred and fifty non-fiction books and I spent well over 50,000 hours worth of
research as a true Sikh over the last 25 years so and I’m still on that journey
so and I happen to research at night and I came across the link and so I went
ahead and tuned in I wanted to let you guys know that that last video that you
had posted before this one I went ahead and took the copy of that and I posted
that on Donald Trump’s presidential Facebook page tagging him in the post
anyway so I’d like to talk further get a contact number from you or how I can
reach you Rick to talk further about me to be a part of this or see what’s going
on and see about the classes and so forth excellent sure you can reach me
through Facebook recruitment or other means email and so on depending on what
you find through the internet um what I find is that no go ahead
would I find through the internet as far as contacting you or what are you
referring to well you can contact me but yeah I’m not sure what that’s going to
do for you you might want to just come to the meeting on Monday and mr. Kay
she’ll be talking and you’ll ask are there any questions and then you could
interact with him at that time perhaps okay well when does that occur
that’ll be at on Monday at 10:00 a.m. c e c EST time that’s european time well
that’s equivalent to 1 a.m. pacific time one a m– pacific stand
time yes that would be yeah when I am basically on Monday it goes from 1:00
a.m. to 3:00 a.m. Pacific time I’m sorry 1:00 a.m. the 4:00 a.m. Pacific time and
then we skip an hour taking our break and then it’s from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00
a.m. Pacific time and then 5 to 8 a.m. yes and then we’ll repeat on Tuesday
Wednesday Thursday and Friday those same hours it’s basically six hours a day of
of this blueprint for peace for Humanity series of days and we expect to take it
through 35 days is basically till the end till the beginning of August so 35
days and so the group is dr. cash is familiar with the nasarah National
Economic Security and Reformation act and Gazzara
I wouldn’t count on it I’m not sure you can please several of those keywords
into an email to webmaster at spaceship Institute calm and mr. Kesh will pick it
up spaceship Institute dot-com um excuse me dot org dot org so send it through
that website to webmaster at spaceship Institute org oh is this an email
address or is it so the webmaster email addresses that’s one way of getting
through webmaster sorry about this okay what webmaster that spaceship Institute
org yes yes crystalline body keywords right Institute is there a website to
this email oh yeah yeah the second half of the domains email
address spaceship ensign or network or cache also is our main
website I’m sorry I didn’t catch your the first one that you said cache cached kthe is our main website and
then also KF SSI doriga’s fssi dot org is our education website that’s the
education yeah species sounds for Keshe foundation spaceship Institute okay
that’s for the Keshe foundation spaceship Institute yes
now these classes what he’s teaching I mean is there a fee or I find that
information out on the website normally there is a minimum of $100 donation per
year to join the Keshe foundation spaceship Institute as a student and
that gives you a whole year’s access that’s that’s the tuition for the whole
year but these are now its knowledge that he’s sharing freely this time here
just for these next few weeks and then this is what you’re talking
about the blueprint for peace for Humanity yes okay all right um thank you
who am i tabula rasa’s Flint Flint oh hi okay thank you for yes a real good
resource is testimonials dot fish okay
WWE know it’s just you know it’s just testimonials debt cash
this and that’s a site that has current well testimonials that people are cited
from all the products so testimonials I’m sorry testimonials Keshe foundation
org the testimonials dot Keshe foundation org so it’d be HTTP
: slant slant testimonials dot cash okay thank you very much
and there also is a us a site to and a store to buy products and it’s similar
domain name just it’s USA at the end of instead of no there at the beginning so
it’s us a dot cash foundation that Oregon
okay that’s okay so it’s us a dot cash foundation that are are these gonna be
open source or how’s the technology is there everything source open source yep
okay yeah and if you go to our YouTube channel just so go to and
search for cash foundation and our channel comes right up at the top click
on that and then there’s over 1100 videos on that channel okay that’s great
yes okay um well thank you Flint mm-hmm well thank you everyone for your journey
so I can have my journey okay that was my comment who you seen on Monday right
yeah Monday at 1:00 a.m. yes you must be in California welcome
tamia well actually I’m in Denver Colorado
oh no I’m just one hour later 2 a.m. no later I know 2:00 a.m. for you yeah you
know you talk in this line work you live in North America that s part of it
though you can also listen to the record and you have to work because it’s all
available public recording then you won’t be able to ask a question live at
that time so yeah that’s kind of nice too so then it’s 2 to 5 and then
6 6 to 9 correct for you yes right – three hours stretches that’s correct
5 ok – three hours touches so that’s Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
for 35 days right correct well yes that’s what they tell us 34 days now or
until only 34 more to go guys okay okay well thank you for answering that and
nice to meet you Wow yeah now if you have more questions than
and you know so fine you’ll find ways of getting them answered let’s put it that
way off the K fsociety org so you can apply there to become a student yeah
okay recommend doing that now in that way by September 18 so in classes
actually stirred up again you can join the classes it takes a while because mr.
