Best Books for Dealing with Toxic People (Now)

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issues want to grow in your relationship with God and become everything you were
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we’re going to talk about the best books for dealing with toxic people many Christians have the idea that a
christ-follower must be accepting of other people to the point where we
tolerate toxic behavior all in the name of love but toxic people are a breed
unto themselves look when I say toxic people I’m not
talking about struggling broken people I’m referring to difficult people who
are not dealing with their issues and causing intentional harm to others to
think that you could change such a person is not biblical it’s actually
prideful and there is one person however you can change and that’s you more
specifically you can change how you identify and deal with these seemingly
devil sent individuals well I want to equip you with some resources that can
help you in this battle the following six books can help you to break free
from the chains in which toxic people find you so the first book it’s called
safe people it’s by Henry cloud in John Townsend have you ever given your best
in a relationship and just gotten the worst in return well in this highly
practical reference guide Henry cloud in John Townsend teach you the traits of
unsafe people and help you to recognize what makes people on trustworthy
the next is boundaries also by Henry cloud and John Townsend if you feel like
you always have to say yes to everyone’s requests and it’s leaving you feeling
drained and unappreciated you who are gonna want to grab a copy of this book
it is another amazing resource by Henry cloud in John Townsend and in in this
book boundaries teaches you how to set limits yeah it still be a loving person
the next book it’s called should I stay or should I go and it’s by dr. Ramani
Durvasula in this modern epidemic of narcissism many who interact with them
can feel left feeling confused insecure and frustrated so in this book author
dr. Ramani Durvasula gives you the tools to help you to navigate through the
tough terrain of narcissistic relationships and determine the best
course of action for your situation the next book way
to walk away finding freedom from toxic people this book is by Gary Thomas as
Christians we often feel the guilt and responsibility of meeting the needs of
unhealthy people in our lives and author Gary Thomas helps you to learn the
difference between difficult and toxic people and how to keep a tender heart
even in unhealthy relationships the next book it’s not supposed to be this way
finding unexpected strength when disappointments leave you shattered this
book is by Lisa Turk Hurst and we could easily find ourselves disillusioned and
disappointed by life especially when we are dealing with toxic people the pain
and the hurt that they leave behind can actually leave you feeling shattered and
I love the way author Lisa Turk who shares a deeply from her own experience
of pain she invites you in to discover the secrets of being steadfast and not
panicking when God actually does give you more than you feel like you can
handle and the next book the anger trap this is by dr. les Carter anger can
breed toxicity and if you’re in a relationship with the toxic person you
know how destructive their anger can be in the anger trap dr. les Carter helps
bring clarity to what’s behind a person’s anger and how to resolve it so
whether you’re in a relationship with an angry toxic person or perhaps you’re the
one who’s strangling struggling with anger this can be an invaluable resource
for you well my friend I hope that you have found this compilation helpful has
anyone of them grabbed your attention let me know in the comments below if you
are struggling with toxic people in your life my new course can help you to say
goodbye to guilt and anger and hello to healthy boundaries I will go ahead and
include a link in the description section below and while you’re down
there I want to invite you to grab a copy of my free guide the toxic people
Survival Guide it is your free gift to help you to identify and deal with toxic
people in your life until next time my friend I pray you remember all things
are possible with God

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