Big Laughs At Hannity’s Sh*tshow About ‘Marijuana Morality’

let’s talk about Fox News and Hannity I
love is my personal favorite box banker my guys to be sort so he
doesn’t mean the town halls where he gets a whole buncha
people to talk about a topic there sort of these Frank Alliance remember him my dad is
Amy never trust a pollster with the to pay so I never liked playing like I but you
get these people they talk about big topics and they have open discussion I
guess that’s what had he would tire we’ve got a couple clips up their
discussion on the marijuana but whitewater morally do you see this
as part of america in the client oh I i epic absolutely that’s the case what we
have here is a case of money over morality and you’re right now it’s it’s
really funny folks were watching the Chuckle had general %ah chin these are
folks doing what they’re doing out there get a good laugh about it but when the
body count start rising people start dying and but maybe not
yeah it’s really funny as a No real funny I don’t want to talk about but but this is a good one to hold is a
classic example Sean people does not give a damn anymore yeah
I got INS Chakra girl I’m money over morality bocci or more rather share about your
morality you to carry my not on people spending
time in prison Brian Gionta buddy kill you yeah your morality I’m so tired of hearing
about morality drive me fucking crazy book thing like that girl you really be
ok the mistake that heady May was he
invited normal people on the show right so when he says stuff like that
that makes you like that I would be with his lap right myspace today that but who are you people everybody yet put
you guys could not look good it just goes to show you that Sean
Hannity and bad news is audiences 71 years old because who the box else is gonna listen
to this bullshit besides a bunch of how to touch scared
white people living in rural America who’s afraid of gays lesbians blacks and
marijuana still they’re still greater where one that so
they’re broadcasting to am I just a hard-core stoner or do I not understand
the moral argument again what’s coming moral what is he saying
there’s a moral argument that we were I really don’t know what that we endow me
Jesus I don’t smoke the Devils lettuce yeah I know the with a hippie I mean I don’t work anymore and don’t
know where yeah there is no money over i mean obviously
this is this it is more made up bullshit from some guy who wants to control what
other people do yes you know oh no there’s somebody over
there having fun we have to stop that right now from you know there’s no nobody dying
nobody dies from pot and it was really about money over morality then he would
stand up and say I don’t know help women who are very
poor and you can’t part in owned and afford to have kids
and can’t afford to support their own children he could support food stamp programs early
education pre-natal a health /url issues moral issue actually being hurt you know that might
be some a rally that I can get behind but not not this means you are working
full-time in earning a living wage are people who
have gets a can go see a doctor that those camera problem yeah this is that
this is a big thing number one right because it makes 71-year-old white people global view but ok but you
really should we didn’t have any some credit for having sure I’d small a
comedian who I’m sure smokes weed that was the black at nado I should should be given credit for
having the alternate boys there course he brought on a black guy who’s
pro-jobs right that exact same thing yeah I miss that they really that’s
funny when you head to the black guy well media the fun continued let’s watch
clip to a bit very you have to know that that
addressed perscription drugs and ambien and Van Eck’s and valium all good others are you okay 10 here’s what they’re missing told at
be genetics each generation that smokes pot with animals gets fatter lot less
anxiety germ cells get damage okay you can end
up with generation after generation just because it is an inaugural you about behavior behavior when you’re
a bad boy in you eat junk food you don’t get fat and gay the reasoning that here is blinded and
and shallow and non-medical joining that happen
political reasoning here decided you know slavery destroy the
country and terms which freedom all right just like in New York voted
for slavery new york city voted for McClellan you talk about revolutionary history
that they were Tories all over New York we had confusion on stopping Hitler
people are confused they do not know that now what will
happen to your children karen Lancaume lol pot he smoked a hacer hoy izy gonna do
be tonight 3.0 exactly the question what kinda drug
dealer or these people on it children that makes
their brains bunch in like this has grown ups that’s the question that needs to be
asked there because what is that it’s not pop by doesn’t make you think like
that is in there are also some crazy argue
that they’re implying that if you legalize weed thats only everyone’s gonna start smoking weed and