Kesh is life has been threatened so many times that yeah ha okay so one thing I
wanted to add with the Ascension to the fifth dimension another proof that is
happening another example is that a friend of mine on Facebook she has four
videos where she is literally emitting violet rays from her body that is very
crystal clear and it’s as high as 12 inches high and 12 inches wide and then
she also took another video inside the house and the same thing happened
she was emitting violet rays from her body also she got another video where
the whole screen is like violet I mean you could see you could see where you
know you see the colors coming through but it’s it’s all violet so anyways yeah
and if anybody wants photos of the man who you could see through his body I’d
be willing to share that if you want the video clips of the you know the lady who
is emitting the violet rays you want to see
this too so put those links in your email to the webmaster okay so a
webmaster at spaceship Institute org yes okay I will do that and to who shit what
is I am I talking the foot well this is marker yeah we’re all mind herb yeah
okay okay then I will I’ll put the attention to you for or you three sure
okay thank you thank you okay great there was a question earlier that’s
maybe a bit related in the Q&A from rod Robb who asks are you aware of doctored
Greer’s seeking a working piece of anti-gravity technology and to get it
released even though the cabal threatens people’s lives I’m not sure if that’s something we want
to address in there in this particular meeting but so I put that question out
at this time and then this nosara acronym is interesting as well but again
I’m not sure if that’s something we want to get into in this particular meeting
maybe that is a way one of the ways of achieving world peace on the other hand
though maybe there’s a good topic for discussion we’ve discussed it before and
it hasn’t gone anywhere and any of our discussions and it comes up every year okay bitch when you bring this kind of
tactics up I think we should be very very much focused on everything that can
bring positiveness thing that goes and leans on to the past because we are
finishing the past we go into really everything that can add to the positive
that means certain bringing solutions bringing input but all positive we have
I think had enough negative for mother time if you understand my toy
yeah well that’s that is a good point I mean the closer we get to living in the
moment and being closer to our central self
the less we want to hang on to the past and the less we wanted to be dragged
into that you know the emotional attachments to all those things of the
past because there’s so much to do there’s so much for a creator type
person if you get closer to your creator self you want to create you want to be
out there doing new things creating new things in the moment not being attached
to the past and all the past conditioning and so on so it’s part of
that a good word is independence I like the there’s a phrase independent
energy generator that comes up recently Peter in the has plasma reactor group on
Tuesday brought this term in and people have mentioned today that were
independent came up that we are independent beings on this planet and
because of that we have certain rights and we are actually unlimited
independent beings as well so this changes the relationship in terms of who we are and and our power in terms of
who we are so forget lots of people together with
that mindset and that becomes an extremely extremely powerful force so
what would be a positive way to what’s an example of what Caroline was talking
about a positive way to move forward a positive project a positive line of
thinking positive mantra a positive you know phrase that we could work with why
are we here what are we doing here blueprint for peace for Humanity what
does that mean how can we move forward hello hello hi it’s camille again well i
think that the way that we can move forward is that i believe that while we
came to earth actually to create heaven on earth we came here for three missions
there with me a moment i’m sorry one of the missions that we came here was to re
remember who we are who are we we are gods and goddesses having a human
experience God is experiencing through us that’s the first thing well the very
first thing is to love God with all our heart in mind and in doing so we
remembering who we are the second thing is to love our neighbors as we love
ourselves the third thing is that what we want to tag on to this creating peace
on earth is that we really want people to focus on creating heaven
earth because that’s where we’re going shifting to the fifth dimension is as
creating heaven on earth I’m motivated so if we’re gonna think of a mantra I
would say think of that you know when you see these videos where you see
that’s violet rays I mean I’ve seen pictures where see there’s a seven-year
old prophecy that I want to share – in which earth is to be overcome by a
cosmic a divine cosmic force of electricity and that force of
electricity when you think of the universe think of it in terms of
electricity frequency and vibration and since the omniscient creator of the
