Big Sky schools and Habitat for Humanity tackle affordable housing

Helena school district leaders say their budget is unsustainable so they’re proposing a levy the district says a projected costs for employee salaries will put the budget six million dollars over so the board has recently presented a five-year plan it includes asking for a levy from voters in May the superintendent says an additional nine hundred thousand dollars or so is needed to even balance this year’s budget we will have to make potentially very difficult decisions around just next year but again we always have to consider what does this next year’s budget do for the following in the year and the year after that truly this was something that the board needs to deal with and probably should have dealt with earlier but we are dealing with it now and we hope to do that in a very transparent way okay so the board is going to hold information meetings all over the district in the coming weeks Montana’s largest ski resort community tackling the issue of affordable housing teachers there say they can’t afford to live where they work but as MTN’s emma Hamilton reports some voters there may be asked to support a project you know it’s it’s not just about the cost I mean the cost to rent something up here is is really unbelievable you know we have teachers who are renting one room and a condo for $1,000 a month that’s a stressful situation for you know teachers especially in Montana which is notoriously low paying Habitat for Humanity in the Big Sky School District began discussing building triplexes for faculty and staff in the fall of last year in an attempt to provide more affordable housing housing is such a critical issue down there and so expensive and you have people living together and and it’s not bad to have a roommate but when you’re paying a substantial amount of money each for that housing it really takes away from your ability to be able to do other things in the community now Shipman says that it’s not uncommon for rural schools in Montana to build housing for their faculty and staff on their property it makes it easier for those teachers to live and work but the Big Sky school district plans to build these triplex is right here on their property for a different reason they have teacher housing to make their communities more desirable we have we’re doing this to make our community more livable the school district in Habitat for Humanity hope to begin construction next month the board members are thrilled to be able to kind of pioneer taking care of our own problem in the in the district I mean well I think it’s a great opportunity for the Big Sky community to pull their resources together to get behind the school and behind us and making this happen reporting in Big Sky I’m a Hamilton MTN news okay and voters listen up to this because the school district is planning on asking you in May if you’ll support a levy for them construction could start as soon as next month if that’s something that happens

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