I don’t know anyone that doesn’t smoke weed because I believe goal right reason do you guys know anybody
it’s not that we had that there’s weed in for the night well eighty legal I had
plenty of people that that people get upset with both a little
I will you sell it at the gas station light cigarettes yeah yes you know what cigarettes are
legal they’re available at the gas station I don’t buy them their regular I don’t tell them their
legal nobody everybody nobody smokes and it doesn’t so far more the thing and it
is really a more emotional you yet but the difference is there’s a lot
of propaganda that’s pushed out by people that you see on that panel right
there propaganda that involves fear-mongering and and your scare tactics for instance you know this argument that it’s going
to be unregulated that you’re going to legalize in all the side in your
2-year-old is gonna be smoking a spliff that’s not going to happen okay they’re
gonna be regulations in place similar to the regulations that you see
with substances like tobacco and alcohol what makes you think that just because
we’re going to legalize it all of a sudden teenagers learn to be
smoking it for people are going to be smoking before they get behind the wheel those types of things will be dealt with
an end it’s just ignorance nah fear-mongering
and fear exactly %uh mongering more spare
mongering brings in the eyeballs for Fox nah I’m sure Republicans won legalize weed because if the tax money
did you guys see that in colorado the generated $12 million dollars annually
over morality so hot out here my doesn’t work what’s
really care more about what really well you want to write a letter saying but
who is gonna be the party if you wanna put into two party go conundrum out who
is gonna be that hard it is going to jump on this bandwagon you know because
you’re gonna get the youth both in many states you’re gonna draw you bring out the
youth voters with this so I think it’s really surprising to me that Republicans
are willing to just drop this particular and issue that could actually benefit
them greatly at the ballot box quick before we get to the third but can we
just I get with that girl is saying about Big
Pharma yet I do think in its order what you’re
saying I do think you make a point we have all these drugs these mind-bending
drugs people are tripping out on ambien their
snorted adderall is million other drugs out there that are regulated to somehow we think
they’re OK I am who did back then the problem I have with her but I have a
box news anchors are on the yeah it was a moral okay not a hacer I Hill is that how are you morality is an
uphill and the other Murata corporation behind it for all yeah more all at the minute when
you can grow in your backyard what kinda criminal are you all right we’ve got one more clip Korea
shot at any number three let’s go to one fact and probably what
are the oldest in the audience I grew up during a warning that the ass
looking through the sixties let me tell you something sure on fact everyone up the pot heads and I
knew at that time when I see him a true table would would
rather what’s cooler every warm-up brain-dead
its flagship everyone I know my long history of white
everyone that was a pot of their brains and the Funky okay Patrick do you have to take to make a
deal on national television I got word defunct a did he decide their brains are
the fuck it aided oh my god oh that’s right from the
doctors my whatever the fuck did that what time you over a childhood is brain
dead yeah oh yeah that that’s what part you know what Paul McCartney and president clinton and that President
Obama and rush limbaugh was admitted to smoking newt gingrich’s
amid the smoke about to all these people admit it but there are brain dead
apparently cord the only guy was on top of his game
jodido fuckface in the audience right yeah on that panel and I would never be on
that panel cuz they wouldn’t have the balls to book a real person was real
information on there yeah I would go out there and I’d be
like here shaper report during the nixon administration nixon himself Commission
not study and a governor up by then ima schaeffer
did the study found that marijuana does not have negative long-term impact on your health right and nixon
want to know what information to decide what he was gonna do with legislation you know he did when he got information
he didn’t like hear it but fucking study up not only did they are
looking up shaper a report that the whole newsroom for people ripping up
information they don’t like we get into that whole panel there that do I have people have an
audience that they didn’t deter talking about sites jodido talking about this is a bad anecdotal evidence is now
considered backside jodie top and exactly what time
a respected lawyer he’s doing commercials by the way for Arby’s right
now do you know that he’s doing armies commercials telling
you about how good their their turkey Reuben is urs yeah parties
is bad for your health as opposed to marijuana he’s probably weren’t you


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