multiverse in the universe the omniscient creator is the creator of the
universe and since love is the strongest force in the universe because God is
love and only love and dwells in unapproachable light at the same time
lives within us where am I going with this hold on a second
we have to remember that we are gods in the physical I’m not talking about the
ultimate God but we are an expression of God and we are God and that’s why we’re
able to co-create and use the power of our minds in our heart I kind of lost my
train of thought there sorry about that so if we want to focus on a
visualization or a mantra I think you know our intent is not only through what
we say in our mantra but what we hold in our vision in our heart and I think what
we should do is take that vision and take it into the singularity of the
omniscient creator the higher we go in dimensions the closer we get to the
singularity of the omniscient creator the higher the vibrational frequencies
that round vibrates at the higher frequencies the higher we go in the
dimensions okay so if we were to envision the earth being flooded with
some violet rays we’re going to pull the vine
raised upon mother earth and raised the frequency and it’s gonna act as a
trigger to awaken humanity or – it’s gonna act as a trigger to have humanity
open their hearts see if everybody on the planet focused on love at the same
time we would literally shift the reality instantaneously if you if you
ever if you can watch the movie called The Celestine Prophecy it was a
non-fiction book made into a movie and it talks about this shift to the fifth
dimension and in that movie you can you can literally see what it looks like to
see a dimension come forward and the man is in the inn on the mountainside and
there’s a war going on and he’s walking amongst some people who are in the
higher dimension he’s in the higher dimension and they’re teaching him how
to control his emotions and stay in the state of love no matter what you’re
doing so that you can be in a higher dimension and when he came into fear
when he saw the soldiers he appeared to the soldiers but it shows a
visualization so what’s going to happen in my understanding is that the 3rd
dimension is going to fall away and the fifth dimension is going to come forward
and as we shift to the fifth dimension people who have dark hearts are not
going to be able to exist in the higher frequencies because their hearts and
their consciousness and their mind Center consciousness is not focused in
love anyway so that’s kind of my share about where we can get on the same page
in our visualization and and like you know yes but I will would love to add
something to this yeah it’s Caroline you have within you the same and equal
amount of power in your existence to be a complete creator your
a co-creator when you create with other souls together but do you carry at the
same time your own full power will be a complete creator and at the same time
with this when you confirm that this exists within you you can elevate a lot
of souls which are not aware of what you me the Keshe foundation the knowledge
seekers they’re not aware of it yet by intensifying our fields we will elevate
and this is something we have to be very aware of that we always think in the
benefit of all nothing if you not only humanity but we will have to raise all
the frequencies from whatever is existing on this planet and which is
connected with our planet which is also our own universe to pay it and to become
the blue diamond as we wish which is the showing of the expression of love blue
means love and I think we will reach it as long as we confirm that we are
complete and that we can achieve it and that is already done as your wish nobody
never bounce your ball never have any doubts about this that you are only a
co-created it’s internal Thank You Caroline you shouldn’t you are
a fool created in the full blossom because we are in springtime we are
about to go into some we are going about to radiate so beautiful because the
waves are increasing every day it is very heavy
and it’s only for those who says no that you cannot reach but even for them you
already make the part for the future that they will reach one day to your
level or our level or to the level of the future so in so many ways we don’t
leave nobody behind they will come when that time is correct and when that time
is right to join us in this journey which will keep on increasing but never
consider yourself as only a co-created you order full created because you’re a
complete soul yeah when I was speaking about a co-creator I’m talking about
co-creating with the omniscient creator because I know we’re going back to our
original state of full consciousness in this whole process but yes we are full
creators you’re right mm-hmm if you can go back to yesterday morning teaching or
if somebody can post you the letter which was posted in the teaching
yesterday when this explains about the soul there you can understand that you
are a son you come into this vessel of physicality and you return to become a
son again so you lose nothing you just change and shifts from one existence to
another you all have a beautiful and he expects it and he explains it very very
correct in that piece of passage that you are complete your order totality its
what has gone around that is coming on a fact that we can correct that so and we
are supporting ready to go correct right thanks for example you’re welcome
if you read it you will understand okay um yeah if anybody can send that to me
it’s on the site or on which site John the screen
oh yeah okay I just put it there sure to screen stamp from yesterday’s knowledge
seekers workshop okay thank you and you will recognize especially the last port
is there where I can save this let’s go I say we should post the link somewhere
in the shadow perhaps no it’s hard to read this just have the original would
be better I think well no it’s okay I just wanna I want to
read it but I don’t want to be distracted from continuing to listen to
the conversation that would mean what’s that no I thought I lost connection where do I get this from how do I
retrieve this well I have a text somewhere but it’s actually this is was
taken from a transcript or actually from the subtitles for knowledge seekers
workshop 177 this is all recorded in one set well that’s okay I can do a print
screen that’s alright I’ll just print screen it mmm thank you okay I wanna thank you Caroline and
Camille for that interchange thank you anybody have any had anybody have
something else add to that why is sort of public Baker Vince when I
want to post something like this in a full text and chatted only post parts of
it I just have to do it in two halves yeah that’s right
yes zoom has a limit of how many characters you can put in a message Wow
and I cannot do it on my phone it was half way again
yes awkward trying to copy from the phone messages and you sometimes have to
paste into a text application and then show it on the screen that way it’s not
easy I also have problems you know when you want to type something it doesn’t
let you to go to the next line it just looks even worse yes unfortunately
sometimes yes and that be corrected some with it I think they correct that in the
year 2120 or something like that they’re slow
with computers doing I mean this is what computers should do really really well
but yet we’re stuck with half paragraphs and so hot and still sometimes I think
we go backwards at the beginning I was shocked I said how could this go this I
just say who put it through the next one and I just went up I thank you team for
me they take it easy this weekend
we’re gonna have a heavy week coming and it will be 11 hours and to keep a kiss
concentration on such a high level of energy will not be easy
mm-hmm I am glad that more and more supported and coasters coming in so
somebody can go and grab a cup of tea or grab a cup of coffee or have a sandwich
in between but I enjoy being since this morning it was beautiful thank you for
all your work we’ve done it before we’re doing it again don’t we Rick yes once
again sleep through the day and work through the night
that’s kind of the actually you know you can get to sleep through the day and get
two or three or four hour sleep usually and work through the day and night but
that’s all part of the game and it’s great fun because it’s really the only
game in town when you think about it getting together with others under the
umbrella of peace is is a great thing to do and it’s it occurs in in our
societies and so on but it’s not a it’s not a common occurrence for people to
deliberately come together in a conscious manner to create peace in the
world rather than some of these peace groups maybe not creating peace actually
the way that we envision it here so this is a rare event and very happy to be
part of it it is unique and is the most beautiful umbrella to sit under yes
exactly because we do not get so much exhausted at least as with the other
events I think or energy is staying very high more higher than usual
I have noticed I even noticed in the last Wednesday
afternoon teaching that I did four or five hours I can’t remember one start
and it was for the first time I worked out of a teaching and I didn’t feel try
it and I was not exhausted and then that was you know ringing about that is
wonderful because before even mr. Kesh sometimes we really after teaching so
many hours you go exhausted you just want to commend that and just close your
eyes and disappear I noticed for the first time last Wednesday I work as good
as a fish yes it’s good to have the energy flow through so effortlessly yeah
I think you will start feeling the same Rick I think you will not be so
exhausted as before I think this is really that’s why I emphasized to bring
and allow only what can be to the benefit what can be to positive and just
forget as mr. Kesh said the block that is finished no more illness but in so
many ways Rick if you stand still the same way as we have been working with
the plasma fields to reverse the conditions and energies of people which
have a weaker energy field we are doing the same thing because we are filling
the map with positive Tavistock stood still by that everybody is coming with a
pocket full of positive I have not heard nobody coming to deplete nobody from any
energy it’s all been adding to ya I’m finding that more and more in just I’m
in life just in the interchanges with people and
a coffee shop or with friends getting together with friends and so on there
seems to be just an error plus negativity now and more looking for the
future projects and you know expanding ones conciousness and so on this kind of
thing you know what you know what has come to my attention and that is in the
last two weeks I I start receiving you know like small messages from different
places something is going on in the foundation something is changing in the
foundation I can feel it but I cannot say whether this so the sensitive people
have picked to that that that has been you know like a waste on the beach
coming in and it’s been something that they have sensed it because they they
said something is changing in the foundation no and that was something
before the last management meeting so you can imagine that’s how they
different last week mm-hmm yeah that’s what that’s when I started feeling
changes as well and all these things from what we call the universe our
environment our local conditions reflect back and it reflects back in odd ways I
might hear a song on the radio or something that that suddenly gives me an
insight into a situation and so on just little little things like that that make
a difference through the day to give you more more vision more perspective a sort
of an overview of what you’re doing rather than rather than sweating the
details you get to see the big picture so
thing another always state that or awareness is increasing yeah that’s
that’s definitely part of it if you if we we start to have to define words in a
way what is awareness is it awareness that’s increasing is it our
consciousness that’s raising are we elevating ourselves or are we being
elevated by the the fields around us the the conditions are changing perhaps the
earth has gone through some sort of major you know mad grab field from the
from the bigger universe the bigger the bigger galaxy the principal energies
it’s like we’ve gone through like you say this dark area and now we don’t have
to look back at that anymore we can just look forward and just spread the light
as we go sort of it’s a different viewpoint and different energies coming
in and it’s reflected in different worlds in the same way that financial
world is rapidly changing the the climate and the way people feel
different about the way the sunshine comes in for example some it feels the
Rays of the Sun feel different and then they used two weeks ago even so maybe
there’s if we pay attention to the subtle differences in our environment on
on a moment-by-moment basis then maybe we can see some of these little details
that are right in front of us that might be an indication of this elevation
that’s going on good evening hello Richard out here I would like to thank
you all today I was very happy and a little bit sad because I
contribute because lots of work while were there and I didn’t speak but I
really send you all of you beautiful and positive energy and Carolyn what you
notice this is my energy from the peach when I was there
thank you jealous we were we were imagining and you were appearing there
now you see so direct contact so I will be with you and Monday I hope and I will
speak then so thank you all thank you jela and as always I said thank we thank
who yeah is it over I notice over for another 12
minutes okay I don’t know okay good but yeah we have we have moments of silence
in between in between yes sir I noticed Giovanni is in hello Giovanni
the eyes never try to extract a comment out of him be nice to hear his voice
he’s very quiet entice him to come on board yeah he just said hello in chat
there honey can you speak your money it depends if he’s on the boat he won’t be
able to speak if he’s busy somewhere the phone he and he’s with us but sometimes
he cannot communicate I see there are a lot of other faces that we have not
heard today it would be nice for you to step forward we enjoy your company and
not only in silence we have someone hello
did you eat hearty yes sorry have some difficult to change the setup of the
computer because usually I don’t this kind of connection for to talk all it’s
good it’s wonderful this this this program good morning first of all to to
everybody afternoon it’s a pleasure to talk with cash and nothing here in Italy
there is a difficult situation of politics because they are their mind are
like like the stone and I talk I think about what it’s possible to do with the
with the the thinking positive to foreign light the soul of the these
people I try to do the best that I can do for this I I started to think to to
prepare a cash tower for peace like a device that Canada can give all the the
field of peace in all Italy and can be connected to the older Maghreb of Italy
this is an idea but we’ll see which is possible to do any work work with your
wish you can amplify and magna fire you wish the way you did foreknow
me look how she’s been changing oh yes yes yes if you could apply this to Naomi
then you definitely can in like the whole of Italy on the rest of the planet
because she is a walking example yes yes it’s so yes it difficult to do two four
four make this for now home is simple because he’s my daughter I love my
daughter so for that one is no no no no no you love Italy you love being an
Italian you’re proud being an Italian Giovanni for being the Italian it’s such
a beautiful country yes I want to add literally I’m here for this reason I
believe Italy it’s really a great a great nation as does the rest of the
world because I when I start to study this technology I realize that a reality
there is no frontier because if if which one finally have a spaceship there is no
more custom one or frontier anymore so there is no nation but in any case
before this is a it’s a beautiful place this one and I hope that that I try to
make the best that I can for change this country in in the best way possible
Yovani the amount of love I have seen towards your child expand and increase
the law of pure you have for now me too to increase your fields you will touch
every single Italian soul you are capable of it you will be reached so
much because she’s walking she’s moving because you’re intent because of your
love just expand your life you will reach every single Italian right across
this planet because they are not only in Italy yes yes okay Oh
embrace them I will embrace them with you you have my support for the Italian
people heart I do I need it okay you’re welcome
just make sure you don’t hesitate yes sure
your love unconditionally I’ve seen you doing it you just have to expand it you
want to reach them yes thank you you’re welcome oh the relief thank you
honey what’s they they’re not that difficult
they are like little children you need to learn them to work yes but sometimes
the problem is that it did appear like a evil and it’s very difficult because a
children can be bad it can be good and maybe it’s possible to change but
disappear that are pure evil with this kind of people it’s very difficult to
see what is good in will see how far you will reach Giovanni yes yes I hope that
yes because they are only as more parts there is the big part of
Italy that are good people like I feed this so work with the soul of the
majority yes yes yes yes this is a I think that is the best way
easiest part yes yes yes we will walk them into peace don’t worry
yes it’s very the first way the first problem that we really we have if these
people the government can be made peaceful it’s possible to make an
agreement or to find some solution that is possible to grow up all the country
I will give you an example how willingly the Italians or to start making the
change do you remember when I was at your home
and our visiting now me yeah who had the family at the house what was the topic
what was going on between the mothers there was a woman with a very young
child but they will be a force to vaccinate their children yes yes do you
remember or did you follow what happened a few weeks later in the foam
mothers are standing up to protected children they came in masse yes yes I
see now it’s continue this so direct your intent of your soul not only to for
them to wish for their children but also to bring the peace message and you will
reach them and they are in majority you got to walk them in the part of the soul
Giovanni your wish is so strong and it’s the
instant you can reach every single mama because you will you were witnessed when
they were start discussing it in your own family that they don’t want
this should be harmed I changed Irish from not only
vaccinations but increase the wish to to the soul to wish for peace they were
getting the change but you will ignite it Thanks
you’re welcome hello hello is that okay say to javonni a year ago almost when
this event happened with Naomi and Fabio I just touched me in my heart and I just
we’re talking about peace and in the present I I want to just say to you as
the father here in the United States I know I’m not the only one but I made a
beautiful card for Naomi and I have carried this card with me in my heart
every day I noticed it I honor it and I love it and I love you too
for holding her as a father but please know that there are others in the whole
world holding her as well that your heart doesn’t have to carry this ever
alone and that that there is just so much love coming toward her and I just
wanted you to know that thank you and thank you everybody
oh thank you you move me you have moved I’m elated of this I really without
words and I I tried to make my best for for for my daughter in humanity and
I try to only make the best as possible and if I if I can be of example how it’s
possible to stay in this situation and continue to work and make her effort for
Humanity I am happy to do this and I hope very soon to say to the whole
people all that I have learned from this this this then the story in technology
and in my soul because I I work even with the soul much
and so I I written maybe one book of all information they receive during this
period for my daughter I can write a book of this tremendous thank you to you
all thank you really really it’s so North corner for me
really it’s honor to me thank you as I was thinking since it’s time now for our
minute of peace maybe we could dedicate this minute of peace to Naomi and that
just allow that to be part of our emotional
make up let’s say our emotional field that we incorporate into the world piece
that we’re trying to achieve are sorry that we are achieving rather okay so and
I’ll start off with the Gandhi vote for peace okay I offer you peace I offer you
love I offer you friendship I see your beauty I hear your need I feel your
feelings my wisdom flows from the highest source
I salute that source in you let us work together for unity and peace okay I think I think that worked out
quite well we didn’t have Pia Pia was and her hand up and wanting to say
something I think so maybe we should wrap it up here with
after after her comment let’s say Pia’s do you want to go ahead okay be here
yeah I was on my bicycle I don’t know what happened but I think the microphone
just went off on so him so then I will to say something and I was thinking
about adding a little picture for this movement for there the week we’re going
through now and this is just a picture of bridges it’s just that we can add to
the meditation or visualizing more it’s nothing we have to discuss or anything
is just adding to them to the bigger picture that’s my my comments what I
really want you do you have a screen share that you wanted to show you me no
no no oh just the visualization yes yes that mocha for instead of judgment or
prejudgment you know for every people I have different views and in all those
hard times we speak about some people are maybe more difficult to get over to
through the thought form or whatever we all have our
process fuck I was just thinking about them a picture of me of approach every
or the bridge of something you know going between us all of us on the planet maybe you’ll find that image over the
weekend and be able to show us on Monday yeah that could be nice wish I had my
thing you’re taking some photographs before of clouds and so on maybe you’ll
find one there I can’t I can share some of those we’re looking at clouds now
after all okay I think we should probably wrap things up here and then anybody have any last comment they’d
like to make before we do so hello thank you I just I’m very honored that we have
a lot of Madame la voz it she’s so hard I could never imagine somebody could be
so gracious motive I just wanted to ask I live in Paris because of the aid
effect after Amazon I think it’s a occasion if you think it’s suitable that
I write a letter to the embassies I have unless you see if onion embassy really
looking at all the recent workshops of missing cash the public works and write
a letter based on those and send it to the embassies and I bring it myself for
maybe take some signatures from people I taught it to a lot of people I have I
make some effects of people they agree with need so what do you think is it a
good idea to do what with something to do for helping yes well Caroline do you want to answer
that it is a beautiful thought because I think every positive intent will take
the message across because as mr. Kesh once said once a soul starts moving
there is no withholding once it knows his part it will find this destiny where
it needs to express itself with the message it took its prior on so I think
for sure with your intent the message will be received and we support in any
shape and any form it doesn’t matter how the message lives
it’s the intent that counts thank you very much thank you very much because I
people think sometimes oh my husband I do too much or so I was I was doubting
if it was correct because of this I thought maybe I don’t have the right to
do that or it doesn’t fit the organization or something that’s why I
asked thank you very much for encouraging you have all the right and
and as a soul you have all the right to create your own peace message and
automatically all the knowledge seekers it is amazing how they go and support
even in the smallest wish it will be established it doesn’t matter from which
corner or from where on the planet it will be created we are all going in one
direction and that’s why it’s called the blueprint of the peace thank you very
much for your offer thanks a lot you’re always in my prayers all the time from
my heart I pray for your protection thank you so do I for all of you all right thank you very much everyone for
today’s participation and that’ll wrap it up for the blueprint for peace for
Humanity for day one in the afternoon session for Friday June 30th 2017 with
the Keshe foundation spaceship Institute all right we’ll end the livestream and
we’ll see people back on Monday at 10 a.m.
c est time that’s European time for another three hour session then and a
three hour session in the afternoon on Monday thank you very much – thank you
for all the wisdom and your all your support thanks very much good evening
Rick may I ask you a quick question okay what I’m looking this is Camille well
this I’m looking for your picture on Facebook can you tell me what it looks
like there’s many Richard Hammond no it’s not
him and his pram and acedia cra-cra mm Oh Andy it’s a wreck
do you have glasses and you’re doing like an experiment that’s me okay yeah
no firing it through there okay I’ll be sending your friends
request thank you okay okay bye for now everyone and I will see you back on
Monday thank you Thank You van attendants bite thank you bye-bye

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